Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

“A willingness to rise above…”

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"A willingness to rise above..."

I’ve often ranted about how we as a culture have put people on pedestals and call them “celebrities. ” I’ve also made many comments about how these celebrities often act as though the world owes them something… because…

  • …they’re famous?
  • …we pay ridiculous sums of money to watch them perform?
  • …they feel some sense of entitlement to the adoration which their fans lavish on them?

A lot of people gave Charles Barkley flak when he said that he’s not a role model.  What they fail to realize – or maybe it would be better to say: “fail to remember” – is that he put the onus of being a role model on the parents:

I don’t believe professional athletes should be role models. I believe parents should be role models…. It’s not like it was when I was growing up. My mom and my grandmother told me how it was going to be. If I didn’t like it, they said, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” Parents have to take better control.

Wow.  What a concept.   Yet, parents get up in arms when their kids emulate the behaviors of their favorite athlete, actor, singer or whomever… all because they didn’t take the time to get involved and don’t know who their kids are or who their friends are or anything about their interests.

That being said, it is encouraging to see someone who’s been elevated to “star status” giving back to the community.  My coworker, Jason, sent me a link to this video which shows Miami Heat player Shaquille O’Neal doing his part to help tackle the problem of childhood obesity.

I had the opportunity – and pleasure – to meet Shaq a little over ten years ago, when he was still playing for the Orlando Magic.  I also met his teammates Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott.  Shaq was soft-spoken, but personable and very approachable; his teammates… not so much.  In fact, they acted almost as if they couldn’t be bothered… or that they were “too good” to talk to anyone in the establishment.

I’ve seen many things in Shaq’s career, both on and off the court, that have favorably preserved the memory of a night in Orlando of a quiet young man who happens to be good at his job and understands that his time on the court may be brief and that fame may be fleeting, but that he can do something to bring a positive influence to those around him.

If only more people would do this…

“He’s got to make his own mistakes, and learn to mend the mess he makes…”

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"He's got to make his own mistakes, and learn to mend the mess he makes..."

Tuesday – 31 July 2007
Last night, I made a pilgrimage to the Garden of Sweden. I exited empty-handed – I realized that I needed to take a few measurements of a banner that I want to hang before buying the hardware to hang it. Somehow, that just made an odd kind of sense. Go figure. I saw plenty of other things that made me go,”Hm… that would look nice in (fill-in-the-room).” But, willpower won out, once again.

The pre-work morning moved along rather nicely except for two things:

  1. One of my contact lenses tried to make a jailbreak shortly before I woke up. I put it in solitary confinement in a saline bath. It has seen the error of its ways and has been successfully rehabilitated.
  2. PoW monkeys. Two of them. Driving slowly. In the “left general purpose lane” on the way up Traverse Mountain.

The Scales of Justice
I decided to patrol the mean streets of Paragon City for a while. Most of the members of my SG who were online were in the middle of a task force – a long series of missions – so they weren’t available for teaming. I hooked up with a Blaster and we headed to Founders Falls to take on The Council. And, just before we got to the mission entrance, Founders came under attack by a Rikti invastion force. Yay. Thanks to the fact that there were not many available Controllers or Defenders, we got our clocks cleaned – repeatedly – on the mission. So, we switched to a Council of Thorns mish. We picked up a meat shield Tanker to pull aggro and take the heavy hits while we beat on things. That went much better. After that, I joined a Rikti invasion team in Talos Island, to repulse an invasion force there. That went pretty well too.

Stray Toasters

  • Carmen’s home, safe and sound… and jet-lagged to Hell and back, I’m sure.
  • Multitask
  • posted a link to Chore Wars last night…
  • …I will counter with this lovely post, from Craigslist.
  • Discard regret, that in this debt a better world is made
    That children of a newer day might remember, and avoid our fate.
  • Luminent Designs – Brassy Lamps
  • Cocoa butter, hot sauce and… souvlaki? Two words: “grey” and “confused.”
  • 10 Alternative Gadgets for Your Home
  • Exiern
  • I’m up to Chapter 13 of Deathly Hallows and was just reintroduced to a character whom I thought met with… an unfortunate circumstance a book or two back. I need to go ahead and finish it so that I can get back to Pattern Recognition.

