Adventures in Parenting

Tuesday – 15 April 2014
I’ve been properly horrible about keeping up with blogging of late. Life and whatnot. Okay, well, now that that’s out of the way…

It’s Team DiVa Tuesday.

photo 5

Drawing with chalk

photo 1

Vanessa, enjoying bacon dipped in powdered sugar…

photo 2

Diana, enjoying bacon dipped in powdered sugar…

photo 3

Helping Mom carry groceries…

photo 4


Also, I think that my daughter is Houdini.

More accurately: I think that Diana may possess the reincarnated spirit of Harry Houdini.

Last night, Sara! and I were watching TV when we heard a wail over the girls’ monitor. We waited a couple of moments to see if it was an actual call for help or just a passing, “Hey, I’m just turning over” kind of thing. Then came another. So, upstairs I went.

I opened the door to the girls’ room – we close it when we put them to bed to contain the mayhem in the hopes that they will actually go to sleep – and waited to see if I could tell which of the girls was in distress. I didn’t turn on a light, so as not to wake the other girl needlessly. I took a moment to listen. Vanessa was snoring. Not her. So, I went over to Diana’s bed.

She wasn’t in it…

Let’s not panic.
There has to be a logical explanation.
Check the foot of her bed; she sometimes scrunches down to the foot of the bed.

No go, Flight.

I was at a loss. Literally. Closed room. Only one kid. She didn’t run out past me. So where in the Nine Hells did she go?!

I did the only thing that I could think of: I called Sara upstairs to help me figure out where Diana went. I gave her the quick rundown. And then I turned the girls floor lamp on low.

That’s when we found her: She had climbed up on the changing table… and fallen asleep.

No, that’s not completely accurate: She climbed up on the changing table, pulled off her diaper1, and fallen asleep.

After we stopped laughing, Sara changed Diana, while I disposed of the apparently offensive diaper. We got the lass back into bed – into which she settled down quickly – and left.

Mischief managed.


1 – The girls are potty-training (and doing very well at it), but we still put them in night diapers.