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“…to pass the evening with a drink and a friend.”

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Friday : 28 July 2006
Worked with a couple of the monkeys.  One decided that he wanted to rearrange the work area that he shares with three other people… none of whom were in the office today.  *sigh*  He asked me for my input on what to move and where to move it.  After I verified that the other three were not in today, I basically told him that I wasn’t doing anything until the others were there to give their feedback – it’s their workspace, too.

Post-work saw me taking a nap.  Not quite a power nap.  Not quite a two-hour deep slumber.  But a nap, nonetheless.  It was good.  Then, it was time for Clitorati.  Small turnout, but a good time.

Stray Toasters


“Oh, your car got mags and that be dippy dippy dope, but the whole damn nation’s got the same…”

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Thursday : 27 July 2006
Today was a rather quiet day at the office.  In fact, the most… amusing or interesting thing that happened was at the gym.  Eric and I had finished our warm-up and were heading to the free weight area to do some bench presses.  On the way, I spotted a guy at one of the benches.  Okay, that’s not uncommon.  He was wearing a t-shirt.  Again, not uncommon.  The shirt had a logo on the left breast: A rebel flag.

Okay… that got my attention.  About the time that I was Ivory Soap sure that I saw what I thought I had seen, he turned around: The back of the shirt had a picture of a non-descript capitol building… flying a rebel flag.  But, even that isn’t what really stuck out.  The picture was surrounded, on the top and bottom, by: “I have a dream,” in big letters.

*blink blink*

Yeah.  It was a little odd.  Eric offered to buy my lunch if I went over and asked the guy, “So… what does your shirt mean?”  I was tempted to do so, but decided that it wasn’t worth my time or the effort.  But it was tempting…

The Adventures of Indigo Bolt
It’s amazing how much longer it takes to level up when you aren’t getting double experience for your kills.

I joined a higher-level team to take on some Malta Operatives.  Ostensibly, I was going to work off the debt that I picked up a couple of nights ago.  Instead, I added to it.  I finally managed to knock it out, though.  But, I wound up biting off more than I could chew against a Behemoth Overlord (and his nosy, butt-inski friends) after I left that team.  So, I have 14K of debt left to grind through.

And pictures!

Rocking out in Pocket D:

Taking on a Malta Group Hercules Class Titan:

Seven Nemesis troops (some are behind me) and a Warhulk.  Those odds were so unfair.  To them.

Stray Toasters

  • I’m (FINALLY) working on a long-overdue update to my site.  Thanks to for looking at it and making sure that the parts that I have completed didn’t go all ‘splodey.  With the new and nominally improved version, I’m including a new blog section, powered by WordPress.  Like , I’ll most likely syndicate the feed in RSS.
  • A few weeks ago, tagged me to list seven songs that I’m into.  I’ve mostly been listening to my iPod or iTunes, so there’s not a lot of “new” stuff… but here goes, in no particular order:
    1. Maktub – You Can’t Hide
    2. Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts  – Tank!
    3. Prince – Pope
    4. Acafool – Hata Blockas  (heard it on the radio… in UTAH of all places… and it cracked me up)
    5. Geddy Lee – Home on the Strange
    6. Fatboy Slim (ft. Bootsy Collins) – The Joker  (with a tip of the hat to )
    7. emmet swimming – Birdman of Columbia and/or 8:45

  • (…the only thing missing is a Jell-OÖ® Pudding Pop)

  • Speaking of which: Edibles – Action figures you can eat.
  • : Whose shot first?
  • I finally got past Page #27 of “the puzzle.”
  • :  Not only did I click the link to the puzzle you sent me, I completed the Daily Set Puzzle (in 8:54).
  • Cheatsheets!!!
  • Natasha Henstridge as Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman…?  Hmm.
  • :  I’m hoping for the best, but I’m still a little worried about this.  The second half of this article talks about it.
  • *voop*



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Tuesday : 25 July 2006
Work was.  (And it wasn’t bad.)
Today’s workout was pretty good.  I’m feeling it a bit in my shoulders.
<sarcasm>I’m sure that it will feel great after a night’s sleep. </sarcasm>

Post-work, I took on the front and back jungles.  *gah*

Tonight was Shadowrun night.