“It’s all been done… It’s all been done… It’s all been done before.”

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"It's all been done... It's all been done... It's all been done before."

Whenever I hear It’s All Been Done, and it gets to the verse…

Alone and bored
On a thirtieth century night
Will I see you
On The Price Is Right?
Will I cry?
Will I smile
As you run
Down the aisle?

…images of the Legion (and ther supporting cast) sitting in a holo-studio, with Saturn Girl running down to Contestant’s Row, pop into my head.

And it makes my inner comic geek grin like a fiend.

“They’ve given you a number… and taken away your name.”

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"They've given you a number... and taken away your name."

Monday – 30 July 2007
Return to the work-a-day grind.

Yesterday was good. I didn’t make it to the Garden of Sweden, but I did manage to pull off a few other tricks, including lunch with , a brief stint in Paragon City and seeing , whom I haven’t seen in what has to be at least a year-and-a-half.

The Best
I may have to consider something of a “variation on a theme” (I’m not sure if the pun is intentional or not) to handle instances where an artist/a band has redone one of their previous works. In some cases, the artist/band just reworks the piece; in others, they are working with another artist or group.

Stray Toasters

Blue skies and gentle landings.

“I’ve seen the future and it will be…”

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"I've seen the future and it will be..."

Sunday – 29 July 2007
Another day in the lovely Utah sun. Temps seem to be creeping back in the triple-digit direction.

So far, it’s been a good day. I was considering going to see You Kill Me, until I found that it is no longer playing in this area. That’s something that drives me nuts: A movie will open locally… in one theatre. And then, it disappears with nary a trace of its passing. I had the same problem last week in trying to find a theatre that was playing Sunshine: Eleventy-seven theatres in the greater Salt Lake City metro area and only one theatre had it. Bah.

Stray Toasters

  • I think that I am going to find a place to hole up and draw this afternoon.
  • Dad called a little while ago. All’s well with the Mid-Atlantic contingent.
  • Someone has posted a link from the Sandy Eggo San Diego Comic Con premiere of the teaser trailer for Iron Man.
  • Damn you, Tyranist. *shakes fist*
  • I may make a pilgrimage to the Garden of Sweden today or tomorrow.

Over. Under.  Out.


“I don’t think I can handle this… another day in Metropolis.”

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"I don't think I can handle this... another day in Metropolis."

Saturday – 28 July 2007
Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

That’s what my sleeping hours were like last night/this morning. It wasn’t horrible – and I didn’t feel exhausted when I finally got up this morning – but it was a little annoying. After dealing with the necessary hygiene rituals I met Perry and Max for coffee this morning.

I tried to work on my new lyric-to-drawing piece today, but didn’t get very far today. I did, however get a good bit done last night. The new piece is based on The Black Crowes’ She Talks to Angels. I finished most of the angel last night: Upper body and wings. Wings. Take. Forever. To. Fill. In. (But, I think that they look good.) I still need to figure out how the positioning for her arms. After I finish that, I have to add the other figure into the piece and that’s going to be a little more involved: I want the other figure to look like my grandmother. Yeah… like I’m not going to be picky/meticulous about how that looks. More so than usual, anyway.

The piece that I interrupted to do this one is based on emmet swimming‘s Ed’s Song. But, I’m putting a small twist on the point of view. More on that later. Maybe. Or maybe it will just be a surprise – at least to those of you who haven’t seen me working on it.

