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Saturday afternoon non-cleaning moment…

Saturday, January 31st, 2004

I checked out the Utah IRC channel to make sure that I didn’t have to snap my virtual foot off in someone’s ass and saw that Maddox was in there. I don’t recall seeing him in there before – at least not since I’ve been managing the channel – but we may have actually met a few years ago at a channel gathering. (It really is a small world, after all…)

He mentioned a site that’s petitioning to get his site banned from the Internet: Mothers Against Maddox. I read their “About” page and nearly doubled over from laughter.

I jokingly told him that I was going to sign the petition since he “…is a threat to children.” He said that he was going to post the URL to the MAM site on his site “…you know, to help her out.”

He makes me laugh.
We’ll have to go out for coffee soon.

“We all live in the space age, coming down with road rage, racing through the best days…”

Saturday, January 31st, 2004

End of the workweek.
Beginning of Super Bowl Weekend.

It snowed tonight. I called my dad to share that with him. He told me how cold it is in the house where he’s staying (he’s currently in L.A.); he then laughed and said “You know, [I don’t] do well in the cold.” I told him that I think that trait is genetic.

Coffee and dinner were good tonight. We didn’t find anything as amusing as The Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex this week, but the cover of Picture had something of an upskirt shot on the cover that had me exclaiming “Crotch!” every once in a while… similar to the time that Land stood up and blurted out “Penis” at the REC (in the Quote of the Day).

Stray Toasters

You’d think that having been up for 20 hours that I would be far more tired than I am. I don’t know if I’ve caught my “second wind” or not, but I should probably make an effort to get some sleep.


“Turn it up or turn that wild card down…”

Friday, January 30th, 2004

Overslept, but still made it to the gym. Hoo-AH! I was going to skip cardio, but I got on the bike and watched SportsCenter and The Best Damn Sports Show Ever for a few minutes. I did skip my leg routine and worked on chest and biceps today. *shrug* I’ll make up for it next week.

I think that I’m starting to get used to getting up early. Again. Who would have thought that possible. I am a self-avowed “not a morning person” person.

Time to finish getting ready and get something to eat before heading out.

Have a good Friday.

“Hand over hand is the strength of a common touch”

Friday, January 30th, 2004

Thursday (coda)
Jess. One date – plus four years – later, we’re still together. I should probably put that as the possibly more correct: “She still puts up with me.” I remember my friends’ reaction the first time that I took her back to the east coast: “She’s… sane.” (They like to remind me that I had a penchant for dating women who were high maintenance. Or psychotic. Or both.)

Post-work, we went to see a preview Hidalgo. and were there, too. It was pretty good. Even with kids sitting behind us. And, I was glad to see that they didn’t fall prey to “We have to stick a gratuitous love scene in here to make it sell…” There was tension – with both of the female co-stars – but they handled it well. And there was Omar Sharif, too! Two for the price of one. What a bargain. (Even though we had complimentary passes.) After the movie, we adjourned to Olive Garden.

NPR Stories
Morning Edition: Control-Alt-Delete and Restart
Morning Edition: Teen’s Conviction Fuels Mandatory Sentencing Debate
Morning Edition: ‘The Midnight Disease’: Compulsive Writing
Talk of the Nation: Sex Education in America
Talk of the Nation: Art Collecting
Talk of the Nation: Promises to Keep

Stray Toasters

  • Paramount is looking at doing a live-action G.I. Joe movie. I’m not sure how I feel about that…
  • “They’re playing Magic…”
  • I don’t know what SLCPD was out to prove, but they were all over town tonight.
  • Pixar said “See ya later” to their deal with Disney. This could prove interesting.
  • By way of Slashdot: Nit-picker’s Guide to Deviations in Jackson’s LotR Can you say “Too much free time,” boys and girls?
  • Bucky and Furry.
  • XBox going to $99?! Xbox2 in stores next year?! Read.
  • Namaste.
  • Thursday Morning in the Valley

    Thursday, January 29th, 2004

    Going to bed very last night/this morning made getting out of bed something of a challenge this morning. But, I did it. And went to the gym; I had a good workout. I think that I prefer going in the morning rather than at night – I get to use the worked-out muscle groups throughout the day rather than coming home afterwards and just sitting around/going to bed… and being incredibly stiff and sore the next morning.

