Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

“He picks up scraps of conversation…”

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Cold. Grey. Blah.
Those are the best words to describe the day. Although, I have to say that the clouds around the mountaintops were cool-looking.

Work… blah blah blah…

After work, it was off to the Fort Union Barnes & Noble. I was looking up more references for the tattoo design that I am working on. I found a couple of books that had what I needed. Then, I decided to work on my drawing a little more. It’s coming along nicely, even though I’m having a little bit of a problem with the left hip. I’ll deal with it. And for anything that I can’t handle, I’ll get Ms. ‘s help with tomorrow night.

I came home and “watched” CSI and Without A Trace with . There’s something fun – and geeky – about watching shows while chatting with other people who are watching the same program. I’m discovering that aside from a select few programs, there isn’t much on TV that I want to watch anymore.

NPR Stories
All Things Considered: ‘The Child Bush Left Behind’
(more political coverage here)
All Things Considered: Mandela: An Audio History
All Things Considered: Deborah Voigt’s Obsessions

Stray Toasters

  • I was not aware that I had been remiss in mentioning my “extremely cool little brother,” but he reminded me of that a little while ago. With that, I will take a moment here to say: “Hi, Adam.”
  • No free ice cream today. *sigh*
  • Heaven LLC

    Heaven is all business, big business at that, but things are not what they were in the heydays, the souls just aren’t coming in. Time for a meeting of the Board at Heaven LLC.

  • Mr. Zsasz, by way of Comics2Film’s Digital Concept Gallery
  • Slashdot Poll: Steepest Learning Curve?
  • I found link to this on Backwash. (I don’t make ’em, I just pass ’em on…) I showed it to who saw my URL and raised me the URL for INSTEAD Softcup.

    [21:05] : tampons at home? GAHHHHHHHHHHH I’m telling you it’s all about Instead. Fuck that.
    [21:05] : Do I even want to ask what the Hell “Instead” is?
    [21:06] : www.softcup.com it’s not as gross as tampons
    [21:06] : I pimp that shit out as often as I can, of course I realize you wouldn’t want to use them. 🙂
    [21:10] : I think that I am going to have one very interesting ‘Toaster tonight….
    [21:10] : LMAO!!!!
    [21:11] : Do all of the gals on your friends list a favor (and the guys tooo!) did you read the sex and the softcup section?
    [21:11] : Not yet.
    [21:13] : I take it that you like ’em?
    [21:14] : They are a godsend.
    [21:14] : I like them so much that you could tell your readership that they may contact me w/ questions. 😉 I have also been known to send them to people out of the country
    [21:15] : Will do.
    [21:15] : Takes a bit to get the hang of it, but once you do they’re the best.

  • Also by way of : World Naked Bike Ride
  • Is it my imagination or is Samuel L. Jackson doing voiceovers for Pontiac commercials?
  • BASIC Computer Language Turns 40
  • Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

I think that’s it for now.


“I look down into a million houses and wonder what you’re doing tonight…”

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Let me get this one off my chest right off the bat:

It’s the end of April…
Why in the Nine Hells was there SNOW this afternoon?!?

Okay. I feel better. More or less. asked me wasn’t I used to the wacky weather yet. I told her “Yes, I am… but I still don’t have to like it.”

Oddball weather aside, it was a good day. I went to work but left after forty-five minutes to help get some things taken care of. When that was over, we went to lunch at Mimi’s Cafe. (Thanks for lunch, sir!) And then, back to work… which was not bad. The rest of the day passed quickly.

, and I headed to one of the local Baskin-Robbins for Free Scoop Day. Jamocha Almond Fudge. ‘Nuff said. We drove up to another B-R to partake of more free iced creamed goodness… but that place was packed! We waved off and went to Cheers: North. Inside, we found , and – it turned into an impromptu “Renegade Coffee” night. There were a couple of new baristas in the Cafè: One whose name I didn’t get and Zont’l (pronounced “Shantal,” and she said that was what -and how- her parents named her). She lived on the east coast for a while; I mentioned that I was from Maryland and we briefly compared notes.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.
(I just had a horrible Getting’ Jiggy Wit It pun run through my head. *sigh*)

Stray Toasters

  • Ouch.
    Umm… thanks, Nyx. I think.