Four-Color Coverage

  • Countdown: 40 – Donna Troy, Jason Todd, “Bob,” and Ryan Choi (The new Atom) meet some of the denizens of the subatomic universe. Some rather unfriendly denizens. Hostile and unfriendly, at that. Mary Marvel takes a cruise… kind of. Darkseid masses an army. And is that Ms. Renee Montoya, the new Question, lurking on rooftops?
  • Elephantmen #010 – I really can’t say enough good things about this title. The method/manner of storytelling is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman in many ways. This issue, titled “Unicorn,” featured rhinoceros- based Elephantman, Obidiah Horn. It tells his story in two parts/perspectives: One, harsh and grim, from Obidiah’s… and the other, comparing him to the mythological unicorn.
  • Green Lantern Corps #14 – This issue continues the Sinestro Corps War. GL Soranik Natu returns to her home planet, Korugar, to try and bring stability and balance to her people. Unfortunately, Korugarans are leery of Green Lanterns, following their treatment under renegade GL Sinestro’s “leadership.” So, they are a little “less than happy” about Natu’s attempts to help……until Sinestro shows up. But what is he after?
  • Love and Capes #5 – I first discovered this title last year… and I like it. Quite a bit, in fact. This issue finds Mark and Abby dealing with… Mark’s parents. I think that one of my favorite exchanges in the issue is between Abby and her sister Charlotte (who knows that Mark is The Crusader):

    Charlotte: Don’t worry, I’ve got something that will wake you up.
    Abby: Please tell me it’s something with two creams and three sugars.
    Charlotte: Here you go. *hands Abby a cup of coffee*
    Abby: Thank you. You’re now my favorite little sister.
    Charlotte: Oh, hey– Mark called just before you got here.
    Abby: *to her coffee mug* Come to me, oh sweet, sweet elixir of life that men call “Joe.”
    *to Charlotte* What did Mark say?
    Charlotte: He wanted me to let you know that his mother is coming into town next week.
    Abby: *sputter* What? Mark’s MOM?
    Charlotte: See? I told you I had something to wake you up.
    Abby: You don’t understand, Charlotte. Mrs. Spencer hates me.
    Charlotte: Any particular reason or just general principle?
    Abby: More like multiple choice. Worse yet, she doesn’t say anything outright, she just kind of hints around it. It’s like she has some insidious plan to drive me away, and– –just what is so darned funny?
    Charlotte: *snicker* When you said “insidious” it just clicked– Mark’s mother is your arch-nemesis.

    …although, this post-visit exchange was pretty good, too:

    Mark: Hi, honey!
    Abby: Hey, Mark. How was the airport?
    Mark: Not too crowded. My parents got on with no problems. They told me to tell you “good-bye” for them.
    Abby: I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you. Charlotte couldn’t cover for me today. It’s pretty late though. Was their flight delayed?
    Mark: No, I just wanted to make sure they got home okay, so I followed their airplane to the Ohio border.
    Abby: You do know that planes are statistically speaking the safest way to travel, right?
    Mark: You wouldn’t say that if you’d caught as many of them as I have.

  • The Mighty Avengers #4 – Ultron takes on the world… and plans to remake it in its own image. And, as an added caveat, it plans on using Tony Stark’s own technology to help! All while (still) looking like The Wasp. But, the real Ms. VanDyne hasn’t lost any of her spark – While the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. are looking for ways to take down Ultron, they bring in cyberneticist/biophyicisit (and former Avenger AND Wasp’s ex-husband) Hank Pym:

    Black Widow (acting as head of S.H.I.E.L.D.): Where is Reed Richards? Can’t he look outside his window and see the world is coming to an end? Carol, go knock on the Baxter Building and see if anyone is home.
    Hank Pym: Actually, although clearly Reed Richards is the biggest brain of all time, in this particular field, I am the world expert.
    Wasp: Sweetie– when the world is about to come to an end because of something you created and lost control of… bragging about how smart you are… not cool.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #32 – Mekt Ranzz, Star Boy and Sun Boy. On Winath. With U.P. Special Prosecutor Tenzil Kem. Still on the hunt for Cosmic Boy.

