Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

“Two days in the valley”

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"Two days in the valley"

Sunday – 30 September 2007
Yesterday’s move went well. And quickly. I believe that the “official” time was three (3) hours, start to finish. That doesn’t include unpack and organize time, but still… that’s pretty damned impressive. (And, it covered any “need” for a weekend workout, too.) After the move, we went out for brunch.

And it started to snow. Yes, snow. Not even in October. *grblsnrkx*

Came back home for a much-needed nap.

Sara and I went to see Across the Universe; more on this below. After the movie, we headed to Cheers: South for breakfast. The restaurant was rather busy, which made for some rather “interesting” people-watching.

Today started off lazily. When we finally got in gear, Sara and I met Perry for lunch at Jitterbug. Post-lunch, the three of us headed to Dr. Volt’s to pick up my four-color shwag and a half-brick of plastic crack… and a box of Stikfas that I had forgotten thatI had ordered. Next, a quick stop at REI to make sure that hadn’t fallen off the face of the planet. (He hadn’t.) And then, a trip through Parley’s and Emigration Canyons to see the fall colors. The foliage was making progress towards the red end of the spectrum… but it wasn’t as prevalent nor as vibrant as I had expected. Oh, well.

Reeling by on Celluloid: Across the Universe
Is there anybody going to listen to my story
All about the girl who came to stay?

There’s a saying that goes “Parallel lines meet at infinity.”
There’s a variation of it that says “Parallel lives meet at infinity.”

This movie is about those parallel lives, their meetings and is told through the use of the music of The Beatles. I was pleasantly surprised at how it all came together. I was, likewise, pleased to see that there was more to the movie than the simple “boy meets girl” love story implied by the trailer.

The music, as I mentioned, was by The Beatles, but the songs were deftly re-arranged by Elliot Goldenthal and sung by the characters/actors. Not only that, but the songs also tied-in to the events of the movie, similarly to the way that Orpheus in the Underworld (Can-Can) and Die Another Day, were used in Stardust and Die Another Day, respectively. I believe that my two favorite pieces were Let It Be and Come Together… so much so, that I might have to reconsider my choice for “The Best” from a few weeks ago.

At two hours and twenty-one minutes, the movie is long… without feeling long. The casting was good. The plots/subplots were good. And with one exception, the stories didn’t feel forced or contrived.

I give the movie an enthusiastic “thumbs-up with and okay.” And it has renewed my interest in seeing Cirque de Soliel’s Love.

Football Update
Just a quick hit here: Congrats to on his Browns 2.0’s win over the Ravens today. Operative words: “Beat down.”

Stray Toasters

  • I still have three bags of cotton candy. I shall put a dent in that tonight, while I am saving the world.
  • “Greenie Weenies”
  • Sara’s Deviataion vs. Rob’s Deviation.
  • Monkey of the Day: While in Dr. Volt’s, Perry and I were talking about our plastic crack purchase (part of which is supposed to be Kate’s Christmas present to him). We were tossing jibes back and forth when another customer decided to chime in with: “Wow, I can’t believe all the testosterone and posturing being tossed around over here…” I had my back to him, but Perry said that he looked at me and straightened up a bit when I saw my build; then he looked at Perry, who was wearing a his badge and his holster. The guy then said “But, since I don’t know either of you, I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut.” And he walked to another aisle.
  • I’m thinking of rearranging the office. I might put my eight-foot table up in there… and possibly throw my LEGO train and the Rokenbok Monorail up on it.

And that’s a wrap.


“Movin’ on up… to the East Side!”

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"Movin' on up... to the East Side!"

Saturday – 29 September 2007
Here we are
Born to be kings
We’re the princes of the universe! up early to help move!

Did I mention “up early?”

Early morning Rob = zombie

Up out.

Late-night Toaster-ifficness

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Late-night Toaster-ifficness

By way of at Clitorati: Steampunk Poodle Fishing Dog.

“Everybody’s working for the weekend…”

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"Everybody's working for the weekend..."

Friday – 28 September 2007
It’s Friday. Do I really need to say anything more than that?

