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And then, it was Friday…

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And then, it was Friday...

Friday – 27 July 2012
It’s almost the weekend once more!

That’s right: High-five to everyone for the weekend! You made it through the week; you’ve earned one.

Stray Toasters

Have a great weekend!


“The Camera Eye”

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"The Camera Eye"

Thursday – 26 July 2012
It’s another NBN Thursday in the valley.

Were she alive, my maternal great-grandmother would have been 112 today.

Last night, Sara! and I watched In Time for Movie Date Night:

To be honest, it wasn’t bad. It reminded me quite a bit of Logan’s Run, but had enough of a twist to make – and keep – it interesting. I was also quite surprised to see [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] in the movie, too.

Chew on This: Food for Thought – Adventures in Parenting
As a parent, I’m always happy when Diana and Vanessa hit developmental milestones. One such achievement happened a few months back when the girls figured out how to roll from their backs to their stomachs. Sara! and I were delighted at this… um… “turn of events.” However, as the girls started making other advancements, we seemed to forget about the rolling over. Until recently. The girls have taken it upon themselves to remind us just how big a deal that barrel rolls are…

…when we are changing their diapers.

Vanessa is especially adept at this. Just as you get the loaded diaper open and bear witness the havok within, she decides that it’s time to roll  to her left. This usually results in a lot of under-the-breath expletives. And the thought processes – and physical gymnastics – of “How do I keep this from getting on everything?!”

So far, nothing has gotten to the point where we’ve had to call in Damage Control or Utah Disaster Kleen-up, but there have been a couple of instances where it’s taken both of us to get from dirty diaper to a clean one.

But, they’re still cute kids and I wouldn’t trade the experience/adventure for anything.

Reading time is still reading time… even if your book is upside-down.

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Quick Hit: Stuff and Things

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Quick Hit: Stuff and Things

Wednesday – 18 July 2012
It’s midweek, which means that it must be “New Comics Day,” as well as “Movie Date Night.” Win-Win.

It’s apparently also been a week since I posted here. (Although, I did do a quick post on Four-Color Coverage last Friday…)

This post is really just a quick hit of a couple of highlights from the past week. So…

  1. Sara!, Team DiVa, and I participated in the 2012 “Run Through the Lavender” 5k on Saturday:
    Sara and Diana (pre-race)

    Vanessa and me (pre-race)Post-race

    And, yes, we did make mini-race bibs for the girls this time. (It may become a new tradition.) Considering that Sara! did the race last year when she was seven-months pregnant, our overall paces were faster than our 2011 times. We still walked the course, but beat my time by almost 15 minutes… even with a co-runner -walker strapped to my chest.)

  2. My favorite picture from the weekend:

    Diana, mugging for the camera…

  3. We have confirmation that three-of-six grandparents will be here for the girls’ first birthday!
  4. The girls are starting to let go of things after they stand. We’ve seen them stand, unsupported, for upwards of ten seconds. I fear that walking isn’t too far away…
  5. There has been a good deal of progress made in the train room. Drywall is up, and it’s been taped and mudded. We need to go over things with topping compound and then it’s on to painting!

I’m Ivory Soap-sure that there was at least one other thing that I wanted to mention, but it eludes me. So… I’ll wrap up here.


In the middle…

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In the middle...

Wednesday – 11 July 2012
It’s 7/11…

…which means that it’s Slurpee Day at your local 7-Eleven.
…which means free mini-Slurpees at your local 7-Eleven.
…which means… Oh, Hell.  If I have to spell it out for you, then what’s the point!?

It’s also new comics – and new ‘Clix – day.

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, it’s Movie Date Night, too.

Triple score!

Stray Toasters


“There and Back Again” (…or something to that effect)

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"There and Back Again" (...or something to that effect)

Monday – 09 July 2012
And, we’re back.

Thursday night, we packed up Team DiVa and drove to Idaho. This marked the girls’ third road trip in three-and-a-half months. We went for a memorial service for Sara!’s grandfather.

We also unlocked a few achievements on the trip:

  1. Achievement Unlocked: #TeamDiVa‘s First National Park/Monument +10 Points
  2. Achievement Unlocked: #TeamDiVa‘s First Trip to Redfish Lake
  3. Achievement Unlocked: Add “Idaho” to the “States I’ve Bowled In” list. +10 points

All-in-all, it was a good trip… a little tiring, due to its whirlwind nature, but good.  And the girls traveled well, once again.

I will most likely post more pictures of the weekend later.  But for now…

…on to the week!


“Red, white, and blue fireworks, like diamonds in the sky.”

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"Red, white, and blue fireworks, like diamonds in the sky."

Wednesday – 04 July 2012
It’s Independence Day in America.


But, rather:

I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.  And, also take time to remember that there’s more to the day than just fireworks and sales.