After being up until nearly 4 AM and getting up at 8:30 (well, that’s when the alarm went off, I didn’t get out of bed for another :20), I was glad that today was a short day at work. The cup of espresso-laden, mocha flavored caffeinated beverage didn’t hurt either.

Song of the Day
Christmas Auld Lang Syne by Bobby Darin
Happy New Year by Nat King Cole
(New Year’s Day by U2, too…. just because)

Stray Toasters

  • I neglected to mention something a few weeks ago: I nave created a new word: “jacknuts.” It is a hybrid of “jackass” and “fucknuts” (or “dorknuts” or “(fill-in-the-blank)-nuts”). It’s used along the same lines as “idiotstick.” In the past couple of weeks, I have found many uses for it. Feel free to use it in conversation; you’ll find that it fits in very easily.
  • It snowed today. It was a little overcast this morning, but it started coming down around noon. I’m sure that the area resorts are quite happy about this.
  • We had lunch with Teresa and her husband, Shane, this afternoon; we are also going to their house to ring in the new year. We roamed around the Club of Sam and Mart d’Wal for NYE snackage. It has been a long time since I’ve been to Sam’s…

This is my last post of 2002. Wow. In retrospect, it’s been an interesting year: From the Winter Olympics to visiting a couple of new states (Arizona and Oregon) to the USPS to starting my new job. It’s also been a good year; I don’t look back on it with any regrets (that I can remember). I’m looking forward to 2003.

With that, I shall bid everyone a Happy New Year. Be careful and be safe, I expect to see all of your posts in the new year.