    All of this to build a better human… which isn’t a bad thing.

    Time for a quick bite to eat and then on to the day.


    “Well, I bet you that won’t play this song on the radio…”

    Thursday, January 29th, 2004

    Wednesday (Part II)
    The rest of the day was good. And it ended with friends and coffee.

    Public Radio Stories
    Morning Edition: Testimony Begins in Martha Stewart Trial (for )
    Morning Edition: Commentary – Super Bowl Camaraderie
    Talk of the Nation: The FCC and Obscenity (This was a very good segment.)
    Fresh Air: Pete Rose Interview

    Stray Toasters

    • Talked with Dad earlier. The formerly-foreign-based member of the sibko is home and seems none the worse for wear. I will probably talk with her tomorrow.
    • Early computers took up many rooms. Later generations managed to get into a single room. And then desktops. And laptops. Even palmtops. Now, there’s a computer that will fit under your collar.
    • Is it just me or does the Ultimate (Marvel) Universe Sue Storm look like Martha Stewart? Not necessarily a dead ringer, but that’s who she reminds me of.
    • Scott Summers and Emma Frost. Enemies. Teammates. Lovers?! Maybe. Who would have thought…?
    • “lazy furry red squished things” (edited)
    • Oh you pretty things (oh you pretty things…)
      Don’t you know you’re driving your
      Mamas and Papas insane…

    • “It’s not easy being green?” This would suggest otherwise.
    • “I don’t know Raist. I’d say ‘Bunnies.’ “


    “Carve away the stone…”

    Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

    I woke up early this morning to make up for the workout that I didn’t do last night. Getting out of bed and on the way was a bit of an issue, but I managed to do so. It was a slightly abbreviated workout, but it was a workout, nonetheless. And, it was a good one.

    Now, it’s all about facing the rest of the day.

    Good Wednesday to all.

    ::: addendum :::
    Sometimes, there are stories in the news that offer a little bit of hope against the feeling that humanity is circling the drain.

    This is one of those stories. I actually saw this on one of the TVs at the gym this morning.
    ::: end addendum :::

    “Moonrise, thoughtful eyes… Staring back at me from the window beside.”

    Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

    Another day with blue skies… for a while. Clouds rolled in as the day progressed, but that was fine. They were high clouds and did not make it feel like we were living in a dirty fishbowl once again.

    NPR Stories
    Talk of the Nation: Women and Corporate Leadership
    Talk of the Nation: Cultural History of Mars (<-- lots o' science and sci-fi) All Things Considered: Martha Stewart’s Fraud Trial Begins (for )

    Stray Toasters

    • While looking at The Starship Destiny, I saw that Sean had a note saying that he had removed TSD from Buzzcomix. Being the curious type, I went to Buzzcomix and checked out a few of the offerings: Chugworth Academy, Dinosaur Comics and Also Coin Operated. A couple of the standouts were: This and this…. and this, too.
    • Dyscalculia (1, 2). It may sound funny, but it’s not.
    • By now, you’ve most likely heard of the “MyDoom” virus. In case you haven’t it is performing a denial of service attack on SCO (the company that’s taking Linux to task). Apparently, SCO is offering a $250,000 bounty for the capture/arrest of the author of the virus.
    • Would it be too much to ask for Departments of Transportation to mix reflective or glow-in-the-dark dye into the paint that they use to stripe roads? Maybe it’s just me, but I think that it would solve a lot of night and/or inclement weather driving issues.
    • A gadzillion things to think about… (Cats)
      Unfortunately, no one asked about Teflon-coating a cat or at what velocity would a Teflon-coated cat have to travel in order to stop a fully-loaded semi.