Tonight, the group wrapped up the current story arc.  They got rid of a troublesome NPC.  They made a new – and rather.. um… “influential” – friend.  And they made lots of money. 

…and they lived to run the shadows another day.

Stray Toasters

Quotes of the Day
Tonight’s gems come from and Chris:

  • : “G.I. Joe was like sticking a fork in your brain…. and twirling it.”
  • I wish that I could recount their conversation about Transformers.  It was pure comedy.
  • Chris, explaining Visionaries to Nox:
    Chris:   Let’s say you have a cheetah on your armor.
    :  Why do I have a cheetah on my armor?
    Chris:   Because that’s what you turn into.  Because you’re fast.
    :  I don’t want to be a cheetah.
    Chris:   Tough shit.


“We’re tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little loony!”

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Sunday : 23 July 2006
It’s been a good weekend.

and I saw Lady in the Water last night.  It’s been taking a bit of a drubbing, but I liked it.  I didn’t see what people found so confusing about it.  In fact, I think that this movie was just fine.  It wasn’t a “simple” movie, so you couldn’t just turn off your brain at the door.  It was an M. Night Shaymalan movie and thus… there were overt things and many hidden, no… “subtle” things.  I picked up on a couple of the subtleties, I missed a couple of the overt.  And that’s fine with me.

Tonight, we saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend.  I liked this, as well.  It’s not necessarily Oscar fare, but it was fun.  It was a good satire of both the superhero genre and romantic comedies.  And I think that I am beginning to like – and even appreciate – Luke Wilson more as an actor.  And that was Eddie Izzard?!  Really?!  I had no idea of that until the credits rolled.  That was a pleasant surprise.  Director Ivan Reitman seems to be back on top of his game.

I’ve questioned my sanity in the past, but every once in a while, I will do something that brings the whole “Have you lost your mind?!” question screaming back into focus.  I’ve been wanting to get in a bike ride for the past few weeks; for whatever reason(s), I haven’t.  Until today.  When it was 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  At least.  I think that it was about 103 degrees when I finally headed out.  I rode for about an hour-and-a-half.  It was good.  I’m sure that my legs will be good and sore tomorrow, but it was worth it.

[19:03] : Insanity.
[19:03] : That’s the only answer.
[19:04] : yeah?
[19:04] *** Auto-response sent to : Gone, baby… Gone.
[19:04] : Rode from about 5:20 – 6:45
[19:04] : dude.  it’s like 195 degrees out there.
[19:05] : 54th South/32nd East to 36th South to 36th South/36th West THEN did a mile on Granger’s track then back up 36th West to 5620 South and home.
[19:05] : And according to the Weather Channel’s site, it’s 103°
[19:05] : yeah.  195.

Tomorrow is Mormon Christmas… no, that’s not it.
Mormon Pride Day.  No, that’s not it, either….
Pioneer Day.  State Holiday.  Parades.  Re-enactments.  Fireworks.  Rodeos (and I don’t mean the Isuzu vehicles, either).  Everything but the kitchen sink.  I don’t get it as a paid holiday (I think that we are one of the few “local” companies that doesn’t act like a local company –  I’m good with that), but I think that I might take the day off and hang out with and friends.  Hey, if you get paid leave, what’s the point in not using it every once and again?!

The Adventures of Indigo Bolt
It is Double XP Weekend in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.  So, I have been on teams patrolling the neighborhoods for miscreants.  I have spent most of this time fighting Nemesis, the Carnival of Shadows and Rikti.

I hit Security Level 40 today. 
“To Level 40….. and beyond!”  (Apologies to Buzz Lightyear.)
Starting with my next level, I get to pick from the Epic Level Powers.