  • Those lucky bastards
    They don’t have to work
    Big 3-D billboards
    And big 30-foot Smurfs!

  • …and with that in mind: Supermodel Personals
  • I need help understanding a concept: Why do some LJ users put their own username in their Friends List?
  • The Japanese Garden
  • A site that I haven’t looked at in a very long time, but used to really enjoy: MysteryNet.com
  • I started a new drawing Tuesday night. Hopefully, I’ll have it done by this weekend.
  • Sissy is curled up and asleep on the futon, between my guitar and backpack. It’s very cute.
  • Were you ever paid a visit by the Secret Service as a high school student? This kid was.

I should stop here, I think that the caffeine rush from tonight’s Turtle Mocha is wearing off. There was something else that I wanted to post, but after spending the past :15 trying to figure out what it is, I think that it just dribbled out of my left ear when I wasn’t paying attention. *shrug* Maybe I’ll remember it tomorrow. Maybe not.


She walked in through the “Out” door…

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This has been a pretty good day. No, it’s been more than “pretty good,” it’s been a good day. Period. Even if I had a hard time waking up this morning. I managed to not only wake up, but get out of bed, into the shower and on the way.

The workday wasn’t bad; it went by quickly. And that’s almost never a “bad” thing.

I didn’t receive any email after… 3:00 this morning. At first, I thought that it might be a problem with my site. Nope. So I checked my hosting site. No go there, either. I eventually called to find out what happened. The response was an embarrassed laugh… and an explanation:

They had forgotten/neglected to renew their domain name.

I got a good laugh out of this. It took a while for the DNS info to re-propagate, but there doesn’t seem to be any (other) major side effects. And, it looks like I’ve finally received all of the day’s email.

<Lonely things, like nights, I find end finer with a friend… >
After work was when the fun began. I owe a huge “Thanks” for reminding me that today was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerrys’. (This is even after I had posted about it twice in here. *duhr* It was off to The Gateway to indulge in free tasty iced creams with , and Young Mister Gabe. And, as an added bonus, I got to hang out (i.e.: “play with”) Young Mister Gabe; this mainly involved following him around as he explored the area around the fountains. He seemed to get rather upset when we got ready to go our separate ways – it was cute.

From there, it was on to Greenhouse Effect for a long overdue coffee/hanging out session with . We talked about lots of things. We drank coffee-based beverages. We had a good time.

After that, it was a quick jaunt over to and ‘ place to pick up a CD that I had left there last night. I swear, if my head wasn’t tacked on… Nyx treated us to another of her mp3/video amalgams: Tone Loc’s Wild Thing playing over the video to No Doubt’s Hella Good. The results were comical. But, her best combo that I have seen so far is: The Presidents of the United States of America’s Naked and Famous played over the video to Britney Spears’ Stronger; this combination is riotous.
</Lonely things, like nights, I find end finer with a friend… >

I also talked with the paternal parental unit briefly. All seems to be well with that part of the family. And it sounds like he’s moving ahead with selling Grandma’s house. If I could only convince my mother’s side of the family that they need to sell my great-grandmother’s house, I’d be happy…

The only “down side” to the day was that I neglected to record tonight’s episode of 24… and Law & Order: SVU. I can check tomorrow to see if someone posted them. Or wait for the encore presentations.

And tomorrow is Wednesday. Selah.
I just hope that I don’t forget about Baskin-Robbins’ Free Scoop Night.

