Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure

9/80 Friday… so… what now?

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9/80 Friday... so... what now?

Friday – 30 September 2011
It’s my first 9/80 Friday off since the girls were born. They were nice enough to let me sleep until 9:30 this morning. I thought it was pretty generous of them. They even slept pretty well through the night, clocking about 2.5 to 3 hours between feedings.

And they are pretty damned cute… and getting more so by the day.

Today, we had Family Adventure Time (which pretty much translates to: “We got out of the house for a little bit”). We stopped to return lj user=”melodywise” ‘s baking dish, hit RubySnap (COOKIES!!!) and The Train Shoppe, as well as Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection and the Chow Truck. The girls were sacked out in their car seats for most of the outing. But, for SaraRules! and me, it was nice to be out for a while.

Stray Toasters


“The trick is to keep breathing…”

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"The trick is to keep breathing..."

Wednesday – 28 September 2011
Midweek… and it’s a short work week, to boot! And, it’s new comics day. And, it’s HeroClix: Superman release day. Today is also Rosh Hashanah. That’s a lot of “Win” in one package, if you ask me.

Work has been good; learning the new phone system has been a little challenging, but in a good way. There’s just been A LOT of information thrown at me over the past few days.

On the home front, the girls are doing well and are still quite adorable:

The girls with Mommy:

Vanessa with Daddy:

Diana with Mommy:

They’ve been “a little” fussy over the past couple of days, but (thankfully) have been sleeping fairly well at night. And they’re getting big: At their pediatrician appointment last Friday, they were both 7.5 lbs. I’d wager that they are close to – if not a little above – eight (8) lbs., each, at this point.

Stray Toasters

All that AND we get to hang with Nyx and Ms. this evening…?! This day is truly full of good things.


“I don’t need no one to tell me about Heaven…”

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Sunday – 25 September 2011
On Friday night, SaraRules! and I did something that we haven’t been able to do in almost three weeks: Sit down, have dinner and watch a full hour of a TV program. It was a very nice slice of “Life will be like this again, someday.” That said, I wouldn’t give up parenthood – sleepless nights and all – for anything.

I slept in yesterday morning. It was both lovely and necessary, as I didn’t get a lot of sleep Thursday night and Friday night’s sleep was somewhat disrupted by making sure that a stuffed-up little girl could get comfortable and get some sleep herself. So, sleeping until 10:00 was a lovely thing. In the afternoon, we took the girls on their first trips to The Garden of Sweden and In-N-Out Burger. They handled it with their usual aplomb.

Two-and-a-half weeks. Wow.  And, how would I sum up my feelings about the twins? Probably a little like this:

Yeah, like that.

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“Look in my eyes, what do you see…?”

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"Look in my eyes, what do you see...?"

Friday – 23 September 2011
Last day of the work week. Amen.

Last night was long. It came and went with little sleep: Both of the girls’ congestion kicked into high gear and made it difficult and fitful for them to sleep. Thus, SaraRules! and I got to sit up with them – literally – and try to coax them into visiting The Dreaming. Fortunately, there is a 32-ounce frozen mocha (with a triple-shot of espresso) sitting nearby.

Groove. Boogie. Sway.
Here’s a little something to get your Friday moving…

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22 September 2011
This NBN Thursday finds me, to quote Roy Rogers and/or Aerosmith, “back in the saddle (again).”

It’s been a good two weeks away with SaraRules! and the girls, but it’s nice to be back. Well, as nice as it ever is to go to work. Getting up and out the door was a little difficult as the little ladies didn’t sleep well last night. At least there was coffee.

Stray Toasters

  • I finally broke down and joined Twitter. Oddly, the two things that pushed me over the edge were:
  1. WizKids Games posted previews of upcoming ‘Clix figures there
  2. Minor dissatisfaction with Facebook’s continuing “It ain’t broke, but we’re fixing it!” policy.


120 Minutes

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120 Minutes

Tuesday – 20 September 2011
120 minutes.  Two hours. 7,200 seconds. It both “does” and “doesn’t” seem like a lot of time. When you’re rushing to get that last-minute assignment complete, it’s too little time. When it’s a movie – that’s been done well and is entertaining – it’s just enough.

When you’re trying to compress all of the things on your “to do” list into 120 minute increments, it seems far too fleet.

But, it’s totally worth it.

The girls are now just shy of two-weeks-old. “Schedule” is still not part of their vocabulary. And that’s fine. We’ve started trying to get them used to the concepts of day (bright and somewhat noisy) and night (darker/low-light and much more quiet), in the hopes that we get them adjusted to the idea that being awake during the day is good and sleeping at night – and letting Mom and Dad sleep a little, too – is a “good” thing.  We’ll see how this goes.

They are still very cute – awake and/or asleep:

Last week, when my mother was in town

Last week, with SaraRules!’ Parents…

Modeling their Wonder Woman and Flash onesies that SaraRules! made…

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks in some respects, but it’s also been fun getting to know the newest members of the family.

Stray Toasters


“Big old jet airliner…”

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"Big old jet airliner..."

Tuesday – 13 September 2011
Day 6 and all is well. After the girls’ midnight-ish feeding, all four of us settled in for some sleep. It lasted for an hour-and-a-half and it was great. After that, the girls were up every couple of hours, but went pretty much right back to sleep. I think that we – SaraRules! and I – got around five hours of sleep out of the deal, between midnight and 8AM.

