Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

“All systems check, T minus nine… as the sun and the drama start to mount…”

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"All systems check, T minus nine... as the sun and the drama start to mount..."

Monday – 31 December 2007
I just upgraded to the latest and greatest version of WordPress…

…and managed to overwrite all of the theme and plugins settings that I had changed.

I have spent the past hour correcting that. Most of that time was trying to figure out what names I had given icon pictures in WordPress, as I had modified many of them from their LJ equivalents. Yay. But, it seems as though I’ve gotten most of them fixed. I’m sure that I’ll notice a couple of odd/missing settings down the road, but for the moment, I’m good.

Today will most likely be rather lazy.
Tonight, we shall ring in the New Year.

Stray Toasters

  • I’m watching CSI: on Spike while SaraRules is reading I Am Legend. Then, this… commercial… came on. Funny thing: When I was growing up, we just called them “purses.” Watch the mini-video in the upper left corner. Comedy.
  • The Ravens fired Brian Billick. Now the question becomes: “Who will replace him?” I talked it over with :

    : ravens just fired billick
    Me: Yeah… I caught that around noon local.
    : how long has he been around now?
    superbowl was 2000…so at least 7?
    Me: 8yrs
    : ah well…merry new year to billick
    Me: indeed
    Any ideas on who they’ll get to replace him?
    I don’t think that any of the assts. were up for it
    : rex ryan seems to be the leading candidate, they seem to think he’ll be gone for another job if not
    Me: Maybe they’ll bring Jim Fassell back.
    : i just want someone who will give us at least one solid coach meltdown like dennis green
    or even a weenie white man one like jim mora
    what can i say, i love the trainwrecks
    Me: SaraRules: “Excellent.”
    : ahh she enjoys the trainwrecks too? winner in my book
    i have an audio of a college div1 football coach i should send you
    best meltdown ever

  • And another thing: Spike just ran an ad for an arts & crafts cutter. Okay… first that “purse” commercial, and now this?! Now, is it just me or doesn’t Spike tout itself as “TV for guys?” If so, what’s up with this? Are they subtly changing their demographic?

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and wish the best to you in 2008.


“In the flying spray of the ocean, the water takes you home…”

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"In the flying spray of the ocean, the water takes you home..."

Sunday – 30 December 2007
An intermittently snowy day in the SL Valley.

Last night, SaraRules and I assembled (and played with) the Rokenbok Monorail that I’ve had, but never assembled, for… four-and-a-half years. We had more fun than should be allowed. I also discovered that my X-Men Minimates are the same size as the Rokenbok figures. (“X-Men Save the Factory” storyboards, here I come!)

This morning started lazily and slowly. As there was not a new shipment of comics this week, I figured that I would not get to partake in the weekly “coffee and comics in bed” ritual.

I was mistaken.

I had forgotten that Meliko had gotten me Ocean for Christmas. And that’s what I read. It was a great story. Science fiction (or “speculative fiction,” if that suits you better). Mystery. Intrigue. And action. All in one story. Correction: All in one well-told story. It made for a great way to start the day. Tyranist: If you haven’t read this, I think that it would be up your alley. While I read Ocean, SaraRules read the Justice mini-series (1, 2, 3).

After we finished reading, it was time for a late breakfast and football. Imagine my surprise to discover that the Steelers-Ravens game was going to air in this market. You could have, happily, bowled me over with the proverbial feather. It was the final game of the season and a division rivalry game… and they broke out the all-black uniforms. The game was good. Really good. “Ravens on top early” good. The team came to play some serious ball. Granted, a lot of starters were out, due to injuries, but their replacements did a great job. Troy Smith looked good in the QB spot. Second-year RB Cory Ross was all over the place. New-to-the-Ravens LB Nick Grieson did a great job of covering the ball on the defensive side of the game. To their credit, with many of the Steelers’ starters out due to injury and/or injury avoidance (as the Steelers made the playoffs), their second-stringers played well. But, in the end, the Ravens came away with the win.

