Team DiVa Tuesday - 23 July 2013

Tuesday – 23 July 2013
Here we go again…

Last night, Sara! told me that Diana took some of her Mega Blox, put them together, hoisted them into the air and said, “Kite!” (Of course she knows what a kite is, she’s my daughter after all.) Following this, she took four blocks, stacked them and did he same thing, but this time, she said, “Rocket ship!” That’s my kid.


Vanessa (l), Diana

photo 1

This happened the other night, during dinner. Completely unsolicited. Completely adorable.

The girls, being “somewhat” inquisitive lasses, like to push buttons and to turn lights off and on. Last week, I decided to test a theory. I built the circuit below – the first circuit that I’ve built in many years:


Three LEDs, connected to three buttons. Press a button and the corresponding light glows. I figured that I’d see how they liked it. Apparently, they like it quite a bit. They play with it whenever they’re downstairs watching Team Umizoomi.

Over the past couple of weeks, the girls’ preferred bedtime song has been “The Monkey Song,” from Animaniacs.

It’s become the new nightly ritual; they will ask for it before heading to their cribs for “Quiet Crib Time.”

And that’s all for now.