    Tenzil Kem: Let the record show that Thom Kallor, alias “Star Boy,” confirms incriminating statements made by the fugitive Rokk Krinn, alias “Cosmic Boy.”
    Mekt Ranzz: What record? This is a farm, not a courtroom.
    Tenzil Kem: As an officer of the Adjudication Bureau, I am authorized to conduct field depositions. Everything I lens is part of the official transcript, Mister Ranzz, so you might want to mind your manners. I’ll be arresting Cosmic Boy when we find him. Try to stop me and you jeopardize the Legion’s partnership with the United Planets.
    Sun Boy: Like I care. I quit the Legion, Mister Kim.
    Tenzil Kem: That’s Kem. Tenzil Kem. And I know all about you… Dirk Morgna — alias “Sun Boy” — current leader of a noted meta-terrorist cell.
    Sun Boy: They aren’t terrorists. Not anymore.
    Tenzil Kem: Don’t worry, I’m only after the guy who blew up the Dominators.
    Mekt Ranzz: And what if we don’t let you have him?
    Tenzil Kem: Mekt Ranzz. Lightning Lad’s big brother. I know all about you, too.
    Mekt Ranzz: If you did, you’d get as far from me as possible.
    Star Boy: We’re wasting time here. Bottom line, Mister Prosecutor — We’d all be dead if not for Cosmic Boy. If we find Cos and you lay a hand on him, I will drop you where you stand.
    *breep breep*
    Star Boy: What’s that?
    Tenzil Kem: My glasses have a built-in lie detector. Don’t make empty threats, Star Boy. Not to me.
    Mekt Ranzz: Tell me if this is a lie– You stay out of my way, or I’ll poke my finger in your eye and cook your sprokkin’ brain. *lightning arcs from his fingertip*
    *Mekt and Kem stare at each other*
    Mekt Ranzz: Whaddaya know… it works.

    And… what is the Cult of Validus?

  • Superman #665 – This issue was a bit of a two-for-one filler issue: It serves as a bit of a bridge to Jimmy’s current goings-on in Countdown and it gives background into “When Jimmy met Superman” and how Jimmy came to be known as “Superman’s Pal.” Not an entirely bad retcon of young Mr. Olsen’s origins.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #44 – The FF versus the Silver Surfer… again. Still. Or something like that. Although, in this case, the Surfer doesn’t seem to be the herald of Galactus (or however they spell it in the Ultimate universe).

Stray Toasters

  • I talked with the Matriarch for a bit this morning. All is well.
  • I talked to Kris. She’s (still) packing for her pending move; aside from things being a bit hectic, she’s doing well. On top of that, she will be living minutes from Pro Player Stadium… where the Dolphins play. Not that she’s a ‘fins fan, but… she is a Ravens fan. And guess who’s playing the Dolphins in December? Mm-hmm, that’s right! She’s looking into getting us tickets for that game.
  • I also chatted with the too-infrequently seen/heard from <lj user=”yerac”> this afternoon.
  • WTF!?: The 8 Strangest Communities on the Web
  • By way of comes Unfortunate Placement of Yahoo! Ad

Time to go play in the sunshine some more.

“If we burn our wings, flying too close to the sun…”

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"If we burn our wings, flying too close to the sun..."

I saw Sunshine with Tyranist at lunch.

A spaceship.  (A BIG spaceship.)
An eight-person crew.
And the literal weight of the world on their shoulders.

Pop quiz:

  1. Could you handle the responsibility?
  2. If it came down to it, could you make the tough, hard-line decisions that deal with peoples’ lives… and potential deaths?
  3. Would you be able to function – just “function” – if the world started falling apart around you?

Going into this, I had (a few small) fears of this being a rehash of The Core.  Fortunately, this movie did not succumb to the many failings that plagued that film.  I think that Mr. Boyle did a good job of showing the underlying tension that the crew felt.  And the special effects were good.  Very good. (One word: “Mercury.”)  One thing that I would have liked to have seen done a little differently: I would have preferred if the exterior shots had been completely silent, except for radio chatter/static.  I think that would have done a great deal to reminding the audience of how big and ominous – and silent – space is.  As it was, the sounds that they did use were used relatively sparingly and did not really detract from the scenes.