Stray Toasters

  • I’m trying to breathe some new life into . Take a look. Kick the tires. Take it for a test drive. If it looks like something that might be of interest to you, feel free to join.
  • : No, I haven’t heard anything about a furor caused by this… but I can imagine the who and why behind it. Some peoples’ children. *sigh* Apparently, these people don’t go to the cinema or they might have put two and two together and figured out what this is about.
  • sent me this. One of my former roommates was from the Boston area; he used to tell me horror stories about parking there. Utter madness. (Not to be confused with “udder madness” or Swingin’ Utters.)
  • From : Blog-Tracking May Gain Ground Among Intelligence Officials
    Saw somethin’ strange watch your back
    Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.’s is at

  • When I first saw the title U.S. Dept. of Energy Takes a New Look at Cold Fusion on Slashdot, my first (and rather immediate) thought was of Macromedia’s ColdFusion. My inner programming geek was disappointed.
  • Once again, the last line of this brought a smile to my face.
  • Spiral.
  • Alien vs. Predator – 13 August 2004.

And with that…


“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round…”

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Not too bad on the whole.
Took care of some errands this morning and early afternoon.
Game Night (cancelled for the evening)

Stray Toasters

And with that, I’m gone.


Lazy, lie-about Sunday

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…and there isn’t a damned thing wrong with that.

I woke up around 9:45, because the cats made some sort of ruckus. At least I think that it was the cats. It sounded cat-like, so I’m going with that. When I got out of bed, I couldn’t find what they did… so I went and laid down in the HCC and watched TV. A Battle of the Planets marathon was on Boomerang! Wow. I haven’t seen that in years! So I watched it… and it wound up watching me. I think that I wound up napping intermittently for an hour-and-a-half.

I watched the Pacers sweep the Celtics out of the NBA Championship. That was fun. I think that it gave Larry Bird mixed emotions, though: He is a VP for the Pacers, but he played for the Celts for years. Oh well. Doesn’t really matter, I’m just glad that the Pacers are moving on.

and I went down to visit and Mrs. . (You need to convince her to get her an account, so I don’t have keep referring to her as “Mrs. .”) We spent a couple of hours with them. Twas fun.

Back to the homestead to see if anyone had chosen anything for a Sunday activity. No one had. I got in touch with and and the four of us got together for coffee. Added bonus: pointed me in the direction of references for a tattoo that I was asked to design. And it was an idea that I most likely wouldn’t have come up with on my own.

And now… back to the BotP marathon.


I have FINALLY found Ronny Jordan’s The Jackal, which I have been looking for ever since seeing the episode of The West Wing in which C.J. Cregg (portrayed by Allison Janney) performed it. And now, all is right with the world.



Saturday Free-for-All

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Last night was good. The service in the cafe was a little off; there was a new barista, so I can cut him some slack. There was a lot of good conversation last night. dropped in for a bit with the Little Miss and the visiting . Post-coffee dinner was good, too.

I woke up this morning around 9:40… for no particular reason. But, that was okay. It was better than when I woke up around 8:45 to the sound of someone on the basketball court. At 8:45… Unglaublich.

I’ve spent the better part of the morning (and early afternoon) doing a whole lot of nothing. Then it hit me: The urge to clean. I’m not sure if it’s a complete “Spring Cleaning,” but it’s something. And it needs to get done. So, I started. I’m actually in the middle of it. No, that’s not true. I’m still in the early stages of it. I’m doing the dishes that I have let go for a few days. Next, I think I’ll tackle the living room. Whoop-de-fuck.

At least there’s 2-D Physics tonight. That’s something to look forward to.

I should probably get back to cleaning. *sigh*

That which does not kill me makes me stronger gives me dishpan hands.


“If we keep our pride – though paradise is lost – we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost.”

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On the way to work this morning, was listening to Rush Limbaugh… as she often does, much to my NPR-loving chagrin. He opened his show discussing the news about the death of former Arizona Cardinals football player Pat Tillman.

The death of an ex-football player isn’t extraordinary, in the grand scheme of things. The reason that this story is interesting is because Tillman, after four years with the Cardinals, turned down a three-year, seven-figure contract to enlist in the Army in May 2002. And, not only did he join the Army, he became a member of the Army Special Forces, as a Ranger in the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

He made the decision after returning from his honeymoon with his wife, Marie. Several of Tillman’s friends also have said the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks influenced his decision to enlist.