Tonight, SaraRules and I went to visit Chris and Mary for dinner and a couple of movies: Dollman vs. Demonic Toys and The Ice Pirates. Both of these movies were “Cool World-Long Kiss Goodnight” Scale fodder, but they were also fun to watch… especially in the company of friends. A couple of odd bits of IMDb-supported trivia:

  1. Tracy Scoggins and Tim Thomerson (both in Dollman vs. Demonic Toys) and Mary Crosby (from The Ice Pirates) were all in episodes of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Scoggins was a regular cast member in the first season; Crosby and Thomerson were guest stars.
  2. Crosby and Scoggins were also guest stars on episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

And now, we’re home, sipping hot chocolate and eating biscotti. Huzzah!

Stray Toasters


Slow-paced Saturday

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Slow-paced Saturday

Saturday -29 December 2007
The day started with breakfast with SaraRules, her parents and one of her brothers at The Artist’s Palate Cafe. The food was good and the prices weren’t bad, either. It’s a small place on 2300 East, just south (and I mean “just south”) of the I-80 on-ramp… and it has local art (for sale) on the walls, too.

Next stop: Dr. Volt’s, to see if Dave had heard whether or not the shipment would arrive today. It didn’t; it won’t be in until Wednesday. From there, we swung over to the Parents-of-SaraRules’ place to hang out for a bit. Then home. SaraRules took a nap; I played City of Heroes. I was invited to join a team of mid-to-upper 30s… taking on low-level 40s villains: The Council, mostly. Over the course of three missions, I managed to hit Security Level 37. Between missions, I put the cards from the newer ‘Clix sets into binder sheets so that they aren’t scattered all over Hell and half of Georgia.

We’re off to run some errands and then meeting vikingsonya and for dinner at Outback.

Then, I think SaraRules and I will spend some time mucking around with Rokenbok and LEGO before heading off to breakfast.



“Hot, like wasabi, when I bust rhymes…”

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"Hot, like wasabi, when I bust rhymes..."

Friday – 28 December 2007
Yet another lazy day about town. I have to say that the downtime has been nice.

I woke up and puttered around the apartment for a bit this morning and early afternoon, while SaraRules went to lunch with an old friend. I was nominally productive though: I hung the LEGO key rack she got me for Christmas.

After she got back, we headed out for a bit to get lunch (for me) at Go Sushi. I had their Teriyaki Rice Bowl Combination (with chicken). It was just the right mix of food:

  • Miso soup
  • Teriyaki chicken and vegetables over rice
  • Gyoza (potstickers) and
  • California roll (half order)

I had a couple of pieces of Ika nigiri and some green tea to wash it all down.

Next, over to Dr. Volt’s… only to find that the shipment that should have been in yesterday was delayed again and now most likely will not be in until next Wednesday. And that’s on top of the already scheduled-to-be late shipment that’s due next Friday. To console myself, I got a couple of boxes of ‘Clix and the hardcover edition of The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes, to replace the (signed) softcover edition I can’t find. *shakes fist* Although, I was able to find it with the last printing’s cover, so it matches the softcover copies of Dream Country and The Wake that I have. A few pieces of note from the plastic crack haul include:

Then, we popped over to see SaraRules’ parents for a bit. We’re having brunch with them tomorning. Now, all we need to do is figure out “where.”

Back home for a bit… and some time in Paragon City.

Stray Toaster
Just one thing, for the moment: Solid!
(Click on the picture… you have to see the larger version. Comedy.)

And now… off to Clitorati!


“Are we the last ones left alive? Are we the only human beings to survive?”

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"Are we the last ones left alive?  Are we the only human beings to survive?"

Thursday: Coda
SaraRules and I headed up to Ogden this afternoon. We were going to The Bookshelf… or, if was right, to where it used to be. The store was still there. But, they are in the middle of a “quitting the business” sale. This is a shame, as it is the overall best used book store that I have found, so far, in Utah. (There’s a much smaller, but decent, store in Cedar City called Braun Books.) We went… we looked around… we bought a few things. I may head back up there in a few weeks to see what’s left and if they’ve upped the discount on merchandise; they are currently selling things for 20-25% off and up to 50% on videos (VHS). All-in-all, it was worth the trip up there… and it was nice to get out of SLC for a bit, too.

