…is not “Folgers in your cup,” no matter what the commercials say.

Yesterday, I sent an email to my uncle and my friend, Bret – both of whom are Pittsburgh Steelers fans. The email:

I didn’t watch any games today since it was Baltimore’s bye week.

So, imagine my surprise when I turn on SportsCenter last night and
see that a certain Steeltown team dropped a game… to the Browns!


At this rate, my boys can just sit back and relax this season… and let your team give us the division title.

I got a simple response from my uncle yesterday afternoon:

thanks for the update….

the Steel Curtain is a little rusty…
but we will MAKE THE PLAYOFFS……I’m NOT WORRIED YET!!!!!!!!
well maybe a little….
next Sunday is our debut for the second half of the season….

Simple. Direct. Typical response from my uncle.

I got Bret’s response this morning:

forget you punk