"Who wants to live forever?"

I just discovered that I have a cover of this song, done by Sarah Brightman, in my collection of mp3s. Therefore, it’s time for another round of “The Best.”

The Best: Who Wants to Live Forever?
Queen vs. Sarah Brightman

  • Queen: Their version is a bit… rough… and sounds almost plaintive, at points. And, as seen in Highlander, it evokes images of a man who realizes that he is going to outlive everything and everyone he loves.

    Sarah Brightman: Her rendition sounds somewhat… ethereal. It sounds less like a love song than… I don’t know… an angel speaking to her charge and trying to make him or her realize that their infatuation with a short-lived mortal is futile. It sounds more “Accept this as a matter of fact” than “I understand that your heart is breaking.”

    Winner: Queen

  • Queen: Brian May’s guitar, cutting across the orchestration (3:18)
    Sarah Brightman: Trumpet fanfare (3:10)

    Winner: Queen

  • Queen: Not the most attractive bunch of blokes.
    Sarah Brightman: Much easier on the eyes.

    Winner: Sarah Brightman

In all seriousness, the Sarah Brightman version is a good song, on its own merits, but for me, it doesn’t stand up against the Queen version.

Winner: Queen