We came back to town and after an unsuccessful trip to Dr. Volt’s – the new stuff isn’t coming in until tomorrow – we had dinner at Spaghetti Mama’s. Quite good and very filling. And, we got to see Kate, though only for a couple of minutes.

Next, we met , , , Jana and Chris for I Am Legend. It was good. I knew that it had been adapted from a book of the same name, but I had forgotten that it had also been adapted twice before as a movie: The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man. Will Smith did a very good job. And they did a very believable job of rendering “The City that Never Sleeps” into a quiet, desolate and very lonely place. I definitely recommend the movie.

“Look around… leaves are brown and the sky is a hazy shade of winter.”

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"Look around... leaves are brown and the sky is a hazy shade of winter."

Thursday – 27 December 2007
Another lovely day in the valley. It’s a tropical 24°F outside, but there are partly cloudy skies, which means that the sun is putting in an appearance.

Last night, SaraRules and I watched Mirrormask. She liked it, overall, but thought that the story was a bit weak. She did like the visualizations, though.

Today, we’re still deciding what to do, but heading up to Ogden and making a pilgrimage to Mecca (known to the locals as “The Bookshelf”) may be on the docket. And there will also be a trip to Dr. Volt’s, as today is new comics day; the shipment is off by a day because of the holiday.

And tonight: I Am Legend.

Stray Toasters

  • Benazir Bhutto killed in attack
  • Online games battle for top spot
  • From the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot file: Jackson has ‘surgery’ after [being] hit by son

    Michael Jackson reportedly underwent emergency surgery after his young son accidentally punched him in the face. The Thriller hitmaker – who has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries on his face in the past – was recently photographed in a Los Angeles bookstore wearing numerous bandages around his mouth. But sources tell Finditt.com the singer’s son, Prince Michael II, caused the injury: “He was whacked in the face accidentally by his younger son Prince Michael II while playing around and part of Jackson’s upper lip collapsed. “That mishap led a hysterical Jacko to make a beeline for the plastic surgeon for a bit of quickie repair work.”

  • …and keeping it in the family, somewhat:

    (For those who don’t remember: Michael and Lisa Marie Presley were married for almost two years in the 90s)

And that’s a wrap for now.


“You say it’s your birthday… It’s my birthday, too, yeah!”

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"You say it's your birthday... It's my birthday, too, yeah!"

Wednesday – 26 December 2007
Happy Boxing Day.

Last night, SaraRules and I went to see Aliens versus Predator – Requiem. I had not seen the first movie, so I was a little concerned about coming into this one at a bit of a loss. I had also heard that AvP was… a… less-than-stellar bit of cinema. Despite these items, I had a great time watching this movie. It was definitely a “check your brain at the door” kind of movie, but Ms. SaraRules said that it was “leaps and bounds better than the first one. By far.” The movie, while definitely sci-fi fare, had a bit of a horror movie bent. And it was fun. Additionally, it continued a nominal tradition that I had with and Don: Seeing a movie on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Day(s).

This morning started lazily. Which, to be quite honest, is a great way to start the day after Christmas.

After observing the hygiene rituals and getting dressed, SaraRules and I headed down to The Bayou to have lunch with , onlyaly and others in celebration of ‘s birthday. I had a rather tasty jamabalya (the only thing I would have added was shrimp). I also had the Rogue Imperial Stout. (Don, if you’re reading this, you need to see if you can find a bottle somewhere in the Triad.) Holy Crap! It was good; filling, but good. I wish I hadn’t loaded up on soup, salad and jambalaya before drinking this. As it was, I was so full that I had to split the stout with . Then he, SaraRules and I shot a few games of pool.

Next was some shopping and an errand or two… and then back home.

