"It's not how fast you can go, the force goes into the flow..."

Sunday – 10 July 2011
This has been a good weekend. It’s also been rather productive, as well.

Yesterday morning, SaraRules! and I woke up at ridiculous o’clock to meet up with Angy and and head south to Mona.

Our destination: Young Living Lavender Farm

Our reason: The 2011 Lavender 5K Race.

This was the second year that SaraRules! and I have done the race… and this time, she was doing it while seven months pregnant…


…so, as expected, our times were a little slower than last year. But, we finished:

Name   Bib No   Chip Time   Gun Time       Pace
Sara    473     1:08:15.5   1:09:21.6     21:57/M
Angy     44     1:08:16.1   1:09:21.1     21:57/M
Robert  462     1:08:16.5   1:09:21.4     21:57/M

While we were taking it slow, forged ahead with a “slightly” faster pace:

Dave   147     31:59.1     32:18.0     10:17/M

Yeah, “slightly” faster. All told, it was a fun way to kick off the day – if WAAAAY earlier than normal. We came home and had some downtime before doing work around the house. And we wound up the evening with Resident Evil. Mmm, pre-bed zombies.

Friday, I managed to drag myself out of the house and get to the gym. I got in a decent workout:

  • Elliptical: 15 minutes, ~5.7 MPH
  • Bench Press: 3 sets/8 reps, 155 lbs
  • Sit-ups (incline): 3 sets/15 reps
  • Curls (dumbells, seated): 3 sets/10 reps, 25 lbs
  • Shoulder Press (dumbbells, seated): 3 sets/10 reps, 35 lbs
  • Tricep Press: 3 sets/15 reps, 50 lbs

…and my stomach is still feeling those sit-ups.

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