Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

The little ads that weren’t…

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(99.5% work-safe)

Midday light, the world jump started, lying in a bed…

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Post-Game Night Wrap-up: We lived. Well, most of us did. At least one NPC, a van and a three houses caught the business end of an ass-whoopin’. We’ll probably hear about what happened to the residents of those three houses next week. That bodes ill. There were a few moments where we weren’t sure if and Spydr’s characters would live – they got into a slight rage/frenzy-induced altercation. With each other. It wasn’t very pretty. But, they both made it.

I woke up this morning with no clue what day it was. It was a a little disorienting. So… I turned over and went back to sleep for another fifteen minutes. That seemed to put things back into proper perspective.

Something from a few years ago that still makes me laugh: A copy of a note/memo from former coworkers of mine…

Top 10 Little-Known Dr. Seuss Books
10. Bears on Steroids
 9. Horton Lets a Poot
 8. The Northbound Lomax and the Southbound Mack Truck
 7. The Cat in the Hat Smokes Crack
 6. Hop on Pot
 5. Myrtle the Turtle Wears Bea Arthur’s Girdle
 4. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Go Screw Yourself
 3. Condoms Are a Silly Hassle
     (Sorry, that’s a little-known Dr. Koop book)
 2. Green Eggs and Navel Lint
 1. The Grinch Who Stole a Peek at Jose Canseco in the Showers

Game night…

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It would seem as though is planning on putting us through the paces tonight. This should prove interesting.

At the end of the day…

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I worked on my tan again today. I went to the swap meet to check a few things. I still say that was right: “Cro-Magnon eBay.” And the mullet sightings… *jawdrop* If National Geographic (or Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom) ever did a show about mullet watching, I would know exactly where to recommend that they go to shoot the footage.

Home for football (see earlier post).

Post-football, we headed to Borders to hang out for a bit. Had coffee, drew, talked with Amber, Heather and Charlie. On to get a bite to eat and then it was off to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I liked it. It was a little over-the-top in spots, but it was fun. made a comment that it was a modern pulp fiction (the genre, not the movie). He’s right.

Althea Gibson died Sunday.

She broke color barriers in both professional tennis and professional golf

  • She was the first African-American to compete in U.S. Championships and at Wimbledon
  • She was also the first African-American woman on the LPGA tour

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of Ms. Gibson – it was sometime in elementary school – but I remember being impressed by her accomplishments. Even then.

1927 – 2003

Links of the Day

And that will be all for tonight.



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Made some REALLY boneheaded – and costly – plays… after making what looked like a good effort of coming back. Their end of the game drive was good, but a turnover killed any hope of a win. And, I have to give a big nod to the Kansas City Chiefs for a well-played game.

Bye week.

Won. They blanked Atlanta. Blanked Atlanta. Nice job.

A little something for everyone…

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How Do I Swear in Foreign Languages?

God bless the Internet.

“Weekend, weekend!&nbsp&nbsp<br> Do what you wanna do, weekend!&nbsp&nbsp<br /> When those workin’ days are through…&nbsp&nbsp<br>Weekend, weekend, weekend!”

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Not a bad early part of the day. And, it ended with coffee, drawing, conversation and dinner with friends.

George Plimpton also died today.

Most people are familiar with him as an author or actor. To me: He’ll be the spokesman for the Intellivision… especially for Major League Baseball. And the man who invented Sidd Finch.

1927 – 2003

Stray Toasters

  • Jackalopes, Lamas (and/or llamas) and elk! Oh, my!
  • I spent some time digging through information on CSS. Finally. It doesn’t look that bad.
  • I finally picked up the power supply for the next computer that I’m putting together. Nothing big or fancy. Just a basic system for someone who’s not too computer inclined… and whom I intend to drag (kicking and screaming, if need be) into the 21st Century.
  • I discovered a good method for drawing/sketching in hair… from a book that loaned to me a while back. I was amazed at just how well it works!
  • Saw at the bookstore this evening.
  • Amusing stories over dinner… which included a cameo appearance by Bill.
  • Vivi. Applebee’s. Always a pleasure.
  • Mmmm. Corona.
  • Femme mullets. *blink blink*
  • Someone just sped out of the parking lot. Peeling out, screeching tires and all. Is it bad of me to have hoped for a wrenching metal sound as they sped, uncontrollably, into the still-torn-up/under construction road just outside the complex?