City of Heroes: The Hand of Nefer-Tem
I tooled around Paragon City for a couple of hours as part of a pick-up team. We were in our mid-to-upper 30s. We fought The Council, a few members of the Carnival of Shadows and The Freakshow. The XP was good… even though I managed to die a couple of times.

Stray Toasters


Phat lewt!

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Phat lewt!

Tuesday – 25 December 2007
So the big man in the red suit with the magickal reindeer apparently showed up and dropped off goodies and whatnot. This year’s haul included:

There are still other goodies to open (they’re back at my place and there are couple of things that are in transit)… but this has already been great.

What did Sanity Clause bring you?

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

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"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

Monday: Coda
SaraRules and I have spent the evening at her parents’.  Dinner.  Drinks.  Stardust.

Our game plan for the night was to go to Midnight Mass.   But it’s been snowing and the roads are… nominally okay, but neither of us really wants to risk it.   (And, it’s cold outside.)  So, SaraRules and Logan are playing Guitar Hero (II & III, I think) while Meliko and I watch… and I’m nerding.  For the time being.  Then, we’re all calling it a night.

Tomorrow, is Christmas.   (Well, in about 5 minutes, actually…)  May the peace, joy and happiness of the day find you and your loved ones in good health, good spirits and good company.


“All that we can do is just survive. All that we can do, to help ourselves, is stay alive…”

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"All that we can do is just survive.  All that we can do, to help ourselves, is stay alive..."

Monday – 24 December 2007
Yet another reason that I appreciate :

: Are you fully armed, armored and supplied for the coming invasion tonight?
Me: Indeed
: Every year on this night the Zombie King Claus and his legion of undead come down from the north to feed.
Me: The entries are all fortified and braced.
: Or is it Klaus? hmm.

And to all, a good night…

“That’s why I’m easy… I’m easy like Sunday morning…”

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"That's why I'm easy... I'm easy like Sunday morning..."

Sunday – 23 December 2007
It’s Christmas Eve Eve.
I have two, maybe three, things left to pick up and then it’s all done.

Last night’s breakfast gathering was good. Pat and Brent were both there – I haven’t seen Pat in weeks and I haven’t seen Brent in months, so that was an added bonus. There’s been a bit of turnover at Cheers, too. New managers, new servers… even new menus. I gave out/mailed my Christmas cards this week; I gave

So far today, I have spent time running around the Rogue Isles with Perry. I joined his supergroup and then we spent time gathering beacons for the lair’s teleporter room. Three of them were fairly easy to locate. The last two were… arduous; the last one, in particular, cost me some XP debt. But, we got them. (By the way: , when I joined the supergroup, I changed the colors of Dhoruba’s outfit – black jacket, boots and pants, red t-shirt. He still has the mohawk, though. At least… for now.)

Four-Color Coverage
I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks… it’s time to get back on the horse:

  • Green Lantern #25 and Green Lantern Corps #19 – These issues wrapped up the Sinestro Corps War and shed a little – very little – more light on the “Blackest Night” prophecy. It also introduced four other Corps – as we already have seen Green (GLs), Yellow (Sinestro Corps) and Violet (Star Sapphires) – who will apparently be integral to the advent of the prophecy.
  • Justice League of America #15 and #16 – Issue #15 saw the climactic battle between the JLA and the Injustice League, starting with Firestorm taking on the IL… alone.

    Firestorm: I have to admit, this looks pretty bad. I just got out of the hospital, I’m outnumbered, you guys are the frickin’ Legion of Doom… but I do have an ace up my sleeve.
    Killer Frost: Shut up and die.
    Firestorm: In a minute. I’m talking here. I was trying to tell you about my ace. When I first snuck in here, I slipped Batman a ballpoint pen. I was about to turn it into a lockpick, when I noticed Luthor about to cut Superman’s throat.
    Batman: Don’t bother — with a ballpoint pen, I can pick the locks at Fort Knox.
    *begin smackdown*

    Another couple of gems can be found in the fight between Black Canary and Giganta:

    Giganta: Hey, Canary? Nice moves on Shadow Thief. Want to go a few rounds with me?
    Black Canary: You’re a little out of my weight class, Giganta. Although, if you went a little easier on the pastry, you could drop a few pounds. *uses her “Canary Cry,” focused on Giganta’s ears*
    *Giganta falls, unconscious*
    Black Canary: One other thing. If you have to wear a dress in battle? Get some underpants. Or at least learn to sit like a lady.

