Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

“As the north wind cries… “

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"As the north wind cries... "

Monday – 30 November 2009
“Thirty days has September, April, June and November…”

…and November’s thirty days are hours away from being up. The long weekend has been a good one… and is also hours away from being over. I didn’t really “need” to take today off, but the idea of back-to-back four-day work weeks was appealing, especially as I needed to burn some PTO. Win-Win.

Yesterday, we made it up to Park City for brunch at Cisero’s. As usual, the food was very good… as was the company. After we got back to the valley, SaraRules and I went to visit Kate, Perry and the kids – they were celebrating their second-youngest’s birthday. After that, we headed back over to SaraRules’ parents’ for dinner and football.

Instant Replay: Football

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
17 – 20
The Ravens hosted the Steelers in their first match-up of the season. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as both QB Ben Roethlisberger and SS Troy Polamalu were out for Pitt. On one hand, I was hopeful that the Ravens could capitalize on their absence, but on the other hand, I would have liked to have seen the Steelers play at full-strength.

The Steelers started third-string QB Dennis Dixon… who, prior to this game, had only thrown one pass in an NFL game. Everyone expected him to be cowed at starting in a big rivalry game. He wasn’t. He went out there and showed an amazing amount of poise and ability. The threw a TD and ran for one himself. (Did I mention that this was his second NFL game… ever?!) I’m far from a Steelers fan, but I really enjoyed watching Dixon play. The Steelers would be insane to let this kid get away.

On the other side of the ball, the Steelers were as tenacious as ever. The defense played smart and solid football, not giving the Ravens a lot of opportunities to make big plays. In fact, the game went into overtime when Ravens’ K Billy Cundiff missed a 56 yard field goal that would have put the game away. (The kick was on the mark, but fell about three yards short.)

The game turned when Ravens rookie LB Paul Kruger intercepted a pass and ran it back 26 yards, setting up the game-winning field goal.

All-in-all, it was an excellent game, despite some sloppy play on the Ravens’ part.

Coach Harbaugh, you just beat the Steelers at home! Does that make you happy?

Um, Coach… the saying is “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” not “…look like a total spaz.” That’s okay, I think we all know what you meant.  (But you might want to work on that clapping thing, for future reference.)

Stray Toasters


“Spins a web, any size! Catches thieves just like flies!”

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"Spins a web, any size! Catches thieves just like flies!"

Sunday – 29 November 2009

Friday afternoon, SaraRules and I went shopping. As I mentioned, I had expected most of the early-birds to be back in their respective aeries. That wasn’t the case as of the early afternoon, when we headed over to JoAnn Fabrics. I was amazed at the number of people in line to get fabric cut! If I remember correctly, there were literally about EIGHTY (80) people ahead of us! Unglaublich! Fortunately, SaraRules had the presence of mind to take a number before she started looking for fabric; I’d hate to think how much longer we would have waited had she not done that. And, we also picked up a wreath while we were there. The rest of the day and evening were rather low-key. We went to coffee and – aside from Carilyn (former coworker of mine) – were the only ones there.

SaraRules, Logan and I went to see The Blind Side yesterday. It was good. Very good, in fact. And… I have something of a confession: I’ve never really been a huge Sandra Bullock fan. I don’t mean that I dislike her – I’ve enjoyed her in other films – it’s just that she’s never really done anything that’s made me go, “Wow!” Until this movie. I actually thought,”Whoa… she can pull of depth and range beyond ‘comic actress.'” I enjoyed her portrayal of Leanne Tuohy. And, while I’m not a modern country fan, I have to give Tim McGraw props for both cleaning up nicely and doing a fine job in front of the camera, too. It was definitely “an inspirational sports movie,” but it was quite good in the way it told its story… and the fact that Michael Oher is the Ravens’ Left Tackle didn’t hurt, either.

We came back from the movie and I finished a project that I started Friday afternoon: Cleaning the office. It had been “far too long” since I had any verification that there was actually a floor in there. I set about proving that there was… and I was right! It looks about 300% better in there now.