“He knew what was important to him, and he made his decision and stood by it,” said quarterback Eli Manning.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in an interview just last week on National Public Radio last week, pointed to Tillman as an example of bravery — the topic of McCain’s new book.

“He gave up over a million dollars as a safety for The Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the Army as a ranger after 9/1, and fought in Iraq,” said McCain. “And it wasn’t a moment of crisis or strife that motivated Pat Tillman. It was the recognition that the United States was under attack and he volunteered to defend it.”
-taken from an AP report

As you may have gathered from my first paragraph, I am not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. But, he made a point with which I wholeheartedly agree: While it’s sad that Tillman died, over 800 U.S. service men and women have died in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. And, in Limbaugh’s words: “Every one of them was a Pat Tillman.” Amen. They all died fighting for something that they believed was a worthy cause. Just because they weren’t well-known to the general populace doesn’t make their deaths any less noteworthy. Just ask the family and friends that they have left behind. It also reminded me of something that I wrote on 11 Dec 01:

Art imitates life. I’m not sure what the exact quote here is, but that expresses the sentiment well enough. Tonight’s episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “The Siege of AR-588,” was about a crew of Starfleet officers who were holding a captured position. The DS9 crew showed up to bring supplies and stayed to help defend the position for a while. After they returned to the station, Captain Sisko (Avery Brooks) was talking to one of his officers about the latest casualty reports… and he said,“No, they’re not just names. We must remember that.” Such a simple and profound statement. This first aired on 18 Nov 1998, but its relevance and timeliness is what I’m after here.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day was this past Friday and many also took the time to reflect on the events of this past 11 Sept. We remember not only the events of these days, but also the fact that there were people involved in those events. People who fought. People who died. People who tried to help others to make sense of the chaos and madness as it swirled around them. Not just names. People. “No, they’re not just names. We must remember that.”

NPR Stories
Fresh Air – Rebroadcast of an interview with Barry Manilow.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I like his work. (And, I discovered that he did not actually write I Write the Songs; Bruce Johnston, of The Beach Boys, did.) As they were leading into the interview, they played a couple of verses from Copacabana. I started singing along with the radio. I’m sure that it must have been an amusing sight for the drivers around me. And, I don’t care.

Stray Toasters

That’s it. I should do something productive before the day’s through and it’s time for Friday Night Bitch Session Coffee.


3…2…1… Let’s jam!

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Yet another indecisive day, weatherwise, in the neighborhood.
I felt a little closed-in at work this afternoon, so I decided to work at the library. I took with me, for good measure.

Later, Nyx, and I went to Chinese Gourmet (or “Chuck E. Chinese,” as we like to call it) for dinner. Mongolian Stir-Fry GOOOD!!! *gesture* The people-watching there was good, too.

Stray Toasters

  • Flight times have been verified. Tickets have been purchased. In two weeks, I will be back in North Carolina for a long (5-day long) weekend.
  • Kitty and Rogue. I saw this picture the other night and thought,”Wow…”
  • Koolio – The Robot Refrigerator
  • See the Ugly Dolls.
  • Jim Lee’s steps to a Superman cover: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • An interview with Kill Bill Vol. 2 star David Carradine.
  • If there are two men whose bad side you don’t want to be on, these are the men. And, if you needed another example (as if the first one wasn’t enough), here.
  • I found a little something that might just put a smile on the face of Miss .
  • I made no bones about the fact that I looked forward to – and enjoyed – the big screen adaptation of S.W.A.T, a TV series that I watched in my younger days. But… I can’t see any good reason for this. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. (And not even “My Hero, Zero” at that!) But, maybe it’s just me.
  • This, on the other hand, I anticipate with abounding joy… just like I’ve done in the nearly twenty years since it was written.
  • From Slashdot: Operation Fastlink Cracks Down on Warez
  • Rick Berman has finally admitted that he is working on a new Star Trek movie. A prequel. He’s still being rather tight-lipped about it. Just like Captain Sisko.

  • Tigger Woods. (I still can’t believe you said that.)
  • From Blender: The 50 Worst Artists in Music History
    (: Check out #26!)