    …and in Batman’s ‘decision’ that Firestorm join the JLA…

    Black Lightning: Nice work today. If you ever need the League’s help on anything, just ask.
    Batman: I was thinking more along the lines of him joining the team.
    Firestorm: Oh. Uh, I’m honored, of course, but I really don’t have time right now to– *cut off by Batman*
    Batman: That wasn’t an offer, son. It’s the way it’s going to be. You’re too powerful to be out there unsupervised. *walks away*
    Black Lightning: And the Bat-God has spoken.

    Throw in an appearance by Amanda Waller and Task Force X/Suicide Squad and you have a solid issue, chock full of goodies.

    Issue #16 brings a couple of characters from the Tangent Universe into the mainstream DCU. Again. Black Canary, Green Lantern and Red Arrow meet the TU’s Atom. And, as usually happens when heroes meet… there’s a fight.

  • Justice Society of America #11 – The Kingdom Come Superman gets checked out by the JLA and JSA. The Flashes of both teams confirm that the multiverse has returned. And the JSA takes on a new member.
  • The Mighty Avengers #6 – The end of the latest Ultron battle. Ares takes the fight to Ultron… in a rather unexpected manner… just as the Sentry comes unglued (again), and tries to take on Ultron himself. I’d love to tell you one of the great bits of dialogue between Reed Richards and an Avenger, but it would give away part of the battle’s climax. You lose.
  • Superman #671 – This issue begins “The Insect Queen” storyline, featuring Lana Lang. I’m not sure if it’s leading up to what I think it is… but long-time Legion fans will recognize the name. There’s a reference to North Carolina in the book, but it’s a little “off.” (Kudos for the effort, though.) And what happens when your six-year-old Kryptonian foster son gets heartburn? Lois is about to find out.
  • Superman/Batman #44 – During the filming of a Batman-Superman movie, Livewire shows up to hold one of the actors for ransom. Too bad the real World’s Finest team were nearby watching the production. Through an odd series of events, Superman (the real one) winds up getting tagged with a lot of Kryptonite shards, including a bit to the eye. Batman brings his favorite field medic, Alfred, to the Fortress of Solitude to patch Superman up:

    Alfred: You try scraping meteoric shrapnel from alien skin an a meat freezer.
    Batman: Rest easy, Clark. I brought you the steadiest hands I know. He’s pulled worse pieces of worse things out of me many times.
    Alfred: You might want to consider raising the heat from time to time, Master Clark. Possibly stock the pantry with some nibbles. Just because you want for no human comforts doesn’t mean your guests won’t. Oh, and you’ll live, by the by. *packs up his medical kit*
    Superman: Is he… angry with me?
    Batman: It’s just his way. Alfred–
    Alfred: I know you tend to heal faster and with more finality than my usual patient, Master Clark. But, do make an effort not to fire any lasers from that eye for a few days. The cornea took a thrashing.

    And, with that, the two decide to rid Earth of Kryptonite. All of it. Too bad there’s a LOT more of it than they thought.

  • Tales of the Green Lantern Corps – Ion #1 – The passing of the proverbial – and literal – torch. This story sees Kyle Rayner, the GL formerly known as Ion, having a chat with Sodom Yat, the new host to the Ion entity. This issue provided a good look at Sodom Yat’s background as well as giving Kyle a chance to pass on a little bit of “I’ve been where you’re going” knowledge to Sodom. And, we find out what Kyle’s new role in the Corps will be.
  • Wonder Woman #14 and #15 – These are the first issues of Gail Simone’s run on the title. And they are good. Very good. “I wish she’d been writing the book since the reboot” good. In fact, here’s Ms. Simone’s take on “who” and “what” Wonder Woman is:

    The book is about the best goddamned warrior planet Earth has ever known, and she happens to carry a mystical arsenal around just for the hell of it.If a writer can’t make that interesting and fun, they really shouldn’t be writing superheroes.