For my final amazing feat of the day, I decided to do HeroClix mod. Like many people I wasn’t thrilled with the sculpt of the Spider-Man figure that came out in WizKids’ Secret Invasion set: The figure’s proportions weren’t right and it just looked… well… cheap. I had been toying around with some ideas and put them to work:

  • Old and busted:

  • New hotness:

While this wasn’t as much of a mod as either Winter Soldier/Captain America or Sodam Yat, it was as much fun to do as either of the others, including doing a complete repainting of the wall (including a covered-over zombie poster on the back). For a better look at what I did to make a better-looking Wall-Crawler out of Spidey, you can take a look at the before and after shots. I’m rather happy with how he turned out.

Stray Toasters

  • posted a link to Super Emo Super Friends.
    (Consider the whole set as having been added to The Covet List.)
  • Okay. I lied. Only one ‘Toaster, so far.  Maybe I’ll post more later.

And now, brunch at Cisero’s with SaraRules and the family!


The Day After…

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The Day After...

Friday – 27 November 2009
I hope that everyone’s holiday was safe and pleasant. Ours was good and relatively quiet – we had dinner with the in-laws and watched a lot of football. As far as low-key holidays go, it was just about perfect.

After we got home, we decided to watch a movie. I had gotten TRON from Netflix, as I hadn’t seen it before.


I used to play the arcade game that was based on the movie, but that’s about as far as I had gotten. And, since TRON: Legacy is hitting theatres next year, I figured that it was about time I saw the original. It was definitely dated and a bit on the geeky side, but it wasn’t bad; at least, it wasn’t as bad as I feared that it might be. I found the ending a little anti-climactic, but it was an enjoyable movie.

Instant Replay: Football

Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys
7 – 24
The Raiders headed into Texas looking to plunder and pillage the Cowboys in their new home……but the Cowboys weren’t having any of that. At all.

Sorry, SaraRules.

Stray Toasters

Time to find some trouble to get into… or at least find some cool things I can’t live without, now that the masses should have died down a little.


“Over the river and through the woods…”

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"Over the river and through the woods..."

Thursday – 26 November 2009
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


To all of you – even those of you who don’t have a “Thanksgiving Day” – I hope that the day is safe, fun and full of the joy of friends and family. What am I thankful for? I’ve been blessed with more wonderful things than I could count, but among the things I am most thankful for are:

  • A wonderful wife who loves – and puts up with – me
  • A great family
  • My friends
  • My health
  • Having a job when so many others are struggling to either find work or to make ends meet
  • Having a safe place to live
  • Having the means to acquire the things I need, as well as some of the things I just “want”

I’m sure that I could make a list that goes on and on, but suffice it to say: I have many things for which I am thankful today.

Last night, SaraRules and I made a chocolate cream pie for this afternoon’s dessert; this morning, we’re getting ready to make a sweet potato pie. (CORRECTION: SaraRules already did most of the “heavy lifting,” but I got to help with the last few bits.)  In the not-too-distant future, we’ll head over to her parents’ for dinner and football and general “hanging out with the family.” Somewhere in there, we might even watch a movie or two.

Stray Toasters

…and to all a good night!
(Or… um… something along those lines.)


“Revenge is a dish best served cold… and it is very cold in space!”

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"Revenge is a dish best served cold... and it is very cold in space!"

Wednesday – 25 November 2009
Today’s got so much going for it, I don’t think that you could cram anything else into it: It’s the middle of the week, but it’s also “Technical Friday.” It’s Comics and Sushi Wednesday. It’s the first day of Hajj, as well as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. And, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. *whew* I defy you you try packing more into a day that this.

Last night, SaraRules and I watched the NCIS block on CBS and, after a quick excursion to the local Target – where we once again ran into ex-coworker Brooke – I set about finishing up some paperwork for work. Yay.

Stray Toasters

It’s very quiet in the office today. What does that mean? Simply put: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is going on my big monitor in just over a half-hour.  Win!


“Science and technology, the new mythology…”

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"Science and technology, the new mythology..."

Tuesday – 24 November 2009
Last night was a quiet, football-watching night, unlike last week’s Monday night game.

This morning, while cold (24°F, when I left this morning) was clear and bright. On top of that, today is “Technical Thursday;” I’m trying to decide if I want to make it NBN Technical Thursday. I opted not to bring Star Trek to work this morning. Tomorrow, however, there… may…. be a movie (quite possibly The Wrath of Khan) playing on my large monitor.

