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Okay, who broke the weather…?

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Okay, who broke the weather...?

Wednesday – 01 May 2013
New comics day… although I actually picked up my things a little early.
Movie Date Night.

And then, there’s this…


This is what The Weather Channel app showed this morning when I was getting ready for work.



Note today’s forecast: 55. “Plenty of sunshine. 0% Humidity.”



So, why was there snow on the lawn this morning?!

If I’d been a little quicker on the draw this morning, I’d have gotten a picture of it snowing. Big, white, fluffy flakes of Mother Nature’s frozen mocking laughter.

Oh, well.


This is only a test…

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Testing out MacJournal to see if I want to use it as an entry medium for WordPress.

Nothing to see here, Citizen.
Move along, please.