No? Somehow, I didn’t think so.

Today’s going well. I’ve had my head semi-buried in a textbook for the better part of the morning – buildin’ them job skills! Yay for learning.

Stray Toasters



“Long live the Legion!”

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"Long live the Legion!"

Thursday: Coda
After staying at work far too late in the day, I escaped Happy Valley to run a few errands. Then… home. While I was mulling over what to pick up while grocery shopping, I had an epiphany: I had a few bratwurst left over from last weekend. That would make an exemplary dinner. And it did… along with some fries and one of the last Samuel Adams Summer Ales that lj user=”jennae” bequeathed to me.

While eating dinner, I watched the season premieres of Legion of Super Heroes and The Batman.

I was duly impressed.

Where Season 1 of LoSH was fairly light in tone, this one captured the dark mood of war against Imperiex, seen for the first time in the DCAU; he was last seen in the mainstream DCU a few years back, as a would-be galaxy conqueror in the “Our Worlds at War” crossover maxi-series. In the LoSH toon, he is standing in for Darkseid as the new threat the survival of Earth and the human race. Enter… Superman? But, not the Superman we have come to know. This Superman, cloned from the DNA of the original, comes from the war-torn 41st Century, a time ravaged by Imperiex and his forces. From what I’ve read, this season will span the 31st and 41st Centuries with the Legion and two Supermen leading the fight against Imperiex.

Next up: The Batman. This episode introduced Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to this version of the Batman mythos. Metallo, the man with the Kryptonite heart, even put in an appearance. It was interesting to watch this episode as I mentally juxtaposed it with 1986’s The Man of Steel #3, in which the post-Crisis Superman first met Batman. There was a lack of trust between the two, even though they were working the same case. And I still think that the model that they are using for Clark Kent was based, even loosely, on Brandon Routh.

And, both episodes were “Part 1 of 2,” so we’ll see how the stories conclude.

Stray Toasters

And that will do it for tonight.


“Cruising under your radar, watching from satellites…”

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"Cruising under your radar, watching from satellites..."

The inbound commute was relatively painless. There was a PoW monkey that I got stuck behind from Lehi to just shy of my exit, but she was able to intermittently find the skinny vertical pedal with her right foot, so I didn’t have to run her off the road. (Although the temptation was there a couple of times…)

Stray Toasters

Quote of the Day
The following was sent to me in a text message, it was the perfect way to start an NBN Thursday:

May the crabs of a thousand whores infest the crotch of the person who fucks up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.


“Everything old is new again, everything under the sun…”

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"Everything old is new again, everything under the sun..."

Wednesday: Coda / Thursday – 27 September 2007
Three down, two to go.

I cleared – or at least did some damage to – a few items on my task list today. Productivity = good. I had lunch with Jason (coworker) and Perry at Tres Hombres. It was a little more than I had planned on spending for lunch… especially since I had taken a lunch with me today, but it was good.

As I was winding up the day, Land called and asked if I was free this evening. I was, and told him to swing by the apartment and we could go in search of food-type items. We wound up at Cafe Rio. Dinner and a good conversation later, I wandered over to Office Depot to replace my broken architect’s scale. And then, on to Barnes & Noble, to introduce Land to Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He had heard of, but not seen, the movie; I told him that it was worth the price to purchase the book. He did. Mission: Accomplished.

When I checked the mail, there was a package from my father. Ô.õ I opened it to find sections from The Baltimore Sun about Cal Ripken, Jr.’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. There was also a letter in the package. An old letter. 30+ years-old old. And some note card-sized sketches. I didn’t quite get the gist of what they were for… so I called home. Dad said that they were ideas that he and a former coworker of my mother’s had come up with as a proposal for a set of stationery/seals with patriotic themes. They never really did anything with them, but he thought that I might be able to find a use for them. How cool is that?

Stray Toasters

And, with that… bed.


“I never meant to hurt you, mi diablo, mi amigo, but I’ve built up so much character, I have an alter-ego.”

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"I never meant to hurt you, mi diablo, mi amigo, but I've built up so much character, I have an alter-ego."