    There are layers upon layers of the character, and we’ll get to them all. But let’s just make it very clear that Diana is the premiere asskicker in the DCU, period. Batman and Superman have other things that make them special. Diana is the one who occasionally carries an axe if someone gives her lip.

    This is actually in my first issue, but the quote is, “When a giant robot attacks Metropolis, send Superman. An alien attack? Get Green Lantern. When a car is hijacked by an escaped loony, turn on the bat signal, by all means. But if an ARMY shows up on your doorstep, that’s when you call in Wonder Woman.


    Yep. That pretty much sums it up. And she’s right. AND… she’s writing it well. I look forward to reading more issues of this book.

Time to get “…right on to the friction of the day.”


“Fill her up, son… unleaded. I need a full tank of gas where I’m headed.”

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"Fill her up, son... unleaded. I need a full tank of gas where I'm headed."

Saturday – 22 December 2007
Last night’s Clitorati gathering was but good. And there was news: Land is moving. To Ohio. A couple of opportunities came up and he decided to dive in and take a chance. Best of luck to him. And, in a pleasant surprise: got my attention and pointed to another patron in the store. I turned, looked… took a moment to process…. and realized that we knew the person: Ghela, who used to work in the bookstore. She came over and chatted with us for a while; there’s a chance that she may join us occasionally.

Today started – as good Saturdays should – with breakfast, coffee and cartoons. Today’s episode of Legion of Super Heroes was the second part of “The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow,” which I hadn’t seen before. “New” episodes kick grass. The Batman was also a rerun, “The Joining, Part One,” which I had not seen all the way through. Win-Win.

After toonage was done, SaraRules and I did a little more shopping. Which included a trip to the Garden of Sweden. Selah. We also stopped to visit Kate, Perry and the kids. And I got to be the kids’ jungle gym for a bit. It was fun.

On to SaraRules’ parents’ place for dinner and to meet her sister, Melissa, who’s in town for Christmas. Dinner was lasagna (vegetarian) and salad. Post-dinner, we had homemade cookies and watched Corner Gas (1, 2) with a couple of friends of the family.

Stray Toasters

Quote of the Day
From onlyaly, at last night’s Clitorati:

“From wet beaver to hot nuts…”


“My Little Pony…”

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"My Little Pony..."

Friday – 21 December 2007
Another work week draws nigh to a close.

Last night’s storm dumped between four and eight inches of snow in most of the valley. For comparison, take a look at pictures taken yesterday, just before the storm hit, and today. It also made for some long and treacherous commutes last night and this morning: The Utah Highway Patrol had logged over 200 accidents by 10:00 AM. The Council for Better Driving would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists of Rule #1.

I was supposed to go and play dolls HeroClix with Chris last night. After the 4-mile/35-minute commute, I took that option right off the table. Instead, I stayed at home and watched CSI:, Without a Trace and episodes of Coupling with SaraRules. We even had hot chocolate and biscotti (one of her parents’ neighbors made it… and it was GOOD!).

I talked with and Don a little while ago. They are doing well, as are their boys. also related an amusing story:

A short while ago, was reading my blog. Their older son, who is six-years-old, was reading, alongside her. She got to this post… and the “I’m so happy…” picture.

Their son saw the picture and started trying to spell out the word he didn’t know.

And couldn’t understand why Mom – who quickly clicked away from the page – wouldn’t help him sound it out.

The answer came back as: “That’s a word for big people, dear.”

That’s right: I’m corrupting my Godchildren from across the country… using the wondrous power of the Interweb! As I told Don: “That’s what Godparents are for!” (SaraRules, however, disagrees with me on this point.)

Stray Toasters
Maybe later.


“I’m walking into spiderwebs, leave a message and I’ll call you back…”

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"I'm walking into spiderwebs, leave a message and I'll call you back..."