Stray Toasters

Quote of the Day
I was chatting with about the weekend and mentioned that Pioneer Day is on Monday.  The conversation then turned (imagine that) a bit to the left:

[19:33] : So how was your weekend?
[19:33] : It’s been pretty good.
[19:33] : Coolio.  I just got back from the annual BBQ orgy that is the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest.
[19:33] : I think I’m taking tomorrow off for Mormon Christmas… I mean “Mormon Pride Day”…. I mean “Pioneer Day,” since my gf has it off.
[19:34] : Jazz + Ribs = *jealous*
[19:35] : Well, I could give a hoot about Jazz, I go for the Meat.
[19:35] : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Day
[19:35] : It’s even bigger than 4th of July
[19:35] : Which makes me sad.
[19:35] : But, that’s me.
[19:35] : The locals eat it up.
[19:35] : Go figure.
[19:36] : I am surprised there isnt a Brigham Young day.
[19:39] : This is pretty close to it.
[19:39] : Besides, he has a university.
[19:39] : And statues.
[19:39] : And stuff.
[19:40] : And stuff?  Like what?  His own line of action figures?
[19:40] : Actually, there’s:  BYU, BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawai’i
[19:40] : Oooh.
[19:40] : I could make a MINT if I could get some BY action figures made.
[19:40] : *ponder*
[19:40] : That would rock!
[19:40] : O_o
[19:41] : “Relive the early days of The Church with your very own Brigham Young action figure!”
[19:41] : With kung-fu grip.
[19:41] : “I say to you, brethren, that this is the right place.”
[19:41] : Man, you have come up with the BEST idea EVER!
[19:42] : Well, just send me a little of the proceeds, and we will call it even.


Quick Hit…

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Friday : 21 July 2006
All in all, it was a good day.

On the work front: The building is still standing and the walls aren’t dripping with monkey bits… so that’s a plus.
Post work: Clitorati was good, although it had a small-ish, intermittent turn-out.

The Adventures of Indigo Bolt
Tonight, I not only made it to Security Level 39 in about an hour, I also made it four-and-a-half bars towards Level 40.  And that is despite dying about five times.  Maybe more.  I don’t remember.  But five-and-a-half bars to Security Level 40?  That’s solid.  The only “problem” is that I have NO idea what I want to do with the costume that I can get at Level 40.  *sigh*  I’ll deal with that later.

Stray Toasters
Not tonight.  Right now, I have an inner-eyelid study to conduct.


“A pattern so grand and complex…”

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Thursday : 20 July 2006
Another No Bad News Thursday is in the books.  And it wasn’t bad.  Even the parts with MFM #2 were pretty much cake.

Post-work, I had dinner with and her family; we had ribs.  And they were good.  (Now I have an urge to try and find that place in Kansas City that a friend took me to many moons ago.) 

It also got me thinking:  What parts of the country are known for what kinds of food?  For example:  For ribs, I think of Kansas City.  For jambalaya, it’s The Big Easy.  Crabs, nothing beats the Chesapeake.  Chowder from “Bahstahn.”  Um… Jell-O (with carrot shavings), The Zion Curtain.  But, what are other parts of the country known for?  That also led me to the thought that a culinary-based road trip – or series of road trips/vacations – would be fun.  Visit a part of the country and sample some of its best food fare.

Stray Toasters

  • I talked with my father tonight.  Nothing in particular, just… talk.  All’s well on the home front.
  • asked me to pas this along: She has a pass for six (6) discounted admissions to Lagoon for Saturday, 21 July 2006. If you’re interested in going, please leave her a message.
  • Matt, a coworker, sent me a link to this puzzle.  You are supposed to figure out how to get to the next page; there are thirty pages.  From “1” to “2” is pretty easy.  I’m currently stuck trying to go from “17” to “18”.  If you decide to give it a go, “Good luck.”
  • – From Wizard Magazine: Exclusive ‘Morgana’ HorrorClix Figure
  • Devlin develops new Stargates
  • Worth 1000 Contest: Bad Ads
  • There was something that I was going to put here, but I forgot what it was.
  • Clerks II Takes Smith Back to the Beginning
  • Heath Ledger will be The Joker in the next Batman film.


“Miracles will have their claimers…”

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Wednesday : 19 July 2006
It’s been a good day.  No real issues with monkeys.  I helped suss out a couple of hardware issues.  I even have something to keep me busy for the first few hours of work tomorning.

Post-work has been pretty quiet and relaxing, too.

Stray Toasters

I think that about covers it for now.


“All four winds together can bring the world to me…”

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Tuesday ; 18 July 2006
Two down, three left.

Today was a quiet day in Monkeyville the office.

Post-work was similarly quiet.