All-in-all, I give the movie a thumbs-up with an okay.  I’d even go see it again.

“It’s great to learn… ’cause knowledge is power!”

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"It's great to learn... 'cause knowledge is power!"

Friday – 27 July 2007
Four down, one in the chamber.

I don’t know what happened, but I must have been phenomenally tired last night. I slept like a proverbial rock. I even slept in a little this morning.

The Best
Many moons past, I was given the Schoolhouse Rock! Box Set. All of the Schoolhouse Rock! songs that many of us grew up singing along with… in glorious CD form. Some of ’em in stereo, even!

Fast-forward a couple of years: I discovered Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks, covers of fourteen Schoolhouse Rock! songs.

Fast-forward again, to the near past: Given my new hobby in determining “The Best” versions of songs, I wondered who would win in an SR! vs SR!R battle. So, I listened to the originals and covers. Below is my take on the songs1:




Original Artist


Cover Artist


Best Version

I’m Just a Bill Jack Sheldon Deluxx Folk Implosion Original
Three Is a Magic Number Bob Dorough Blind Melon Original2
Conjunction Junction Jack Sheldon Better Than Ezra Original3
Electricity, Electricity Zachary Sanders Goodness Cover4
No More Kings Lynn Ahrens Pavement Original
The Shot Heard ‘Round the World Bob Dorough Ween Original5
My Hero, Zero Bob Dorough Lemonheads Draw
The Energy Blues Jack Sheldon Biz Markie Original6
Little Twelvetoes Bob Dorough Chavez Original
Verb: That’s What’s Happening Zachary Sanders Moby Original
Interplanet Janet Lynn Ahrens Man or Astro-Man Draw7
Lolly, Lolly, Lolly ,Get Your Adverbs Here Bob Dorough Buffalo Tom Original
Unpack Your Adjectives Blossom Dearie Daniel Johnston Original
The Tale of Mr. Morton Jack Sheldon Skee-Lo Cover

And there you have it.

Coming soon: The Best – Classic Cartoon Themes vs. Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits

Stray Toasters

Notes (The Best):

  1. Results may vary, by user
  2. Blind Melon did a nice job of trying to keep some of the sound and feel, but the original hits all the marks.
  3. C’mon… it’s Conjunction Junction. Do I really need to spell this one out for you? Jazz.
  4. As much as I like the late Mr. Sanders’ work, Goodness makes this song their own.
  5. Ween did a great homage to Bob Dorough’s version… but came up a little short.
  6. The was very close: You’d almost swear that Biz Markie was channeling Jack Sheldon.
  7. This is a photo-finish. Both versions have merit for their respective sounds.

Up out.


“A shot of satisfaction, in a willingness to risk defeat…”

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"A shot of satisfaction, in a willingness to risk defeat..."

Today’s workout started on the flat bench again.

  • Set 1 – 200 pounds/10 reps
  • Set 2 – 200 pounds/10 reps
  • Set 3 – 200 pounds/10 reps
  • “Set 4” – 220 pounds/3 reps
  • “Set 5” – 250 pounds/2 reps

Sure the last “sets” weren’t full sets, but that’s not what I was going for. I just wanted to see if, especially after doing three full sets of 200 pounds, I could do anything else.

Apparently, I could.

AND… I made it through the rest of today’s routine, too.

Did I mention: 250 pounds? That. Kicks. Ass.


“So you wanted to meet The Wizard? Let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place!”

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"So you wanted to meet The Wizard?  Let me tell you that you've come to the right place!"

Wednesday (coda)
Crossposting seems to be back on track, so let’s give this a go, shall we…?

The day was good. Work wasn’t bad and I had plenty to keep me occupied. That’s never a bad thing, “idle hands” and whatnot. At lunch, I fed not only myself, but also my four-color crack addiction… with a single serving of plastic crack as dessert. Total win-win situation.

Came home and read a bit of Deathly Hallows. I’m seven chapters in. Stuff has happened. Spells have been cast. And monkeys! Flying monkeys! Wait… that was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Nevermind.

