It's not "rainy," "blue" or "manic," but it is Monday.

Monday – 05 December 2011
Another work week sets upon us. And the day has been fairly busy, so far. I guess that’s a good thing. “Idle hands…” and whatnot.

The weekend was good. And, as weekends tend to be, too short. Highlights of the weekend included:

  • Spending time with the girls, while SaraRules! went to her quilt club.
  • Getting to judge a ‘Clix tourney for Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection.
  • Sunday morning breakfast at Millcreek Cafe with SaraRules! and the girls
    • Added bonus: Christy, one of our former Pin-up Girl Espresso baristas, was there!
  • A trip to The Garden of Sweden.
  • The Ravens won.

All those – and a few other – things combined for a good weekend.

Another thing from the weekend: Sunday was National Cookie Day. As readers may (or may not) have noticed, I’ve become “something” of a fan of RubySnap cookies. They’re pretty amazing cookies. ‘Nuff said. SaraRules! took the girls there on Saturday and picked up a couple of this month’s cookie, Noelle: a sweet potato maple with milk chocolate & pecans, topped with a dallop of maple cream and a pecan half.


SaraRules! and I both agreed: It was a seriously fantastic cookie. If you haven’t tried RubySnap cookies, I’m strongly suggesting – pretty much near insisting – that you do yourself a favor and stop in. Get a Noelle and see for yourself. You can thank me later.

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