Both of those, added together, make for a good day.

Four-Color Coverage
This weekend, I picked up my shwag.  On the whole, it was a little disappointing, but there were a few highlights:

  • Brave New World #1 – DC is introducing a couple of new titles by way of this $1.00 (USD), 80 page offering.  Of the six stories that it presented, my curiosity was really only piqued by The Trials of Shazam, a kind of reboot for DC’s Captain Marvel (PDF file).  Oh, and what was up with the return of [SPOILER DELETED]?!  I thought that we’d seen that last of him/them/whatever years ago.  *sigh*
  • Teen Titans #37 – There was good interplay between the Titans (who don’t necessarily seem to like each other), Doom Patrol (who like/love each other… but seem to dislike everyone else) and the Brotherhood of Evil (they just hate everyone).  There was an interesting twist in the origin of one of the Brotherhood villains that I didn’t expect… but in retrospect, it just “fits.”  And the last three pages?  Didn’t exactly see that coming either.
  • Supergirl #7 – I’m not sure.  This seems to be losing some of its direction.  And steam.  Hopefully Issue #8 won’t feel like it’s floundering in shallow water.  Although, I will credit them with a surprise on the last page.
  • Green Lantern Corps #2 – Another disappointment.  That’s sad because this issue had a story with good potential… but it never transformed into something kinetic.  We’ll have to see about this title.
  • Green Lantern #12 – Geoff Johns.  *nod*  His writing is in good form.  A nice recap of who Hank Henshaw, the “cyborg Superman” is, why he hates Hal (and Superman, for that matter) and just about everyone else.  And… why not throw in (more than) a few disgruntled GLs who have a BIG mad on for Hal – he kind of tried to kill them or leave them for dead a few years back (They held a grudge.  Gee, imagine that.).  Shake well.  Serve chilled.
  • Fantastic Four #538 and Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 –  Both of these were good reads.  Solid stories, well told.  FF #538 was a “Civil War” tie-in issue… which I have mostly tried to avoid.  This was good, though.  It showed the frustration of a family on opposite sides of the registration issue and how each member’s responses affect the others.  UFF #31 continued the story of the zombie FF and their attempt to take over the world.  No, that’s not quite right.  “Infect the world and eat lots of tasty brains!”  Yeah, that’s more like it.  And it proved that Reed Richards, no matter what Earth he’s from – or the fact that he’s a zombie – is far from stupid.
  • OMAC #1 (of 8) – Good concept.  Lots of potential.  Just wasn’t there for me.  I might check out the trade paperback, if they collect the issues, but I don’t think that this will be a monthly pick.
  • Firestorm #27  – I’m a long-time Firestorm fan… but this is not your father’s Firestorm.  And that’s not a bad thing.  And who’s… that… other… Firestorm?  This was more of a between story arc filler, but there were enough dangling threads left to make it interesting.
  • Action Comics #840 – This was the end of the “Up, Up and Away” storyline that detailed Superman’s return after a year-long absence.  And the issue started off with a fist fight with Lex Luthor.  What?  What’s that you say?  That’s not a fair fight?  You’re right, it wasn’t – Superman had just been exposed to a large amount of Kryptonite… and was effectively powerless… but was still soldiering on.  The human angle helped make this issue good, as well.  From the Daily Planet newsroom to the construction workers in a battle-damaged part of town to the “Strict policy, sorry.  No signing body parts,” the actions, reactions and interactions of the citizens of Metropolis to the Man of Steel were great takes on what I can only assume would pass for day-to-day life in the DCU.
  • Superman #654 – This issue took a look at “a day in the life” of Clark Kent: Husband, reporter… and hero.  And, not just “any” day, but an anniversary, of sorts, for the Kents.  You might think “Oh, he’s Superman.  That should be a piece of cake,” but this particular day just wouldn’t relent.  One thing after another.  Or, in the words of the esteemed Mr. Kent:


    You try and you try to get things to go smoothly, but somehow, Mondays always manage to smack you in the face.  No getting around it — it’s just the way that they are. 

    This particular Monday, though —

    It’s sort of an anniversary, for Lois and me, an important day for us.  We try do to something special every year to mark it.  This year, I wanted to surprise her with breakfast in bed.