Instant Replay: Football

Tennessee Titans at Houston Oilers
20 –17
The Titans rolled into the Lone Star State to take on the Texans. (There’s a bad “Clash of the Titans” joke to be made in there somewhere, but I’m not going to pursue it.) Somehow, it had eluded me – until the second quarter – that this match was exactly the same as the Baltimore-Cleveland rivalry: The Titans were the former Houston Oilers… who moved to Tennessee and changed their name; Houston was awarded a new team a few years later.

SaraRules and I weren’t expecting too much out of this game, to be honest. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that it was a solid game, from start to finish.

It was also nice to see how much Titans QB Vince Young has matured as a quarterback. He was calm, collected and, as Stuart Scott would say: “Cool as the other side of the pillow.” He played a very good game, managing the players – and the clock – very well.

Stray Toasters


“Back on the block…”

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"Back on the block..."

Monday – 23 November 2009

Yesterday, the Comcast service tech came to look at – and hopefully fix – our service outage. When I scheduled the appointment, I was told: “…the earliest thing that we have available is 8 AM tomorrow (Sunday).” I agreed to that and set my alarms accordingly. Bright and early at 0800, I got out of my warm and toasty bed and traipsed out to the living room. After verifying that our service was still out, I curled up on the couch to wait for technician. A few minutes later, SaraRules came out to wait with me; after nearly an hour of trying to nap, she headed back to the bedroom – the new sofa doesn’t sleep two terribly comfortably. (Good to know…)

I called Comcast to verify that I hadn’t misunderstood the service call time/date. The IVR noted that my service window was “…between 8 and 12.” Wait. What?! If I was in a “service window,” why didn’t the CSR just say that Saturday morning, rather than “at 8AM.”


Wynn, the technician, showed up a little after 1000. I explained – and showed – the problem to him. He went back outside and checked the box. He came in, asked if anything had changed. Nope. He went back out and came in a couple of minutes later. Lo and behold, signal! I asked what had happened; he told me: Apparently, there was a service call in the next building, for Apartment #11… which is our apartment number. The tech for that call undid our line instead of the appropriate line.

::: braincramp :::

This wouldn’t have been so bad… had this not been the third time that we’ve had this exact same thing happen. Wynn looked a bit bemused, but understanding. He said that he would label the lines – “in a couple of places” – so that it wouldn’t happen again. Amen.

<< Rewind <<
Saturday, after coffee with the guys, Chris and I headed up to Dr. Volt’s. Our reason was two-fold:

  1. We wanted to see what new plastic crack was in store and
  2. We wanted to talk with Dave about running ‘Clix tournaments.

We bought a few singles – and a couple of boxes – and both wound up with some of the pieces we were looking for. Dave also said that he was up for hosting tournaments – as long as he knew “when,” he could make space available. So… with that in mind: Chris and I are running a tournament in just under two weeks! Hopefully, we’ll get some decent interest and will be able to run more tourneys in the future.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing some cleaning, a little errand-running and just hanging out with SaraRules. We also started watching Seven Samurai, which she had seen, but I hadn’t. It’s an excellent bit of film.We got about halfway through it (it’s a three-hour long fare) before calling it a night.

Sunday brought football. (Details below) After the early games, Logan came over – the three of us were going to see The Blind Side. The showing we wanted was sold out. So… we went back home and checked out SaraRules’ Netflix fare: The Strangers. Meh. Could have been (a lot) better:

We had dinner with the in-laws and – as it had started to snow – went home a little early. The late game was lax so, we finished watching Seven Samurai.

Instant Replay: Football

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens
17 –15
The… sorry, The “Indianapolis Professional Football Club”… returned to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

Peyton Manning and company held the Ravens to field goals, but were only able to put up a pair of TDs and a field goal themselves.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Steve Hauschka had been released last week. As I told Julie and Minion #2 this morning: “[He] wasn’t working out.” New Ravens K, Billy Cundiff, kicked six FGs, missing one, for all fifteen of the Ravens’ points.

I was expecting the “IPFC” to come in and completely wreck shop, but the Ravens were able to keep the game close, despite only scoring field goals. It was a loss, but respectable gameplay by the Ravens kept it from hurting… too much.


Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders
17 – 20
We didn’t get to see all of this game – just the last few minutes were broadcast here, but… the Raiders WON. Not only that, but they beat the team to whom the Ravens have already lost twice this season.

Congrats, SaraRules!
Sorry, and .


Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions
37 – 38
The Lions? Really..? Wow.
Sorry, .


Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings
9 – 35
I didn’t see this one, but I’m not surprised.
Congrats, .

Stray Toasters

Quote of the Day: Unintentional Porn Overheard at Work
This morning, a couple of people noted something that smelled like “burning electronics.” If you’ve ever smelled something that’s had a component blow out, you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t smell it, because I’m “slightly” congested, but loonybin88 and Minion #2 also noted that they smelled something. They finally tracked it down to one of Julie’s computers – the fan on the power supply had gone out and the components were overheating.

After they swapped out the PSU – and made sure that things were working properly – they gave Julie her machine back. Shortly after that, she got a call (I assume from someone who had asked about the smell earlier); she responded with the following:

Jason said he smelled something. It was my box.

I was (barely) able to contain any outward expression… until I got into the Build Lab, where I related the story to Minion #2. We both cracked up.


Saturday Quick Hit

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Saturday Quick Hit

Saturday – 21 November 2009
Last night, SaraRules, some of the Clitorati and I went to the Grizzlies hockey game last night.  It was a lot of fun. The Grizz played the Las Vegas Wranglers… and won. In fact, they blanked ’em: 4 – 0.

After the game, we headed home and watched Thursday’s episode of Fringe. It was good. Next, I watched Thursday night’s Late Late Show; Sandra Bullock was one of the guests. The banter between Craig and Sandra was quite amusing.

Then… I went to flip over to live TV. For some reason, the cable box didn’t want to cooperate. Power off. Power on. Nothing. Power off. Power on. Still nothing. Maybe I should check the Internet connection… Nothing there either.

::: grrrr :::

Call Comcast… The customer service center was closed. Okay. Fine. Early evening. Get some sleep and deal with it in the morning.

I woke up this morning and there was still no signal on either the TV or the Internet. So, I dialed up Comcast again. After talking with the CSR, I explained what I was seeing – or not seeing – and he started checking into it:

  • Bill: Paid in full.
  • Outage in the area: No.
  • Signal: There… but he couldn’t get a ping response from my receiver.

* grblsnrkx*

So, he set up a service call. Their earliest available slot: Tomorrow morning. At 0800.  *sigh* So much for sleeping in. Or for FINALLY being able to play City of Heroes today. On the plus side, I’m getting credit for (at least) two days’ worth of a service outage.

I guess this means that today – after coffee with Perry and Chris – is a cleaning day around the house. (Which isn’t really a bad thing.)

Stray Toasters
I’m leaving this for now.  Check back tomorrow.


“Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage…”

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"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage..."

Friday – 20 November 2009
It’s already the 20th. Where does the time go?!

9/80 “on” Friday, but it’s the quiet day in the office, so I can’t really complain. And, tonight, rather than going to coffee, some of the Clitorati are going to a Grizzlies hockey game. That will be a nice change of pace.

Last night, we had Melissa, one of SaraRules’ coworkers (and former schoolmates), over for dinner. SaraRules fixed chicken and dumplings (!) and for dessert, we had the Chocolate Cream Pie that we made Wednesday night. (And the pie was good.)

Instant Replay: Football

Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers
24 –17
The 4-4 Dolphins headed to Charlotte to take on the 4-4 Panthers… and came away with a win.

As I’ve said, I was torn about this game. On one hand, I’ve liked the Fins for nearly 20 years; on the other hand, the Panthers are my #1 NFC team. I was going to be good with a win, either way, but “There can be only one,” as the saying goes.

Stray Toasters


” ‘Cross the rainbow bridge of Asgard…”

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" 'Cross the rainbow bridge of Asgard..."

Thursday – 19 November 2009
I was up FAR too late last night. I got two bricks of Hammer of Thor ‘Clix and – after dinner and errand-running and making a pie and other stuff – I had to open both bricks and see what I got. I almost completed the set; I think that I’m ten or so pieces from complete at this point. In addition to the brick, I also picked up an Organized Play Kit, which basically means that I can run tournaments(!), should I choose to go that route. (I need to check with my local crack comic book shop and see what the owner thinks about it…) But, I’m happy with what I got. Very happy indeed.


