Saturday night's alright for... um... other things than "fighting," too.

Saturday – 12 April 2008
Today has been a lazy day, for the most part. Sleeping in. Breakfast. Reading the best Batman stories… that aren’t Batman stories: Confession, an Astro City trade paperback.

The stories were told from the perspective of Brian Kinney, a small-town boy who sought something more out of life than his hometown could give him. The story starts with him hopping a bus to Astro City… and the adventure takes off from there.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book also contained “The Nearness of You,” possibly my favorite Astro City story. I have a 1/2 issue with this story in it, but to find it collected in this TPB was a great bonus.

Later in the day, SaraRules and I popped out for an ice cream cone at the local DQ. After that, I hit the driving range with Lish. The range had a ton of gophers down near the distance markers. You’d see them exit their holes, run a few feet or yards and then… disappear into another hole. While I didn’t have many excellent drives, I did manage to hit the ball retrieval cart once. Post-driving range, Lish and I played on the XBox for a bit.

Stray Toasters

  • I discovered that access to a number of sites is being blocked, either by the local ISP (doubtful) or the management at SaraRules’ complex. Not adult sites. Nor anything controversial. I can’t find rhyme or reason to explain why these sites are blocked. (And I still don’t have access to CoX from here. Good thing I brought my XBox.)
  • Last night, I asked what did the item in this picture remind people of:
  • All answers agreed: A bat’leth.

  • By way of :
  • Thanks to for a link to Superman as a Scion.
  • Will DC lose Superman?

Tonight’s fare: Ballroom Dance concert… maybe. We shall see.