    But… Mondays.

    How many Mondays – how many “not-Mondays,” for that matter – have you had like that? Who hasn’t had “one of those days?”  Twenty-two pages later, though, just when you think that Tuesday can’t arrive quickly enough, there’s that one ray of light that makes it all worthwhile.  Kurt Busiek has taken a commonplace occurrence and/or feeling, placed a little bit of the fantastic into it, yet made it so that everyone – anyone – could relate to it.

  • 52: Weeks Nine and Ten – One hero born… while another hero’s heart breaks.  One woman learning what it means to be human and to trust… learning these lessons from a man with no face.  A reporter whose lost his edge and maybe his job… as a new hero arrives on the scene, much to the chagrin of another hero who’s trying to make a name – a bigger name – for himself.

    Ten weeks in and I can admit that I seem to have been wrong about this series.  It has chops.  The writing is, for the most part, good.  Yes, there were a few choppy parts, but it’s nice to be behind the scenes and fill in some of the gaps between Infinite Crisis and “One Year Later.”  And there are still forty-two weeks to go.  Hopefully, the staff will be able to maintain this momentum.

  • Uncanny X-Men #475 – Wow.  Ed Brubaker has done something with the X-Men that hasn’t been done in this title (Joss Whedon has done just fine in Astonishing X-Men, though) since Grant Morrison’s run: He’s turned it into something that makes you want to turn the pages.  You want to see what’s going to happen next.  And, guess what… It’s not always something that you’d expect to see, either.  Nor is it the same old X-Men lineup that has been around since Moses’ time.  Brubaker draws from a number of sources to bring readers a group that is different from “the norm” and who have different motivations for what they think, say and do.  This was not only a fine read, it was fun to read.

Stray Toasters

  • I must be coming down with something.  Why?  Because I logged out of City of Heroes early.  12:30 AM.  I think that it was mostly because the team that I was invited to join started off… poorly.  Very poorly.  As in, “We died in the first few minutes” poorly.  After a quick trip to the hospital and the welcome addition of five more players to the team, we finished the mission in fairly short order.  But, I think that by that time, the damage had been done –  I wasn’t enjoying the game as much I as usually do.  Oh well, another night…
  • How many songs reference Kathmandu?  I can only think of Going to Kathmandu and a line from A Passage to Bangkok.
  • “Don’t you know who I am…?!
  • Intrepid should be CoX-ready in the next day or two.
  • Dwayne McDuffie Takes Control of the game with Justice League Heroes
  • Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes
  • I like this cover
  • I saw the following picture while at Fazoli’s for lunch.
    I’m pretty sure that I know what they intended , but my translation was:  Almost the entire menu is free of trans-fats… but we’re not telling you which ones.  Try to stay calm in light of this new information.  Oh, and pick the trans fat-free version.  Good luck!”
  • TBMs.

And with that…


“I’ve got the sunblock on…”

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Monday : 17 July 2006
It was a Monday.  Despite that, I didn’t have any problems with my fav’rit monkeys today (although MFM2 did catch Jason with a “problem”).  It was like chocolate sprinkles on an ice cream cone.  Yeah, it was that good.  (Great… now I want a double-dip cone from Friendly’s.  *sigh*)

<&lt Rewind <<
It was a pretty low-key – but high-temperature (between 102 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday) – weekend.  The main highlight of the weekend was a trip to the Utah Hogle Zoo.  They have done some upgrades to many of the animal pens – the “Asian Highlands” and the new elephant areas were rather nice.  They have also added a few more kid-friendly “attractions,” including an “elephant” that “sneezes” on guests.

> Play >
The post-work day has been pretty quiet.

The Adventures of Indigo Bolt
I went to Founders Falls to speak with a contact.  I needed to follow-up on a mission that I had run on Friday; she had another mission ready for me.  But I wasn’t ready for it.  It was a timed mish… and I didn’t have any back-up.  Well, I had Sparky, but for what she was asking, I would have needed more warm bodies.  Not to put Sparky down, mind you.  He’s the best little ball of lightning a guy could ask for.  If.. he was… so inclined…  to ask for one, that is. 

Then, I bought and sold a few enhancements.