Stray Toasters

All of that and it’s NBN Thursday… AND there’s football tonight!


“When there’s trouble, you know who to call…”

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"When there's trouble, you know who to call..."

Wednesday – 18 November 2009
Last night, SaraRules and I attended Play! A Video Game Symphony, as performed by Utah Symphony and the Utah Symphony Chorus.

It was an odd night for a concert, let alone a concert about videogames. Add to that: Two new games – Assassins Creed 2 and  Left 4 Dead 2 – just released yesterday, which meant that most hardcore gamers would be… at home playing games, rather than in the symphony hall listening to music from games. But, I digress. The program included music from:

  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • World of Warcraft and
  • HALO

For an encore piece, the symphony performed d from Final Fantasy VII. All-in-all, it was a fun way to spend the evening and I got to see and , to boot.  Thanks to SaraRules for not only getting us tickets for the event, but also for putting up with a bunch of geekiness for the evening.  Coolest. Wife. Ever.

Stray Toasters


“Superman and Green Lantern ain’t got nothing on me…”

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"Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothing on me..."

Tuesday – 17 November 2009
The new work week begins. Yay.

Yesterday, despite the pager incident, was a good day. I went to Chris’ and played HeroClix. Yesterday’s match-up saw the Chris’ Justice League of America taking on my Justice Society of America (pictures here). He won the game, but I was able to put away a few of his pieces before he left me fielding only one figure.

After the game, I headed home to take care of some straightening up before company came over for…

Instant Replay: Football

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
16 – 0
Ravens 1.0 traveled to Cleveland to take on Ravens -1.0, in a game that was not only an AFC North battle, but also a rivalry match.
Too bad that there wasn’t really a “game,” to speak of.  The first half was very lackluster – neither team scored:

  • Not a field goal (K Steve Hauschka shanked yet another kick wide left)
  • Not a safety.
  • Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Browns’ QB Brady Quinn, who got benched earlier this season after a poor performance against the Ravens, got the start… and suffered from the same lack of ability to get anything going last night.

Granted, the teams’ defenses got a good workout, but neither offense could get their game in gear.

Coach Harbaugh must have gone George Patton on the team at halftime, because both the offense and the defense actually looked like they came to play:

  • Joe Flacco and WR Derrick Mason hooked up for a long pass that set up a TD by RB Ray Rice
  • Seventeen seconds later, SS Dawan Landry pulled down an interception and ran it back 48 yards for a TD
  • Hauschka got it together and put up a field goal.

The Ravens went to 5-4 and are still potentially in the hunt for a wild card berth.

Coach Mangini, your team just took another one on the chin.

How do you feel about that?

I can emapthize with that. Sorry, .

Stray Toasters


“Mandelbrot Set you’re a Rorschach Test on fire, You’re a day-glo pterodactyl…”

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"Mandelbrot Set you’re a Rorschach Test on fire, You’re a day-glo pterodactyl..."

Monday – 16 November 2009
I know that Mondays are, generally speaking, usually the least looked forward to day of the week. They’ve gotten a bum rap over the years, what with the whole “first day of the work week” thing. We’ve all come to expect Mondays to be “blah,” at best.

For some reason, I had actually expected something a little different this morning. I took the day off because… well, I wanted a four-day weekend. And I could. So, I did. I was expecting to sleep in and have a relaxing morning with SaraRules, who was going to work a little late this morning – she had to work over the weekend – so that could only add to the rare and elusive “goodness” of a Monday morning.

Unfortunately, I have the on-call pager for work this week. It decided to chime in at 0800 this morning.


I acknowledged the alert and then set about making phone calls to have someone check the system in question. No answer.


I waited a few minutes and tried again. No answer. I tried calling a different person. No go, Flight.


I sent a warning message to Paul to let him know what was going on and then tried a slightly different tack – checking to see if anyone was in the other office. Both Minion #2 and loonybin88 were there. I explained what was going on to loonybin88 and he took care of the problem…


…which is definitely a good thing, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was up at least an hour before I had planned to be. *sigh*

Yesterday was a good day. It started off with sleeping in, football and homemade coffee cake for breakfast. Next, SaraRules and I assembled the buffet we got at The Garden of Sweden. After that, we headed up to the in-laws’ place for more football and dinner. It was both a relaxing and productive day, all in one.

