"Who's that girl...?"

Sunday – 16 March 2008
Today was a “sleep in and have a leisurely morning” kind of day. That was fine with me. When we did get up, SaraRules cooked breakfast and then we set about getting ready for our afternoon outing:

Cinderella (La Cenerentola), by Rossini

That’s right, kids: Opera. The production was a more traditional version of the Cinderella story; it was definitely not Disney – no glass slipper, no wicked stepmother and no singing/dancing animals.

There was a prince.
There were courtiers.
There was the prince’s teacher – who brought just a touch of magic to the affair.
(In fact, when we learned who he was, he reminded me of Punjab, from Annie.)

The production was a lot of fun.

During the intermission, I ran into a couple of people with/for whom I worked when I was a USPS employee: Mike and Dayna C. It was a pleasant surprise, as they were two of a very small number of managers for whom I enjoyed working. We chatted for a couple of minutes before it was time to go in for the second act.

After the opera, SaraRules and I had dinner at Biaggi’s. I had the Rigatoni alla Bolognese; SaraRules had the Penne Sardi. Both dishes were quite good. Drew, our waiter, was rather attentive and on-the-ball.

Back home to unwind and hang out. We watched a couple episodes of CSI: as we sorted through – and attempted to bring a measure of order to – some of my loose ‘Clix. I didn’t take into account that I need to pick up a few more divided containers. We also assembled the Clone Troopers Battle Pack and added it to the Luke Skywalker Pilot Maquette in the second display case. After we finished that, we tried…

…making soft pretzels. They should be done in a bit. I’ll make a note sometime tomorrow as to how good/bad they turned out.

And with that…


EDIT:  Screw waiting until tomorrow…
We just tried the pretzels: They’re pretty damned good!
(Especially for our first try at this.)