After that, I headed to Talos Island and on to Brickstown.  No sooner had I stepped off the train in Bricks, was I contacted by Emilia Rhetborn, an occasional teammate.  She was getting a group together to go and break some heads in the southern section of Brickstown.  I signed on to help out.  While she was recruiting a few others, I went sightseeing.  And by “sightseeing,” I mean that I wandered through the neighborhoods, looking for citizens in distress… and criminals to beat down.  They weren’t hard to find.  We took on the mission in Brickstown (find some data in a Crey lab), followed by ones in Dark Astoria, Peregrine Island (actually we hopped a Portal to… “somewhere else,” to fight Anti-Matter and his robotic minions) and Independence Port.  By the time we were done, we had fought The Council and Praetorians, along with a few Malta thrown in for good measure.

The missions weren’t cake walks.  The rewards – aside from keeping the citizens of the city safe – made the risks worthwhile.  I started the night about 15% of the way through Security Level 38; by the end of the night, I was about 65% of the way to Level 39.  And that’s a good thing.

Stray Toasters

That’s close enough for jazz.


“I’ll save the citizens later, I just want to sleep…”

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Friday : 14 July 2006
It’s been a good day… but I am tapped.

The Adventures of Indigo Bolt
Say it with me: “Security Level 38.”

Stray Toasters
I thought about it – even had some things ready to be put here – but, I’m going to bed.


“Doctor, doctor, give me the news…”

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Thursday : 13 July 2006
All in all, not a bad NBN Thursday.  Work was pretty uneventful; the midday workout was good.

Post-work, I came home and took a nap.  Technically, I took two: I nodded off at my desk for a few before going upstairs to stretch out on my bed.

The Adventures of Indigo Bolt
I was invited to join a team to take on The Circle of Thorns in Skyway City.  Knowing what kinds of trouble they stir up, I joined. 

That was my first mistake. 

The mission was set a couple of levels ahead of the group.  I died.  Many times.  Just for the record:  When you’re going on a high-level mission, make sure – absolutely sure – that the team has a healer of some sort.  We didn’t.  Four Scrappers, a Controller and a Blaster (me). Oh, boy. While it’s true that I have some healing and recovery powers, I am by no means a primary healer.  I’m more like… an EMT.  Or maybe even a school nurse.  I’m not the ER doctor or the hot-shot surgeon.  And, quite frankly, it’s kind of hard to heal others when you’re lying face down in the middle of the street because a Behemoth Overlord decided to test out his flaming breath… on you.  We wound up leaving that mission and taking on a Rikti mission instead.  That went much better.

I think that I wound up losing at least 75,000 points to the Experience Debt Fairy.  By the end of my patrol, I was a little more than 100,000 points away from getting out of the longest-to-clear level EVER Security Level 38.

Stray Toasters

Quotes of the Day
I sent the following link to a few people today.

[11:06] : http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1445131&sdm=web&qtw=640&qth=400

These were their responses:

[11:08] Eric: is this for real?
[11:08] : *nod*
[11:09] : http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0479143/
[11:10] Eric: interesting…..Is a has been, still a has been?,      …. didn’t we just see “Cinderella man”
[11:10] : heh

[11:10] : oh lord.
[11:11] : yup. that’s all i have to say about that.

[11:25] : ok um
[11:25] : i hear the theme
[11:25] : this isn’t what i think it is is it
[11:26] : *nod*
[11:26] : oh christ
[11:26] : isn’t he enough of a vegetable yet
[11:26] : Apparently not.
[11:26] : “back for one final round”
[11:26] : wtf
[11:26] : wasn’t it final after ivan drago


“Long ago in days of yore, It all began with a god named Thor…”

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Wednesday : 12 July 2006
Three down, two to go.

Work day. Blah. Blah. Blah. MFM – “My favorite monkey” – sent someone to ask me if we had an item in the office. We did and I got it. Just like that. It was a nice day, so I decided to get my iPod and go walking around the business park. In the time it took me to get my iPod and sunglasses, MFM showed up. She asked me for another item, which I promptly handed her and proceeded to go on my afternoon constitutional.