    • Hey, Nikita, is it cold
      In your little corner of the world?

    • Virtual Attractiveness
    • Coffee (More from


    “Good day, sunshine…”

    Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

    I had a slow start to the day. I was up when the alarm went off, but couldn’t muster the motivation to get moving for about 00:45. *sigh* The day was made much better by the fact that I could see the mountains on either side of the valley and… blue sky and the sun! It looked like the inversion has lifted for the most part! Hallelujah!

    And, as an added bonus, there was no major doom at tonight’s tabletop gaming session. Next week’s game… *shrug* We can always hope.

    NPR Stories
    Weekend Edition – Sunday: Privacy Groups Wary of Rental-Car Tracking Devices
    Morning Edition: Food Crime
    Morning Edition: Space Tourism Race Heats Up
    Talk of the Nation: Tennessee Honor Roll (privacy law issue)
    Talk of the Nation: The Flickering Mind
    Talk of the Nation: Online Reality
    All Things Considered: Supreme Court to Review Executions of Juvenile Killers

    Stray Toasters

    I should call it a night soon.


    Sunday Randomness…

    Sunday, January 25th, 2004

    Stray Toasters

    • Sissy again decided to be the center of attention this morning. At least she waited until 10:30 today. I got up and came into the Halo Command Center and half watched TV/half let the TV watch me nap.
    • Dad called this morning. Nothing much, just touching base. All seems to be well on the eastern front. And, apparently, it’s cold there too.
    • I was looking around Comics2Film and clicked on the C2F Cinema link for a short that someone did called: Wonder Woman: Battle of Justice. It linked to the movie on iFilm. Definitely a fanboy/fangirl piece, but cute. From there, however, I saw a link for Batman: Dead End. I’d heard about it and the accolades that it had received, but never seen it. Now I see why people were so impressed with it.
    • Looking at some of the other links on IFilm, I saw a link for something called Supertalk. The best description of it would be: “What if Dr. Laura had superheroes calling her show?” It was rather funny.
    • The storm last night accomplished more than just coating the valley with a fresh blanket of snow. It also seems to have gotten rid of some of the inversion. Thank God.
    • I need (translated: “I really want…”) a new Wacom tablet now that my Graphire has an unusable area on it.
    • Jess just asked me to check the vacuum cleaner hose for blockage. Yay.
    • I’ve been reading A Thin Red Line. I’m not very far into it (Chapter 14), but I like it.
    • In light of the things that has drawn on my head (and since I haven’t posted this in the two (or three) years that I’ve had it), I finally found the CD with pics of the first thing that drew on me. Here it is:

    And that’s all I have to say. For now.


    Winter wonderland?

    Sunday, January 25th, 2004

    I don’t know if I’d call it a “wonderland.” It’s just another bout of snow falling in the Salt Lake Valley.

    Dinner with Catherine and Land was good; I prepared a chicken and rice dinner with salad (the salad was pre-fab, but it handled the vegetable content of the meal rather well). We also watched The Ring. Jess, Catherine and I had seen it; Land hadn’t… but he and Catherine had seen Scary Movie 3, which spoofed a good portion of it.

    Bowling wasn’t too bad. After my warm-up game. That was a 99. Wa-fuckin-hoo. The other games weren’t bad: 167 – 136 – and 148 (our session ended as we were going into the 8th frame). Post-bowling breakfast was good, too.

    And, did I mention: It’s snowing? I did? Okay. Just wanted to make sure.

    That’s enough for now.


