Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure


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Saturday – 28 June 2014
Just testing out a new cross-posting plugin.

Sara!, the girls, and I have a 5k in the morning… in a few hours. I really should be in bed. More to the point, I should have been in bed at least half-an-hour ago. And, it’s not like this isn’t going to be a long day:

  • Young Living Farms’ Run Through The Lavender 5k at 7:00 AM. This will be our fifth year (!) doing this event. It will also be our slowest time, as the girls will be walking with us, rather than being pushed in a stroller or carried.
  • War Of Light (Month 1) HeroClix Tournament at noon. I get to play in this one, rather than judging it.
  • A friend’s daughter’s birthday party.
  • Another friend’s cook-out.

I’d be amazed if I’m even nominally coherent by the time the girls go to bed. I wouldn’t be surprised if my field of vision was reduced to this:

Not surprised at all. *shrug* I might just go to bed at the same time they do.

Okay, bed.


“Ponies don’t have hands.”

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"Ponies don't have hands."

Wednesday – 25 June 2014
Totally missed “Team DiVa Tuesday” (again) yesterday. Hopefully, this will make up for it:

Hanging out at Wheeler Historic Farm

Hanging out at Wheeler Historic Farm

On the tiger statue at Hogle Zoo

On the tiger statue at Hogle Zoo

On the elephant statue at Hogle Zoo

On the elephant statue at Hogle Zoo

Oh, and John V. might want to stop reading now…

Is he gone?  Okay.

The girls have taken a pretty strong liking to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, since being introduced to it about a month ago. Last night was Vanessa’s night to choose what they watched before bedtime and she chose…. dun dun DUNNNNN…. MLP. No problem.

I found the first season on Netflix and fired up the first episode. (Why not start at the beginning, after all?) This episode introduces the main ponies and how they met. That’s pretty good for a first episode.

During the scene where Twilight Sparkle meets Applejack – yes, I actually have gotten to know the ponies’ names. I’ll just chalk this up to what my mother calls being a “Commendable Daddy.” –  Applejack takes Twilight’s hoof and starts shaking it, vigorously. Diana, at this point, looked up and rather nonchalantly noted: “Ponies don’t have hands,” and then continued to watch the rest of the episode.

Sara and I just kind of stared at each other, with a “Did she really just say that…?!” expression on our faces.

Proud parents. 🙂


Time and time again…

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Time and time again...

Monday – 23 June 2014
I was a fairly faithful fan of Quantum Leap back in the day. I’ll still kick back and watch an episode or two, should I see it in the cable guide.

I was also a fan of Doctor Who in the ’80s. You know, before it  really became “okay” to like it… some twenty years later. I grew up with Tom Baker’s Doctor and stopped watching (mainly because NC Public Television decided to play fast and loose with its schedule) around the Peter Davison era. Oh, and because of computers and video games, but that’s a tangent for another time. I got back into Doctor Who a couple of years ago, during Matt Smith’s tenure. Since then, I’ve gone back and watched all of the episodes from Malekith Christopher Eccleston’s debut through the introduction of Peter Capaldi. “Kidneys!”

With that said, I just had a question pop into my head: Could The Doctor have saved Dr. Sam Beckett?

The last episode of Quantum Leap ended with the statement: “Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home.” It’s pretty obvious that Sam is/was not a “fixed point in time…” or could it be argued that his first leap is/was a fixed point?