Thursday – 20 December 2007
Last night, SaraRules and I traipsed about town polishing off some more of my (last-minute) Christmas shopping. We were mostly-successful. There are a couple of places I need to check for four things, but I think I’ll be fine. After shopping, we headed to Olive Garden for dinner, which was good. They have removed one of my favorite dishes (Chicken Vino Bianco), so I had to try something a little different. I went with the Tuscan Garlic Chicken… which, aside from the pasta, was very similar to the Chicken Vino Bianco. Win-win. Back home for a few more episodes of Coupling (British version). One word: “Inferno.”

This morning started off overcast, but the sun has put in an appearance… along with some traces of blue sky. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Add to that the fact that I have been able to work out of the SLC office and today is shaping up to be a good NBN Thursday. *nod*

Human of the Day
Co-Humans: and for pointing out the OS X update that fixed the problem of the locking-up keyboard for the BlacBook.

Stray Toasters

  • I picked up the Christmas cards today. They turned out well. Local cards are going to be distributed by hand; cards bound for the coast should go out tonight or tomorning and (God willing and the creek don’t rise) should get to their destinations by Monday.
  • In a related note: I have to hand it to FedEx/Kinkos for doing a nice job with the cards. I’m still not overly enthused by the fact that their site requires the use of Internet Exploder, though.
  • I managed to leave home without my phone this morning.
    I went home at lunch to drop some things off and – in theory – to get my phone.
    I managed to leave home without my phone this afternoon, too.
    (Oddly, I’m not really missing it…)
  • New Justice League: The New Frontier trailer
  • I ran into ‘s mother while running errands at lunch. That was a pleasant surprise.
  • Stan Lee interview
  • During yesterday’s lunchtime run to Dr. Volt’s, I fed my plastic crack addiction. I picked up a couple of boxes of the Origin boosters. In one of the boxes I got Supergirl (veteran), bringing my plastic Legion one figure closer to completion…
  • …and, speaking of ‘Clix, check out the new “Buy It by the Brick” promotional figure.
  • The Giggle Loop
  • The Salt Lake Valley is about to get hit with a pretty big storm. Here are a few office window pics, including a west-facing one to show the grey doom – full of Mother Nature’s frozen mocking laughter – heading our way. (The red glow in the pictures is not nuclear doom. Nor is it a nucular toonami. It is the reflection of the flash on the glass.)
  • Science Tattoos (a Flickr set)

Quote of the Day
This morning, I got a message from Coworker Brett (on the right in this picture), who is in the Washington, D.C. area:

Brett: I thought about you the other day… as I was walking around a mall in Prince George. I thought, “This must be what Rob feels like in Utah Valley Mall.”
Me: And that’s why I don’t go to malls in Utah Valley.

It was a good – and amusing – way to kick off the work day.


“No, his mind is not for rent…”

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"No, his mind is not for rent..."

Wednesday – 19 December 2007
Mid-week and all is well. The clouds over the valley are breaking up… a little. It’s Sushi Wednesday. And it’s new comic book day.

Last night, I had dinner with SaraRules and her family. Before I jetted off to and ‘s for game night, SaraRules handed me a gift. *blink blink* I looked at her and said,”But… it’s not Christmas, yet.” She smiled and told me that it wasn’t a Christmas gift… so open it! And I did. It was a copy of the DVD for Stardust, the first movie we saw together. It doubly surprised me, as I wasn’t aware that the DVD had been released.

On to game night! The game was a little slow – mostly because we, as a group, weren’t exactly sure how to proceed with a couple of things. But, half of us did manage to get our collective recta beat down and handed to us at one point. Not pretty. And, I was reminded that my character was not built to be a fighter. Not by any stretch of the imagination. My spec is more “the face,” the fast-talking social chameleon. So, getting into combat isn’t exactly in my best interests. But, we survived. And lived to adventure another day.

This morning, letting go of the bed was hard to do. So I put it off as long as possible. So far, it’s been a good day. Can’t complain about that.

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