Today, despite the way it kicked off, has the potential to be a pretty awesome day as well. I’m playing ‘Clix with Chris a little later. (We’ll see how that goes…) This evening, the Ravens take on the Browns on Monday Night Football; we’re having people over to watch it with us. (: Don’t forget the shot glasses!)

Instant Replay: Football
Yesterday was a good day of gridiron action:

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
19 – 28
The Panthers hosted the Falcons and came away with a win.

This will be a short week for the Panthers, as they are featured in this week’s Thursday night game against the Dolphins.


Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
16 – 10
The Chiefs took a trip to the Bay Area… and took away a win, over the Raiders.

Sorry, SaraRules.


Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings
10 – 27
Brett Favre and the Vikings hosted Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions…

…and went to work on ’em. It wasn’t the blow out that many people were expecting, thanks to some miscues on the Vikings’ part, but at the final whistle, Minnesota came away with the win.

Congrats, .


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Miami Dolphins
23 – 25
The Bucs took a road trip down to Miami to take on the Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium. It was apparently a close game, but a Dan Carpenter field goal – with 10 seconds left in the game – gave the Fins the go-ahead score and the win.

The Dolphins travel up I-95 (and I-85) to take on the Panthers on Thursday night.  I’m a little torn about who I want to win that game.


Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers
18 – 12
There aren’t many times – in fact, I can’t really ever think of a time – when you’ll hear me say that I actually want the Steelers to win a game.

This was one of those times.

The Bengals not only won, but they completed a sweep of the Steelers  and are one game away from sweeping the entire AFC North division.

Congrats, and .

Stray Toasters

Off to face the (rest of the) day…!


“It’s the end of the world, as we know it…”

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"It's the end of the world, as we know it..."

Sunday – 15 November 2009
It’s 25°F outside. It makes me very glad to be inside. Yesterday saw the first real accumulation of snow in the valley; it’s not too much – only a couple of inches, maybe – but it’s snow. On the ground.

Yesterday was a long day that was both fun and productive. It started out with breakfast with SaraRules, Chris and Perry and two of his boys. The mealtime conversation was heavily-laden with geekery. (Did I mention that SaraRules is a saint for putting up with us? She is.) After breakfast, we headed home, did a little cleaning and then headed out to see 2012 with , and Aaron. To be fair, the movie wasn’t nearly as atrocious as we had expected. It was even… decent. Seriously:

  • Yes, it was a disaster movie…
  • Yes, some of the acting could have used a boost…
  • Yes, a few of the special effects were a little cheesy…
  • Yes, there were plot holes you could have driven a semi through…

But, it was actually fun. And funny. If nothing else, you have to credit Roland Emmerich with being able to blow things up in spectacular fashion:

In an interview by USA Today, Roland Emmerich has stated that this will be his final disaster film: “I said to myself that I’ll do one more disaster movie, but it has to end all disaster movies. So I packed everything in.”

And he did. But, it wasn’t an unwatchable film:

After the movie, SaraRules, and I went to The Garden of Sweden, where we (finally) picked up the couch we’ve been looking at/talking about for the past… year or so. We also picked up a buffet, in which our new china will be stored. We managed to pack the new couch into the apartment and load the old one onto ‘s truck and took it to SaraRules’ parents.

After that, I headed over to Chris and Mary’s to play in Chris’ Dark Heresy game… for the first time in over a year. My character has been bumped up a few levels and can actually do things now. It was a fun change of pace; I’ll have to decide if it’s something I’d like to do on a regular basis. Again.

Stray Toasters


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Friday – 13 November 2009
That’s right… it’s Friday the 13th.

May your Friday the 13th be filled with naive, horny, pot-smoking teenagers and not a machete-wielding mass murderer

9/80 Friday off.  Amen. I’ve been deliciously lazy today. And, to be perfectly honest: I’m good with that. It seems like a good way to kick off a four-day weekend. Today should continue to be (mostly) lax. There’s Clitorati tonight, which is always something to look forward to. Tomorrow, SaraRules and a few of the usual suspects are going to see 2012; we’re not expecting a “great” movie, we’re just going for the mass destruction!

Stray Toasters

Off to get into some trouble…