Last night, Dave and Angy stopped by, to give us a bit adult hang-out time. And, you know… to see the girls.

It was good. There may have even been a little Monday Night Football-watching involved, too.  Just sayin’.

And today, my mother’s flying in to meet the girls. In fact, I should probably stop writing and get ready to head to the airport.



While I have a quiet moment or two…

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While I have a quiet moment or two...

Monday – 12 September 2011
The last five days have been something of a rollercoaster… but it’s been a great ride. “Schedule” is not a word in the girls’ vocabulary. (Okay, I’ll be honest: They don’t really have a vocabulary yet, but you get the gist.) We came home on Friday… which was funny because for a while I wasn’t sure what day it was. Time took on its own shape and form. Saturday and Sunday were a bit blurry/hazy, in getting adjusted to having the girls around. Between naps and diaper changes and feedings (we’re supplementing with formula for a bit), I was able to catch a little bit of the Steelers-Ravens game yesterday.

I’d like to give a hearty “Thank you” to everyone who has sent well-wishes and congratulations to the new additions to the family. Your support has been great and very welcome — we are very blessed and fortunate to have such good family and friends.

And, an extra special tip of the hat and wave of the cane to SaraRules!’ parents for coming over a couple of times this weekend to give us a little boost.

Twins. Wow.

Stray Toasters
Just a couple of amusing things I’ve seen in the past few days, when I’ve had a moment to peruse the interwebs…

Okay, that’s it for now.


September 11th: Ten Years Later

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September 11th: Ten Years Later

Sunday – 11 September 2011
It has been ten years since the attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

For my thoughts on the matter, I again refer to these posts.

Remeber the past.
Cherish the present
Look with hope to the Future.


“Thank Heaven for little girls…”

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"Thank Heaven for little girls..."

Thursday – 08 September 2011
It’s official: We are parents.

After nearly 18 hours of not being in active labor and only six (6) hours of active labor, Sara gave birth to the twins. We are the proud parents of baby girls: Diana Kelly and Vanessa Tamar:

  • Diana was born at 11:42 PM on Wednesday, 07 September 2011

  • Vanessa was born at 12:12 AM on Thursday, 08 September 2011

That’s right: We have twins… with different birthdays. Beat that. 🙂

Sara and the girls are all doing well… if just a little tired.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support.

Rob, Sara, Diana and Vanessa


“We should have brought Trivial Pursuit.”

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"We should have brought Trivial Pursuit."

Wednesday – 07 September 2011
We’re at the hospital. Yeah, I know… big surprise there. We arrived later than we had originally anticipated, as there were a limited number of labor and delivery rooms available and the women in them ahead of us hadn’t gone into labor and/or given birth. So, rather than getting here around 8 PM, we were told to wait until 10:30 PM.

We got to the hospital and checked in with no problems. Our nurses – Traci and Polly – have been fantastic. We’ve also had a chance to meet with the anesthesiologist and discuss our options. Our doctor came in this morning, around 8 AM and gave Sara a once-over to see how things were progressing.

At this point, Sara’s been given pitocin and her bag of waters has been broken… but her contractions haven’t been strong, so we’re still waiting. And, that’s where the title from this post came from. Around 9:00 AM, we realized that while we brought movies and books, we neglected to bring Trivial Pursuit. Or Scrabble. Or even Chutes and Ladders. Oh, well. Otherwise, there’s no other real news on the “arrival of babies” front.

We would like to thank everyone for their well-wishes. We would also like to note that we will NOT be taking visitors at the hospital. Once we and the kids are settled, we will be receiving visitors at home. Details of when we will start seeing visitors to follow. Thank you for your understanding and support.


T-minus zero.

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T-minus zero.

Tuesday – 06 September 2011
Today’s the day: SaraRules! is getting induced this evening. Sometime within the next… let’s say 24-36 hours, for the sake of argument… we’ll be parents. To twins. Wow. I’ve been getting lots of “Are you nervous” inquiries from family, friends and coworkers. The simple answer has been “Not yet,” with the expectation that I most likely will be nervous/anxious when we get to the hospital.

This past weekend was good. Nothing like a solid four-day weekend to help you get ready for – or at least (somewhat) relaxed before – having kids. As much as anything can get you “ready” for having kids. But…

  • …bags have been packed
  • …bassinets have been moved
  • …car seats have been installed

…among other details. So, we’re about as ready as we’re going to get.

Stray Toasters


“Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do…”

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"Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do..."

Thursday – 01 September 2011
A new month kicks off on a No Bad News Technical Friday. Not only that, but it’s a four-day weekend. (Of course, it could turn into a up to a 17-day weekend, if SaraRules! goes into labor today or tonight…)

Last night, SaraRules! and I were visited by Utah Opera Resident Artist John Buffett, whom we haven’t seen since last season. He told us about his summer season and some of the things that he’s looking forward to for the upcoming season.

Then, I got to go back to work for an after-hours network change. YAY! We’d figured on a roughly hour-long job. It took just over two. But, the bottom line is: We got it done.

I got back home and treated myself to an ice cream sandwich. John and I were going to play HALO: Reach with UO’s Artistic Director, Christopher McBeth, but there were… technical difficulties… that prevented us from doing so. Instead, we – along with SaraRules! – hung out and watched last week’s Burn Notice.  All-in-all, not a bad way to wind up an evening.

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