Happy Easter!

31 March 2013 – Sunday
Today is Easter.



I hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday.

This morning, Sara!, Team DiVa and I got up, dressed – which was a minor event, thanks to Team DiVa not wanting to put on their dresses – and headed to Mass. (Which started out as something of an event, too, when Vanessa decided that church was not where she wanted to be.)

Fortunately, she’s not one of the primary decision-makers in the family, so we stayed.

Fortunately (for her), she also discovered the “Better Mood” setting and chose to employ it…

…of course, this doesn’t mean that she and Diana didn’t climb on and play with as much as possible during Mass, but we were able to attend. I even remember at least half of the homily. I consider those both to be in the “Win” category.

On the way home, we stopped to say “Hello” and “Happy Easter” to Bonne and Steve.

Back at home, we managed to get a few pictures of the girls…


Vanessa (l) and Diana


We like books!

…before changing them for naps and lunchtime.

We also let them pick through the Easter basket:


Hey! These eggs have stuff in them!!!

Sara!, in her infinite wisdom, made some good suggestions with respect to this year’s basket:

  1. We should get a basket that could be repurposed as a centerpiece setting or some other decorative piece after Easter.
  2. We should consider a “family” basket, rather than two (or four) baskets.
  3. The girls, who have more than “enough” of them, don’t really need any more stuffed animals/toys.

So, I followed Suggestions 1 and 2. As far as Suggestion 3 went, I was of the mind that they should still have some eggs – and something in them for Easter.  Since the girls are fond of playing with some of my old HeroClix figures, it made it easy to decide what to put in the eggs. (Yeah, avoided the candy option for another year. Win!)

After their naps, we decided to try and have a mini-Easter Egg Hunt. We hid six eggs around the living room and told the girls to go look for them. Instead, they went into the dining room — that was where they left the Easter basket and the eggs from this morning. Once we pointed them in the right direction, they were on the hunt. They each found three eggs. (Funny how that worked out.)

And that’s been pretty much how our Easter has been.