Wednesday – 26 September 2007
Yesterday was pretty good, all the way around. No real problems. I had to demonstrate my technopathic abilities to a new coworker. And, I had cotton candy. How can you beat a combination like that? You can’t.

Yesterday’s workout was good, too. My sets of 215 (10 – 10 – 9 and a reverse) were decent. My pull-ups (the exercise, not the training pants) are getting better, too: I did two-and-a-half sets (10 pull-ups, each) with no assistance. That’s a nice – and noticeable – improvement. And then, there were the side bends. *urk* Good for the obliques… in theory. I woke up this morning to pain, which is pretty normal the day after doing side bends. I keep trying to convince myself “It’s good training” and “It builds character.”

Last night was zombie-killin’ game night. We came. We saw. We dropped grenades and retreated made a hasty advance to the rear. We lived, which is a good thing… but we returned to base tas it was about to be overrun by the Chaos-infused armies of the damned. Yeah, we are screwed. Who wants to live forever?

Stray Toasters

Time to go “politely explain” why my someone needs to come take a look at/fix my furnace -  today – to the lovely ladies in the leasing office.  *sigh*  No rest for the wicked, I tell ya.


“Give me steam and how you feel to make it real…”

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"Give me steam and how you feel to make it real..."

Tuesday – 25 September 2007
Last night, I stopped by to hang out with Perry and the kids. We watched Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity. Very funny.

called and asked if I had plans for the evening. She invited me to join her and Pat at Jitterbug for coffee.

Sidebar: I’m going to take a moment to toss out a/yet another friendly word out Jitterbug:

Jitterbug Coffee Hop
1855 South 700 East
SLC, UT 84105

Stop in, say hi to Bruce and get a cup of coffee, chai or a smoothie.
Have a sandwich, while you’re at it.

You can check out the menu here.

I told her I’d be there. The three of us sat around and shot the bull for a couple of hours… including an hour and change past the shop’s closing. Bruce came over and chatted with us for about the last hour-and-a-half.

Home again, home again. Jiggety-jig. I put together the second nightstand. It went considerably faster than the first one. While assembling it, I kept thinking: “I have a drill; why do I need a screwdriver?!”

Stray Toasters

Time to hit the road and face the day.


“Get up, get get get down… 911 is a joke in yo’ town!”

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Monday – 24 September 2007
You know that the week can only get better when you nearly launch yourself out of bed as the morning alarm goes off. And, yes, I do mean “launch.” I don’t usually have a problem with simply reaching over and turning it off. This morning…? I have no idea.

Other than that, the morning prep went fairly easily. I had the forethought of checking weather.com to get an idea of what to wear. It was in the mid 40s. Mid. Forties. *sigh* It’s too damn early in the year.

City of Heroes/Villains: Dhoruba
That’s right, … I took a trip to the Rogue Isles with the gay Mr. T. 😛

had Giroux and his mob o’ zombies running around Sharkhead Island and took me on as a lackey. We ran a mayhem/bank heist mission. I remembered how much I hate rent-a-cops and Longbow (at least on this side of the CoH/V line…) I also remembered how badly I need to get Mr. Dhoruba to level 14 so that I can get a decent travel power. Fortunately, I’m about halfway there… minus some debt.

Stray Toasters



“Life, in a nutshell…”

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"Life, in a nutshell..."

Sunday – 23 September 2007
Another weekend draws to a close.

Sara got here as I was winding down cleaning mode yesterday. I finished up and we hung out for a bit before heading to and onlyaly’s, where I met (again, I think) ‘s mom, a very nice woman. I watched as introduced Chris to the joys of the liquor cabinet; I wonder what his head felt like this morning or if she was kind enough to tell him to drink lots of water before hitting the rack. All-in-all, ’twas a good bit of fun. By the way, : Who made that Merlot and the Shiraz?