Stray Toasters

That’s good for now. Maybe I’ll go check out the invasion.

Pax vobiscum.

“Believing the strangest things, loving the alien…”

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"Believing the strangest things, loving the alien..."

Issue 10 is now live in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

“And if it’s weak, when I’m done? Renovate and build another one…”

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"And if it's weak, when I'm done?  Renovate and build another one..."

Wednesday – 25 July 2007
Thank you to and onlyaly for their kind hospitality last evening. They had people over for a cookout and to watch the Cottonwood Heights fireworks display.

and Beth challenged and me to a warped version of Six Degrees of Separation. The two challenges they presented us were:

  • Trent Harris to Elvis Costello
  • William Shatner to Denis Leary

We managed to make both connections.

Stray Toasters

In the words of Kool Moe Dee: “I go to work.”


“Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom… Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom”

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"Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom... Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom"

Tuesday – 24 July 2007
Merry Mormon Christmas!

It’s Pioneer Day here in the Land Behind the Zion Curtain. The commemoration of the day when Brigham Young, leading “a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest: A shining planet territory, known as Earth Deseret,” came into what is now known as the Salt Lake Valley and said, “That’s it. I’m done. Set up camp. Call me when supper’s ready.” What this mainly means is that many local businesses are closed (not us, though…). And there will be parades. And fireworks. And stuff. And whatnot.

Last night, after work, I hung out with and the kids for a bit. I also borrowed her copy of Deathly Hallows. I think I made it to page 16 before I was powerless to resist the siren call of the bed.

And that’s another thing…

I know that dreaming basically sticks the subconscious mind on a couple of Vivarin and two liters of Mountain Dew. But, last night…? Damn. Who added crack to the mix?!

Most people who know me (especially at Clitorati) know that I think in terms of pop culture media/trivia and “hyperlinked” thoughts – and there’s not necessarily much conscious thought given to some of the connections I make… but the connections are logical and valid, when I trace them back.

Last night’s dreams were bi-fucking-zarre. Not only was the pop culture trivia there, but a lot of disparate parts of my life… all jumbled together.

I woke up, staring at the ceiling… and I think my first waking words were literally,”What the fuck was that?!”

The Scales of Justice
Before reading, though, I took a trip to Paragon City. No sooner than I had logged on, I was invited to join a team of my supergroup members. We took on The Council and The Freakshow. There were no Shadow Freaks, though… I was a little disappointed. But, it wasn’t my mission, so not part of my storyline. Oh, na. We also took on a safeguard mission: Prevent a bank robbery. We did. With the quickness. (And… there were a few deaths, but that’s not what we’re focusing on here.)

The Best
Madonna’s cover of Don McLean’s American Pie just hit the iTunes rotation. It’s good. I like it. (Of course, I also like Weird Al’s parody, The Saga Begins (video) But, I think that Mr. McLean’s version wins out over the former Material Girl’s version.

Stray Toasters

  • Welcome to Post #500, according to WordPress.  (It’s not exactly 500, but I don’t want to burst its bubble.)
  • I need to remember to download Northern Strike.
  • Zaz!
  • Much to Tyranist’s chagrin – and my satisfaction: Samuel L. Jackson has been confirmed as General Nick Fury in the upcoming Iron Man movie.  This makes sense, as the Ultimate version of Nick Fury was based on Mr. Jackson’s features.  Hilary Swank has also been confirmed to appear in the movie, in an as-yet undisclosed role – I’m personally banking on her playing Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow.
  • Mandelbrot Set you’re a Rorschach Test on fire
    You’re a day-glo pterodactyl
    You’re a heart-shaped box of springs and wire
    You’re one badass fucking fractal
    And you’re just in time to save the day
    Sweeping all our fears away
    You can change the world in a tiny way
  • By way of : Female Orgasm is Deadly for Men
  • I like Basia’s Time and Tide; I have for many years.
  • Iraq War amputee’s bionic hand moves all five fingers
  • I still contend that the themes from Thunderball and Duck Dodgers, both done by Tom Jones, sound eerily similar.
  • Wii speeds up the rehab process
  • Secret list of buildings you can’t photograph
  • Jane, divided
    But I can’t decided which side I’m on