    Saturday randomness…

    Saturday, January 24th, 2004

    Not a lot going on today:

    • Sissy decided that I needed to wake up at 9:28 this morning. Fortunately, after a few pets on the head and scratches on her back, she was satisfied and wandered off to parts unknown. I went back to sleep.
    • Winter X Games VIII are on ESPN. From a couple of the camera angles, you could see the skier with the chase cam. I’d never really considered who followed the boarders and skiers before today.
    • : I found something that I think you might like.
    • Airport 1975 is on AMC. The flight made it’s emergency landing in Salt Lake City. This must really be “the place.” They showed shots of the SLC valley as the plane was on approach; it looks pretty… barren. There is also some interesting trivia attached to this movie (courtesy of IMDb). Given how skittish we seem to have become about “political correctness” and “homeland security” and any other catchphrase-of-the-minute, would movies like the Airport series make it in today’s entertainment market?
    • From NPR’s Weekend Edition: SaturdayThe Face Bra: An Uplifting Experience
    • From NPR’s All Things Considered: Weekend‘At Last’: Cyndi Lauper’s Standard Issue

    I should probably get moving, as we’re having company for dinner… and I need to do some cleaning. And cooking.


    “…to pass the evening with a drink and a friend.”

    Saturday, January 24th, 2004

    In the words of matchbox 20: “It’s been a long day.” But, it was a good day. And, it was capped off nicely with coffee and chat with friends. Including a couple of friends that Jess and I haven’t seen in… far too long. We’re having dinner with them tomorrow. No, make that “I’m cooking dinner for us tomorrow.”

    When we got to Borders, there was a musical duo setting up in a corner of the cafe. O_o !?! Apparently, someone scheduled music for tonight; they usually have music on Saturday nights. Jess, Galadriel and I got a couple of crusty looks from the musicians’ friends/family because we weren’t rapt by the performance. *shrug* The young lady (singer/guitarist) had a nice voice, but I wasn’t in the mood for folk-ish music.

    NPR & PRI Stories
    All Things ConsideredBattle of the Robots on Surface of Mars
    All Things Considered‘Captain Kangaroo’ Dies at 76

    Stray Toasters

    • As noted above, Bob Keeshan – better known as Captain Kangaroo – has died. I remember watching his show in the mornings before school. I remember Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit. And the assorted short cartoons. I also remember that Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages started on the show.

      Au revoir, mon Capitan.

    • Model railroading can be fun. It can also be a time-consuming hobby. Take a look at this recreation of the Yosemite Valley Railroad. Take the tour to see pictures of the layout.
    • We’re only immortal for a limited time…
    • More Utah driver shenanigans.
    • More dull grey inversion-induced haze.

    I’m fairly certain that there were a few other things that I wanted to say, but I’m tired and they aren’t coming to mind. Rather than try and force them to the surface, I’ll just end here. If I remember them later, maybe I’ll post them.



    Friday, January 23rd, 2004

    Three songs into the playlist, this song came on.
    And, it’s Friday.

    Make it a great one.

    “Open up your mind and let me step inside…”

    Friday, January 23rd, 2004

    I almost typed that as “Thudsday.” *shrug*

    All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad day. My left bicep is still sore from Tuesday’s workout. Tonight was the dreaded leg workout; I’m sure that they’ll be achy in the morning. *sigh* Bowling this weekend ought to be interesting…

    Stray Toasters

    • The sun made an effort to break free of the haze once again…
    • Utah drivers. Again. *sigh*
    • Naughty Number Nine
    • There are two rather angry-looking Bionicle® figures staring down from my monitor at me. Back away slowly. And non-threateningly.
    • It’s apparently been a rather long time since I played the bass.
    • This is Bishop. He’s not very happy. I would advise against getting on his bad side today. Or any other day, for that matter.
    • A tip of the hat and a wave of the cane to for posting a link to Skippy’s List. I’d completely spaced off doing so.
    • Tasty iced creams! (Let the jealousy rain down…)
    • The horrid movie Wild Wild West was on tonight; I caught part of it at the gym. I paid to see that movie. It could also be said that I paid for seeing that movie. *twitch* I was very tempted to rename the “Cool World-Long Kiss Goodnight Scale” in honor of that movie. It was another case of “The best part of that movie was ‘THE END’ and the soundtrack.”

    See ya space cowboy…