Once upon a time, in New York City in 1941… at this club open to all comers to play, night after night, at a club named “Minton’s Play House” in Harlem, they play jazz sessions competing with each other. Young jazz men with a new sense are gathering. At last they created a new genre itself. They are sick and tired of the conventional fixed style jazz. They’re eager to play jazz more freely as they wish then…

In 2071 in the universe… the bounty hunters, who are gathering in the spaceship “BEBOP”, will play freely without fear of risky things. they must create new dreams and films by breaking traditional styles. The The work, which becomes a new genre itself, will be called… “COWBOY BEBOP”


“I rest my case – or at least my vanity – dressed up in the mask of Comedy”

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Grey morning.
Blue(-ish) afternoon
Indecisively overcast evening.

Today saw twice the normal coffee action than a typical every-other-Wednesday. and I got together for a late lunch-time coffee… but the shop that we were planning going to (The Coffee Tree) wasn’t there. Literally. That’s sad because it was a quaint little shop and it was in a decent (though not great) location. I think that might have been part of the problem: It was off of Redwood Road (one of SLC’s main drags), but it was not facing the street and I don’t recall it having any signs along the frontage of the property. So, we went to Wendy’s instead.


Support your local coffee shop(s) so that they don’t disappear while you’re not paying attention!

If you’re in the SLC area, some of the shops that I have visited – and recommend – are:

  • Jitterbug Coffee Hop
  • Brew’d Awakening
  • Beans & Brews (small chain, but still local)
  • Greenhouse Effect and
  • Brew Monkey


Tonight was a coffee night, so we met with the regular irregulars at Greenhouse Effect. This was good as I was able to use my punch card to get a free ham and cheese crepe. I forgot to get Beth to do her Aku impression, though. Even after seeing a picture of the Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku game last night. Maybe next time…

Stray Toasters

Oy. I’m up far past the time that I had planned to be in bed. Time to rectify that.


“I wished I had a future, anywhere…”

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On the whole it’s been a decent day.
Cemented a few strategies at work, including scrapping some old ideas and paving the way for bringing some other ones into the light.

::: prays to St. Jude :::

Stray Toasters

  • Things have been worse
    Since I lost your St. Christopher
    Even the roses have thorns…

  • Once again, the latest episode of A Modest Destiny saves the day.
  • I was going to put a link to a very cool drawing of San from Princess Mononoke here… but apparently, Renderosity has made gallery viewing “Members Only.” *shrug* Instead, I’ll present a picture of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, from Comics2Film
  • SturkWurk – the digital art of Doug Sturk
  • This sounds like an interesting premise for a comic book:

    MY FLESH IS COOL, mini-series from Avatar Press, art by Juan Jose Ryp. To quote COMICS INTERNATIONAL, which gave it an 8 out of 10, “An experimental drug enables Evan Knox to work as a highly paid assassin and troublemaker who can take over other people’s bodies. He can get to anyone, anywhere, without detection. He does whatever he wants, and uses other people in a ruthlessly instrumental way. The catch is this: what if everyone could get their hands on the drug? Both script and art are adult and gritty. This comic is cool.”

  • Fulp Piction
  • I’ve seen a LOT of… unusual… auctions. This ranks right up there with them.
    ::: edit ::: It was a link to a 19-year-old young woman in the U.K. who was auctioning her virginity.

  • “One-third of email now spam,” according to this article in The Register.
  • Paris Hilton…. as The Riddler… *shrug* Click here to see.
  • It looks as though Renderosity left something of a back door to the site for non-members, after all. Of course, it’s kind of like going around your ass to scratch your nose, but if it works… who am I to argue. (That was a rhetorical question.) Anyway, check out Juji’s gallery; the San pic is there (page 2).
  • An irritated Martha Stewart Sue Storm.
  • Knock knock…


“The vacant smile of true insanity dressed up in the mask of Tragedy…”

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…and all I can think is “Is it Friday yet?”
Not that it’s been a bad day. It’s been a good one, in fact.
I think that I just want it to be the weekend again.