Post-work, I went swimming. No, let me rephrase that: “I went wading and hot tubbing.” ‘s aunt invited us to go to one of the local fitness centers for a dip. Water was… cold-ish. A little while later, I found the hot tub. (No, it wasn’t James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub… but I made do with what was at hand.) Swimming’s not exactly my usual thing, but it was fun.

Stray Toasters

  • I was taking a look at Red vs Blue today and decided to stroll over to The Strangerhood, another Rooster Tooth Production. Machinima based on The Sims 2. I watched a couple of episodes; they would have been better without the audience track in my opinion, though.
  • I listened to more of Jonathan Coulton‘s stuff today. He has a song called Ikea. How did I miss this?! Another song that amused me was Code Monkey. I fell almost instantly in love with it.
  • This strip, from Questionable Content, made me laugh.
  • I was sent a link to this blog post by today. Dear Lord…
  • How Japanese-style illustration works – from Pingmag

Quote of the Day
From one of the episodes of The Strangerhood:

Tovar: “Starving is like diet. With pain.”


“Isn’t it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?”

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Tuesday : 11 July 2006
It’s been a good day… aside from the exception which is noted in the Quote of the Day section.

Did you remember to get your 7-11 free Slurpee today?  I did.

Tonight was Shadowrun night.  No one died.  No, really.  No one.  Okay… the team did put one guard to sleep, but that was as close as it got.  They found out who’s been pulling their strings – and yanking their chains – and decided to get some closure on the matter.  They did so with their usual style.

Stray Toasters

  • Chris and I have (finally) hammered out a day to get together and play HeroClix.
  • This (which cracked me up)  and this (which is just… odd) were sent to me by
  • I had forgotten how much I enjoy Rachmaninoff – an Allegro came up on my iTunes playlist at work today.
  • In Issue #6 of City of Stories, they showcased Skullcrusher Mountain, a song by Jonathon Coulton.  It amused me.
  • Probably more info than you ever wanted – or wondered – about A Whiter Shade of Pale
  • “Hello.  My name is Greg.  And I’m a casual gamer.”

  • Sith Light.    All the evil, half the carbs.
  • While the Angry Zen Master webcomic is amusing, the “AZM Mini” comic (halfway down the page) really made me laugh.  There are, as of this writing, 19 AZM Minis.  Check them all out.  “Lipstick and Batarangs,” that’s all I’m sayin’.

Quote of the Day
The day started off nicely… but diminished a bit when I had to deal with my least favorite Rikti monkey.  I was chatting with at the time, so she caught the brunt of my ire:

[10:48] : >.< [10:49] : My (least) favorite monkey:  Do you know where the internal printer is?
[10:49] : Me:  Internal printer?
[10:49] : Her:  Yes, the 1320.
[10:49] : Me:  Oh, it’s right there.  *points to the other side of the half-wall of my cubicle*
[10:49] : Her:  That’s a printer?
[10:50] : Me:  *avoids saying ‘No, it’s a dishwasher’*
[10:50] : uuuhhhhh
[10:50] : Me:  Little square, box-looking thing?  Yes.
[10:50] : you really really should have said that
[10:50] : Her:  Oh, it doesn’t look like a printer.
[10:50] : Me:  *internally*  >.<

Yeah.  That’s about all I have to say about that.


“Oh, thank Heaven…”

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It’s 11 July 2006.

Or, more aptly put: It’s 7/11. Also known as “Free Slurpee Day.”

Get your Slurpee on.
Mm-hmm, that’s right.

“Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”

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Monday : 10 July 2006
Not a bad day for the beginning of the week.  The work day was pretty quiet, as was the post-work day.

On Saturday, and I headed to downtown SLC to take in a few acts at the 6th Annual Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival.  It was good.  Crowded, but good.  The venue we visited was on the grounds of the City & County Building.  I wanted to see – and saw – Patty Austin (1, 2), who did a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and The Rippingtons.  Both musical sets were very good.  It reminded me of going to the jazz club back home… before it closed.  *sigh* 

The best thing about the festival: It was free.  Lots of good music… out in the open air…. FOR FREE.  When we first got there, we had to stand – it was that crowded.  After Ms. Austin’s set was done, Groove Station performed on the second stage.  This was apparently peoples’ cue to move around.  As such, we were able to find a couple of seats a little closer to the stage for The Rippingtons’ set.  This was all well and good… until a little before their set started.  Then, people started closing in a bit.  *shrug*  There were still places for them to stand or sit and not completely obstruct our view.  Then people started sitting/lying on the grass.  The roped-off-so-that-people-wouldn’t-sit-on-it grass.  This was fine until security came along and informed them that they couldn’t sit there.  So they moved.  Right into my line of sight of the stage.  *sigh*  I started to get a little irritated at the lack of courtesy that these people showed.