“Searching for clues…”

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Robert Palmer died last night from a heart attack.

Like many other teenaged males in the mid-80s, I remember when he seemed to… “just appear” on the music scene with his video for Addicted to Love. And, I admit: It was more for the models than for him… But, whether as a member of The Power Station or as a solo act, I enjoyed the man and his music.

He will be missed.

1949 – 2003

This morning, The Pretenders’ Back on the Chain Gang was playing on the radio when the alarm when off. That’s not the first thing that one wants to hear when getting up and preparing to face the work day. I think that the only thing that could have made that situation worse would have been had this been the first thing heard on the radio on a Monday morning.

“Our house, in the middle of our street…”

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Not a bad day. And, tomorrow is Friday.

NPR/PRI Stories
From Marketplace: A story about the Winchester Mystery House.

Stray Toasters

  • Les Claypool (yes, the one from Primus) seems to have an eye ear for anime. Apparently, he’s been in the business for over 10 years.
  • Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first personal computer.

    ::: distracted :::

  • I have just discovered a couple of things about changing my journal’s style… while attempting to help make changes in her journal.
  • I think that I have just discovered a few things in Photoshop.
  • I’m sure that there were more things…. They’ll keep.

It’s later than I had planned on getting to bed. Damn that Photoshop!!! It’s time to call it a night.


Because <lj user=”suzie_lightning”> knows what I mean…

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Sequitur. Non-sequitur.

Any questions?

Mid-afternoon amusement

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I was looking over a couple of things on my site and came across the following:

If you can come up with any amusing or puny or just plain clever mixed-up titles, post them in the comments.

“Fire on the mountain, run boy run!”

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Let’s see… in the past 14 days, we have covered over 4500 miles:

  • 410 (each way) – Salt Lake City to/from Las Vegas
  • 1830 (each way) – SLIA to/from Dulles Airport
  • 60 (each way) – Dulles to/from Baltimore

…and that doesn’t include the travel within the cities. Yeah… there was a pretty good reason that I was so out of it by the time I went to bed last night. And, I was even in bed by the ungodly (for me) time of 12:15. Twelve-fifteen! That’s almost unheard of!

The weekend was… busy/eventful:

  • Saturday
    • Woke up (good way to start)
    • Watched my obligatory toonage.
    • Got dressed and ready to leave.
    • was kind enough to offer Jess and me a lift to and from SLIA.
    • Got on the plane… flew… slept (kind of)… read…
    • Arrived at Dulles and was taken home by
    • Stayed up for a few hours talking with the family unit.
    • SLEPT.
  • Sunday
    • Hung out around the homestead for the early part of the day.
    • Went (briefly) to the family viewing for my grandmother. Saw my cousins, whom I haven’t seen in a few years. Left early with Adam and Jess; he had to study for exams and it was her birthday – she was nice enough to go with me to B’more, there was no way that I was going to have her stay at the funeral home all afternoon on her birthday.
    • Went to IKEA. ::: bliss :::
    • Drove around my school campus.
    • Went to Phillip’s for dinner. ::: bliss :::
    • Home.
    • Adam, Jess and I went to BWI to pick up my mother and take her to her hotel. Saw my uncle (Mom’s brother) who drove down from NY to attend the funeral; he was staying at the hotel, as well. We stayed there and talked to them for a while. That was fun.
    • Left there and made an abortive trip to the Double T Diner in Catonsville. We made it to the diner fine… it was the seven Baltimore County Police cruisers and the roped-off parking lot that made it abortive. *sigh*
    • Home. Sleep.
  • Monday
    • The funeral. It was a very nice service. I also got to see a lot of people whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time.
    • Took Mom to the airport.
    • Visited two of my godparents.
    • Saw most of the family off (to West Virginia) for the second service (held on Tuesday morning at the church my grandmother attended) and interment; she was buried next to my grandfather.
    • Went to Arundel Mills (WOW!) and met Bret and his gf for dinner at Jillian’s.
    • Home. Packed. Did a little work on the PC… in the hopes that I can get my father to actually use it.
    • Slept.
  • Tuesday
    • Up and out to Dulles for the return trip.
    • STUCK on the I-95 parking lot. *grr* We transferred over to Route 29… where the traffic was no better. What should have been a twenty minute ride from Columbia to Silver Spring took two-and-a-half hours. *GRRRRR* Which means….
    • We missed our flight. *braincramp*
    • We were able to get on the next flight out… an hour later. And, instead of a non-stop flight, we connected in Cincinnati. But…
    • We made it home. Three hours after our originally scheduled arrival time.