The Suzie Lightning Blue Plate Special

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The Suzie Lightning Blue Plate Special

Excerpted from an earlier conversation…

: Tammy Faye, dead at 65. Her mascara was 32.
: In other news, Revlon’s stock plummeted almost 75% on the news of her death.
: The CEO is expected to make a public statement on the future of the company, and whether or not more mascara would make Lindsey Lohan look human.
Where did you find these?
: Straight outta my lily white backside.
Morning, sir. How are you?
Good morning. I am doing pretty well, thank you. And yourself?
: I need more coffee.

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…”

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"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..."

Monday – 23 July 2007
A new week begins.

Yesterday morning, I was too lazy to make a pot of coffee. I think I was awake for about an hour and a half before I managed to drag myself out of my chair and meander the way into the kitchen. After that, the laziness continued.

Until roughly 2:00.

At that point, my six-month muse whacked me in the back of the head… and the lethargy/laziness disappeared. In its place was the compulsion to rearrange furniture. Yeah, most people get the urge to play video games or go for a bike ride or hang out in the park; I get the urge to move furniture. Go figure. Although, the thought of going to the gym did cross my mind. Briefly.

After that, I went to see 1408. I liked it; it was interesting, in a not bad way. It reminded me of the Jack Nicholson version of The Shining in many ways. Couldn’t be because they were both based on Stephen King works, could it? Nah. After the movie, I dropped by Kate and Perry’s for a bit. Then home… then to the airport – I needed to mail a couple of letters and figured that going to the AMF would be the easiest way to accomplish that. Wrong. They have changed their hours and are no longer open to the public 24/7/365… which meant that I had to double back and drop off the letters at the GMF. *BAH*

Stray Toasters

  • I have had All Time High intermittently running through my head since early yesterday afternoon, when it popped up on the iPod. My thought process went: “All Time High… Rita Coolidge….no, Melissa Manche… no, it was Rita Coolidge…. I wonder what she’s up to?” So, I checked Google. That led to her website, which, in turn, led me to see that she will be coming to Sandy in two weeks. That could be an interesting show… and possibly a nice change of pace.

    I just infected Tyranist with All Time High. He threatened to kill me if it gets stuck in his head. I’m willing to take that chance.

  • By way of :
  • I recounted Friday’s tale of being in a foul mood at Borders amidst the Harry Potter hoopla to Tyranist. He said that I could be one of The Seven Duffs. I was amused by this.
  • I got my certain and my
    sure ‘nough on
    and I’m puttin’ on my really
    for real
  • The following was a sponsored link on my Gmail page:

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  • Wow… I just had a horrible collision in my head: The Swedish Chef and the former lead singer of The Sugarcubes – Bjork! Bjork! Bjork! (Please… shoot me now.)
  • What is “Cloverfield?”
  • By way of TechTarget’s WhatIs.com: “What does PCMCIA stand for? (The slot in your laptop). ‘People Can’t Memorize Complex Industry Acronyms.'”
  • makes me laugh.
  • Interplanet Janet is currently in rotation on iTunes. For those of you who grew up on Schoolhouse Rock, you may remember that it’s the Science Rock tour of our solar system. I’d never paid attention to the fact that when Lynn Abrams, the vocalist on the track, gets to the following line…

    Uranus is built on a funny tilt

    …she pronounces it “ure-AH-nuss,” instead of the more commonly heard “ure-AY-nuss.” I wonder if the powers-that-were at ABC made that decision or if Ms. Abrams did.

  • Back in the 80s, Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney performed a couple of songs together: Say, Say, Say and The Girl Is Mine. I’m going to leave Say3 out of this one and look The Girl Is Mine for a moment. There’s something… creepy… in thinking about the two of them fighting over the same girl. And when you throw in their age differences…? Adds a whole new level of *ick*.