"There and Back Again" (...or something to that effect)

Monday – 09 July 2012
And, we’re back.

Thursday night, we packed up Team DiVa and drove to Idaho. This marked the girls’ third road trip in three-and-a-half months. We went for a memorial service for Sara!’s grandfather.

We also unlocked a few achievements on the trip:

  1. Achievement Unlocked: #TeamDiVa‘s First National Park/Monument +10 Points
  2. Achievement Unlocked: #TeamDiVa‘s First Trip to Redfish Lake
  3. Achievement Unlocked: Add “Idaho” to the “States I’ve Bowled In” list. +10 points

All-in-all, it was a good trip… a little tiring, due to its whirlwind nature, but good.  And the girls traveled well, once again.

I will most likely post more pictures of the weekend later.  But for now…

…on to the week!