Then I had an epiphany:

  • The festival was free (I covered this above, didn’t I?).
  • I still had… something… of a view of the stage, even with the people standing (mostly) in the way.
  • I could still hear the music.
  • And, did I mention:  “Free?”

At that thought, sat back and enjoyed the music.  It was a good way to spend a summer night in the city.

Sunday, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (I keep referring to it as Pirates 2: Electric Boogaloo, though).  It was a fun movie… but it lacked something.  I had a good time, but by the end, it just felt like something was missing.  And that it was a little too long.  The effects were good.  The sets and scenery were good.  The acting was also good.  So, it must have been the (lack of) story.  There wasn’t very much there… other than a convenient way to set up Pirates 3: The Search for Spock.

Four-Color Coverage
I was talking with Matt, a coworker who is also a comics fan, last week.  We were talking about the books that came out a couple of weeks ago.  Specifically, we talked about Captain Atom: Armageddon.  We both felt that the story had a great build-up and some really great potential… until the end.  Then, lo and behold: Here’s the deus ex machina to save the day and make everything all better.  Riiiight.

And then, I realized something:  The whole story, from the way it was set up in Superman-Batman through the final pages of Issue #9, was nothing but a retelling of The Wizard of Oz.  I explained:

  • Captain Atom was “Dorothy,” all he wanted – and almost whined about – for the duration of the series was to go home.
  • There were heroes – and regular people – whom he met who became friends. (Think “Scarecrow,” “Tin Woodsman,” and/or “Lion” … no flying monkeys, though.)
  • There were others, like The Authority, a WSU supergroup,  who decidedly had his worst interests (“Let’s just kill him and get this whole business over with…”) at heart.  These people could be considered as many forms of The Wicked Witch of the West.
  • The general populace of the WildStorm Earth were the Munchkins – always in awe (and more than a little scared) of the powerful beings from afar or in Oz (represented by The Authority’s orbiting space station, The Carrier).
  • There was even a scene were a building collapsed on someone.  No ruby slippers, though.
  • And in the end, it wasn’t the Wizard (Jack Hawksmoor and company) who sent Dorothy Captain Atom home, it was the Glinda the Good Witch figure, represented by the new incarnation of Void.

Once I made my pitch, Matt considered it and agreed.  And we both came to the same thought:  Maybe rereading it not as a Captain Atom story, but as a twist on Oz might make the whole mini-series more palatable, less flat and might actually breathe some life into it.

Stray Toasters

  • I’m craving ice cream.  Again.
  • I’ve been enjoying the fan-fic from the City of Stories podcast.
  • For : Dark Times for Star Wars Line
  • Head over heels
    Where should I go?
    Can’t stop myself
    Outta control
    Head over heels
    No time to think
    Looks like
    The whole world’s out of sync

  • Who Wants To Be a Superhero?  Um… yeah.
  • I also believe that Nox will appreciate this:
  • If you live in the SLC Metro area:  Porcupine Pub and Grill.  Two words: Raspberry Wheat.
  • “Ladies?  Join you?”
    “Damon, men are from Mars.  Only Venusian is spoken here.”
    “I speak Haagen Daz, I-UNHH!”

    “Have a seat.”

Quote of the Day
While driving home after dinner, Troy (‘s six-year-old) came up with a list of things one can and can’t do in a car.  He’s going through the list and out pops this gem:

“We can’t do everything at the same time in the car.  We can rub something…OR we can drive.  But we can’t rub something AND drive.”

Did I mention that he is six?!    As best we can tell, the subject had come up over the weekend, while he was visiting his father.  *shrug*  I was laughing so hard that I almost had to pull the car over.

And that’s a wrap.