Stray Toasters

  • and I were talking about a friend of ours who is living a vegan lifestyle the other day. I remembered that an ex-gf of mine has a daughter who is vegetarian… but liked Rice Krispies® treats. The problem being: There’s gelatin in marshmallows. My ex told me that she made the treats with Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme. No gelatin, thus no problem. This got me to thinking about gummy bears/cola bottles/worms… So, I did what any net-addicted person would do: I looked it up. This (second paragraph) is one of the things that I found.
  • Tuesday, 27 April 2004. Mark that date on your calendar(s).
    Why? You mean other than “Because I said so?”
    How about because it’s Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s.
    …and because I said so.

  • I was checking out a few random journals and came across . Many of his entries made me laugh.
  • 2003 Nebula Awards
  • Shiny Shiny: A Girl’s Guide to Gadgets
    (Is it just me or does the name of this site sound “more than a little” patronizing?)

  • As we are moving into Spring, and severe weather season in many parts of the country, FEMA has “…put together a site by and for kids that have lived through or observed such events.” The site is Disaster Connection: Kids to Kids.
  • By way of comes Beatallica and The Trip Back
  • I found a link to Beyond Black, White and Brown: A Forum on disinformation. It is an article from The Nation wherein a number of respondents discuss the legacy of Brown vs. Board of Education. Interesting reading.
  • Also from disinformation: The Most Dangerous Vaccines
  • Once again, A Modest Destiny has brought a smile to my face (1, 2, 3).

It’s Game Night and I should be getting ready to hit the road.


…as the weekend draws to a close.

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Today was a good day, even if the weather didn’t decide to cooperate until late in the afternoon.

and I had brunch at Rivers with and the lovely Mrs. . It the first time there for all of us; it was a nice place. The atmosphere was pleasant, food was excellent and the service was also top-notch.

After that, came home and hung out for a bit until it was time to head out to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The style was a different than the first movie, but that did not detract from the story. And Tarantino still has quite an ear for dialogue.

And the rest of the evening has been spent relaxing.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend and has a good start to the week at hand.


Saturday laziness…

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Last night was good: It started off with coffee time at Cheers North. I saw a couple of the ladies with whom I usually chat on Sunday afternoons. I sat and talked with them for a while. Dinner at Outback with , , , , and the as-yet-non-LJ’ed Christopher. Good food, good company and bad puns.

I’ve been up for hours and I still have no idea what I want to do today. That’s not a good thing. “Being lazy” is pretty high on the “things to do” list. The thought of playing a game is good… but I have no idea of what I want to play.

It’s windy enough for kite-flying, but I’m enjoying the warmth of being indoors.

If anyone has a few hours to kill and wants to do something, let me know.
I’m open to suggestions because I am actually giving serious thought to cleaning.
And that just isn’t right.


“I wonder what it’s like to be a superhero…”

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End. Of. The. Week.

Stray Toasters

Time to go out and play for a while.


“The Restless wind has seen all things in every kind of light, rising with the full moon to go howling through the night.”

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All-in-all, today was a good day… even if it was mostly grey and drab outside.

I had dinner with , and ; we went to Olive Garden. We had hoped to see , but she wasn’t there. Maybe next time. After that, we headed to Cheers for dessert and shakes.

Jon is sporting a new hairstyle. He looks like Benicio Del Toro.

We had a good time catching up on the past couple of months since left Utah and has been busy with work and other things.

Stray Toasters

  • I got to chat with the mother-unit today. Briefly. But it was good.
  • : There’s some potential Futurama news in here in which you might be interested.
  • It looks like Florida is, once again, looking to put a tax on LANs.
  • I came across this on Backwash. The first thing that came to mind: “If Mighty Mormon Power Panties were swimwear…”
    Yep. Hell, meet Handbasket. Gasoline, meet Drawers.

  • Tarnished Images – The Artwork of Ruth Thompson
  • Does anyone have a suggestion or two for a good spam filter?
  • Slim and the Seductress. I’m waiting to see where this goes…
  • More amusement from A Modest Destiny

So, make it one for my baby… and one more for the road.