This morning started lazily, as any good Sunday should. I called Perry to see what he and the family-unit were up to and tossed out the idea of meeting for coffee; he liked the idea and the day was set in motion. Introduced Sara to Perry, Kate and company. It was amusing to watch as the baby nearly leaped out of her high chair to jump into Sara’s lap. Followed very shortly thereafter by the middle boy. We hung out and chatted for a while…

…and when we left, I decided that it was time for a trip to CompUSAirways. I walked out empty-handed, although I was tempted to pick up a few items. One of the items was new memory for Intrepid, since I lobotomized it to up ‘Nine‘s memory. Something told me to hold off a bit, so I did. Then I saw the recently-reduced-in-price Mac mini. Mmmmm, Apple-y goodness. Again, I resisted. I also held off on a set of PC speakers and a secondary iPod speaker system.

From there, it was off to see if one of the seventy-leven area Barnes & Noble stores had a copy of The Prophet of Akhrahn. They didn’t have it. *shakes fist* I know that I saw it in one of their local stores around, I just have to remember which one it was.

Next on the docket: Follow-up ride up Emigration Canyon to see the foliage. There were more hints of reddish tones, but it still hasn’t changed much. It might be a little more vibrant in another week or so. Back down Parley’s and on to Jitterbug for lunch…. where we ran into Spydr and Uriah. Pleasant surprise, that.

Back home. I asked Sara’s opinion on the frames from yesterday’s Garden of Sweden excursion, since I was 50-50 on the matter. She thought the black one looked good with the pictures. I’ll probably wind up exchanging the silver frame for another black one. (And I still need to assemble the bedside tables.) Since, as lj user=”everydave” is fond of saying, I have the metabolism of a ferret on crack, I started getting hungry a short while later, so I started cooking dinner. And, I went at it in a two-birds-one-stone fashion: I grilled chicken thighs and then added some stir-fry vegetables to the pan and fixed rice in chicken broth, while I baked a couple of chicken breasts. Dinner. Lunch. Dinner(s) later in the week. Hoo-AH! Sara headed back to Cedar shortly after dinner…. and the bedside tables have still not taken the initiative to magically assemble themselves.

Football Update

  • – Beat the Cardinals. At home. Selah.
  • – Took it to the Hawks… in Atlanta.
  • – Beat down the Lions. ‘Grats, !
  • – Dropped one to the Sea-chickens.
  • – Lost to the Raiders. The Raiders! C’mon, , what’s up with that?!
  • – Lost to the Chiefs. Sorry, .
  • – Scalped the Redskins. ‘Grats, !

Stray Toasters

Since the bedside tables don’t have the gumption to assemble themselves, I guess I’m going to have to do it.


“He gets right on to the friction of the day.”

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"He gets right on to the friction of the day."

Saturday – 22 September 2007
The day’s been good… and nominally productive.

I started the day off over coffee with and Perry and his kids. From there, it was off to run a few errands – including a trip to the Garden of Sweden. *genuflect* I went with the intention of getting a couple of bedside tables and wound up picking up frames for a couple of my railroad pictures.

And that’s when a problem reared its ugly head: I had originally thought that I’d just get black frames for the pictures; when I got to the store, I saw some pretty snazzy metal frames. I liked the metal frames because they might add to the retro look of the railroad pics – the pics are of trains from the early to mid-20th Century.


I compromised: I got one of each. I will see which looks better with the pictures and proceed from there.

And now, it’s time to deal with the ugly beast known as “cleaning” so that I can chill for the rest of the day and weekend.

…and I even remembered (although, just barely) to record the season premiere of Legion of Super Heroes. Go, me!


I find your lack of LEGO disturbing…

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I find your lack of LEGO disturbing...

Sweet, sweet plastic goodness…


Sweet, sweet, expensive plastic goodness…

Yes. Much better.

Yes, they would go nicely on the Covet List.

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to !

I hope that you have a wonderful day!


Non-sequiturial Guinea

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Non-sequiturial Guinea

The Best: Under the Boardwalk
The Drifters vs. Bruce Willis with The Drifters vs. Rockapella with True Image

The Drifters.  No contest.

However… there is one version that I didn’t list that always brings a smile to my face: This one.  I just wish that I could find a video of it.

Stray Toasters

Back to it.