    All-in-all, it was a good weekend/trip… despite the reason for going home. It was good to see family and friends. Very good. It had been far too long. My uncle said that he’ll be out here for a visit in the next six weeks or so and, though it hasn’t been confirmed, my father may be coming out next month, too.

    Stray Toasters

    • Dinner/beer with friends after work. *nod*
    • David Bowie on Last Call.
    • BLM’s “controlled burn” project on the east face of the Wasatch Mountains has gotten… out of control. There’s been smoke visible over the peaks since we got back yesterday. *sigh* Jess mentioned that people who had called local police and fire departments were summarily dismissed (“No, it’s not a fire. It’s a controlled burn. There’s no danger.”)… until they mentioned the fact that it was within a few hundred feet of peoples’ homes. That seemed to get authorities’ attention.
    • From Slashdot: Reliance on MS A Danger To National Security
    • Also from Slashdot: RIAA Sues the Wrong Person
    • From CNN: Smart Sofa Recognizes Occupants by Weight
    • Geek Eye for the Average Guy
    • Note to the non-technically inclined…
    • With the possible exception of , did anyone else know that the Dewey Decimal system (the sustem used by libraries to catalog/classify books) is NOT in the public domain? Online Computer Library Center, a nonprofit organization, owns the rights to it… and they charge libraries at least $500 a year to use it. Did I mention the “nonprofit” part? OCLC has sued the Library Hotel, a New York luxury hotel, for trademark infringement. *boggle* Read more about it here.
    • One man’s Total/Terrorist Information Awareness Program… complete with a quote from William Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic (the short story, not the crappy movie). Very interesting.
    • What the…?!?! A… quiz?! ::: jawdrop :::

      You Are A Mage
      Take the World of Darkness Quiz
      by David J Rust

      Go figure.

    Quote of the Day

    Ima Goodlady/Sedusa: And just where do you think you’re going?
    Blossom: We’re going to fight crime!
    Buttercup: It’s what we do!
    Bubbles: DUH!


  • The point of departure is not to return….

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    More later.


    “That little spot on the ground is my hometown…”

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    And we’re just about ready to head to Ye Olde Port of Air. Soon, we’ll be Maryland-bound. In case I don’t get around to updating and what not, I hope that everyone has a good weekend.

    that little spot on the ground is my hometown
    i like to call it my home and it’s sweet
    i’d rather take a seat down there
    than a throne up here up above 30,000 feet
    and i’m up on the airplane

    -“Airplane,” Indigo Girls, from the CD Rites of Passage

    Note any interested Marylanders: If anyone wants to get together for coffee or something while I’m there, leave me a text message with your contact info.


    Afternoon amusement

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    I’ve been listening to randomly-plaing mp3s while working.
    Suzanne Vega’s Luka started playing…

    I get an IM from to go here.

    I clicked.

    I laughed.

    If someone was to look over ‘s or my shoulder during one of our chats, they might seriously wonder about our sanity. Most of our conversations include the “Random Word of the Moment.” We may not have said anything to each other for hours and then *BAM* one of us will throw out a word and the other will free-associate another word to it. We’ve had some rather interesting combinations. But, it helps break up the monotony of the workday.